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And what are the advantages over traditional backup software? Why would perform backup with tool which is designed for something else? My answer. git config --global diff.tool bc3. git config --global difftool.bc3.path "c:/program files/beyond compare/bcomp.exe". What is beyond compare tool? Beyond Compare is a data comparison utility. Aside from comparing files, the program is capable of doing. beyond compare tool
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Compare and synchronize content between different PCs

Latest version

4.4.0 Build 25886

Aug 16th, 2021

Older versions
When you work on two computers at the same time, you don’t always end up having the same content on both, and comparing folders can be quite tedious, taking up more than a few minutes of your precious time.

In order to help you in this task you now have Beyond Compare, a folder and file comparison utility that detects possible differences between them so you can then easily have all of your different folders fully synched.

The program lets you compare files included in an FTP and also supports the use of filters to carry out specific comparisons.

Plus, Beyond Compare also includes a very simple text editor, great for modifying programming files without having to resort to other external applications.

You can also customize how differences between files are marked with colors or specific makers.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Stanislav Sousek

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Op. System







Aug 16th, 2021

Older versions

4.3.5 Build 24893 Jul 15th, 2020

4.1.7 build 21529 Aug 23th, 2016

4.1.6 build 21095 May 16th, 2016

4.0.6, build 19729 Feb 27th, 2015

4.0.4 build 19477 Jan 16th, 2015

4.0.2, build 19186 Nov 14th, 2014

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Beyond Compare Alternatives

#1 Kompare


Kompare is a unique comparator that will deliver you a graphical system to enjoy the differences and visualize changes to a file or even folder. It is designed for developers and programmers looking for a program for comparing the source code. Using this graphical comparator, users can beyond compare tool the differences between the research paper draft and the final document. Comparing two text files, view patches generated by diff, recursively compare directories, merge a patch into an existing directory, and much more are the part of functionalities area of the Kompare.

When users choose two directories instead of two text files for making the comparison, it shows a tree for both selected directories that contain only pairs of corresponding files that are not equal in the two compared directories. This platform can create a patch file that lists only the differences between two compared text files A and B. Moreover, it can apply a patch file created to an original file A and recompute its corresponding file B contents. Some major features of Kompare are comparing directories, reading diff files, creating and applying patches.

Beyond compare tool Details



#2 Meld


Meld is a powerful visual diff and merges tool designed for programmers and developers to compare files, directories, and any kind of version-controlled projects. The software provides two and three-way comparisons of files and directories and has complete support for many popular version control systems.

It also helps you review source code changes and understand patches and help you figure out what is going on it that merge your keep avoiding. Meld features a simple interface and offers simple processes to access its features. The core feature includes two and three-way comparisons, file comparisons update as you type, auto-merge, visualization, support Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, etc.

Another suitability of this software tool is that it lets you navigate conveniently between your comparison and disputes. One of the best parts about this software solution is that it does not ask you to install it into your computer; instead, you can simply extract the storage and run it into your computer.

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#3 Code Compare


Code Compare is a universal platform for using file differences, file merge, and folder comparison. This all-in-one tool is designed for all types of differences and merging purposes. It is free to use tool to compare or merge differing files and even folders easily. The exceptional thing about this tool is that the extension is also available for the Visual Studio to compare files directly in the software, in addition to being a standalone version. This program supports the three-way file merge tool that allows resolving version control merge conflicts.

Its main features and functions are text comparison & merging, structural source code comparison, visual studio integration, code review support, three-way comparison & automatic merging, and compare entire hierarchies of folders. The text comparison and merging system of Code Compare support the colored blocks for inserted, deleted, and modified text purposes. It will allow you to get the detailed highlights of changes within lines, collapsing of unchanged regions of text, point and click merging with a mouse, editing files on the fly, and even merging the shortcuts.

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#4 ExamDiff Pro


ExamDiff Pro is a simple yet powerful tool that professional programmers and developers are using for visual comparison. It is available for the Windows operating systems making its users compare documents, track changes, compare documents, synchronize directories and even share the diff reports with others to show them what is going on in a collaborative project. Have a glance at the tools that you will get by using the ExamDiff Pro. It performs code reviews and shares diff reviews with others, compare files from Windows Explorer using the integrated Shell Extension system, accurately compares executable files with binary comparison system, visualize your code structure through syntax highlighting, compare the MS Office and PDF document and files and perform the two and three-way diff, merge and much more.

Its unique functionalities make it different from the rest of the comparators because of delivering an efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. Its top ten features and functions are compared text files/binary files/directories, perform two & three-way diff/merge, highlight document syntax, fuzzy line matching system, line inspector panel for easy recognition of differences within lines, save the file difference to a dynamic HTML page, print/preview diff reports, add manual synchronization points to text file comparison, compare directly from Windows Explorer, advanced ignore options, and plugin support to extend its functionalities. In addition to regular users, ExamDiff Pro has a great set of special features and functions for developers, testers, and writers.

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#5 Araxis Merge


Araxis Merge is the advanced tool for file comparison and merging platform for developers and programmers who want to support the changes between sources. It is the provider of numerous functionalities and options for its users to better command and control the files and directories they are using for comparison. Some of those functionalities include broad appeal, text comparison & merging, compare the text from common office files, image & binary comparison, three-way comparison and automatic merging, folder comparison & synchronization, direct access to SCM, portable reports, printing, automation, and much more.

Using this tool, users can even compare the text directly from MS Word, Excel, OpenDocument, and even PDF and RTF files. Users can even compare the pixel for images. For the first time, this tool supports printing and automation to print a hard copy of comparisons. Users are also allowed to write scripts to automate the merge process. Some of the technical features of Araxis Merge are support for retina/high-DPI display support, support for archive files, binary file comparison, image file comparison, syntax highlighting, bookmarks, and comments, get reports in HTML, slideshow, XML, and UNIX format.

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#6 UltraCompare


UltraCompare is an advanced level of file and folder comparison platform loaded with an advanced level of features and functions. These features will let you beyond compare tool compare the text files, word documents, and folders, even JAR and ZIP files. This file and folder comparator support the text compare, binary file compare, highlighting the differences between compared files, etc. It also supports the folder compared to local and network directory compare, RAR/ZIP/JAR archive compare, and FTP compare. It even supports the automatic, easy folder synchronization and duplicates file finder as well. The automatic UEStudio and UltraEdit integration is one of the best comparators for comparing files and merging the differences.

The features included here are divided into text comparisons, folder comparing, folder synchronizing, MS Office/PDF compare, fast binary compare system, smart binary comparison system, merge features, print/output system, file management system, display features, and much more. This tool is developed to provide the users with the large file support for comparison of files several GB, powerful three-way text file compare, copy compare frame to clipboard, inline editing of text files, two-way folder compare, intuitive tree-style view, compressed archive compare, folder synchronization system, find beyond compare tool system, and much more. UltraCompare is available in three plans that are UltraCompare Single, UltraCompare Bundle, and UltraCompare Suite. The prices of these three plans are $49.95, $99.59, and $179.95, respectively.

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#7 WinMerge


WinMerge is a free software suite for data comparison and merging of text-like files. It visually differentiates and merges text files with its flexible editor using syntax highlighting, line numbers, and word-wrap. It highlights differences inside lines in file compare and moves lines detection in file compare. The software has the potential to ward off whitespace and letter case changes.

It is the name of an open-source differencing and merging program for the Windows operating systems. Using this program, you can easily compare the file and folders to check for visual text format. It is an easy-to-use and understandable platform. For the information of the readers, this platform has been discontinued. However, the available version of WinMerge can still be used for the differencing purpose.

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#8 KDiff3


KDiff3 is an open-source platform for comparing two files and folders. It is an open-source tool to merge and compare files that is fully compatible with UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. It has the ability to compare or merge two or more text input files and directories, and you can choose to find the differences line by line or character by character. This tool comes with an automatic merge function and a consolidated editor used to resolve merger issues. Comprehensive with an intuitive graphical user interface, it also offers the manual alignment of lines. After the comparison, the number of changes in each line is shown in a result display.

This platform is an expert in compressing and merging two to three text input directories or files. Printing differences, manual alignment, the automatic merging of version control history, integration of Windows Explore are part of avast internet security 2019 license key - Crack Key For U tool. The main technical features and functions include line by line and char by char difference viewer, examine white-space difference at one glance, triple difference, a comfortable merge of two to three input files, fast navigation buttons, adjustable tab size, word-wrap for long times, support for the night to left languages and much more.

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#9 DiffMerg


DiffMerg is a visual comparing program claiming to be teeming with tools that make it all the more convenient for you to compare, merge and sync your files. It points out all your differences in different shades and comes up with a report in HTML. It allows you to drag and drop files or folders and customize the color and fonts as per your likeness. Its comparison for files includes last reformed time and date, size, aspects, modes, CRC, and more. You can even be facilitated with comparing the contents byte-by-bytes or by text. All types of differences, alterations, or new files will be shown on this platform in the shape of screenshots and graphical formats so that you can get a better analysis of the files or directories you are comparing.

It is a highly advanced and all-in-one folder comparison and synchronization, merging, and file comparison tool for Windows operating systems. It will allow you to get full command and control of your source codes, web pages, and other files. This small program can be used to compare different files or for understanding and combine different file versions. It is one of the best programs for those web designers and developers who need a tight integration between files and folders. The comparison system will make it possible for them to identify and review every change in each source file and even compare source hierarchies containing thousands of files.

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#10 P4Merge


P4Merge is the platform that will let you visualize the differences between two file and folder versions. It is one of the best tools for diagnosing the bugs and perfectly resolving the issues to resolve the pending merge scenarios. It has divided its functioning into three sections that make merges visible, find a bug in time and compare images. All these are designed to make the users check how and why changes happen in the files.

First of all, a visible area of functioning allows you to visualize all differences between different file versions. Second, there is a proper color-coding system to resolve the conflicts that result from parallel or concurrent development. Folder differences system will reveal branch and folder history between any two points, including the work pending in the local workspace branches. It is one of the best tools for comparison purposes.

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#11 SmartSynchronize


SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file and directory compares tool that enables the users to compare files or perform three-way merges. Its main technical features are comfortable editing & transfer, inner line change detection, configurable filter for ignored files, saving the configuration for altering re-use, ability to edit each of the three files, an easy merge from changed files to resulting files, configurable font, color & accelerators and much more. This tool lets its users enjoy the features of comparing files or perform the three-way merges system along with the system of editing files.

Its main highlighted features and functions are the configurable filter for customized directory scanning, configurable filter for ignored files, ability to edit each of the three files, easy merge from changes files to resulting files, a command-line interface for easy invocation from other apps, support for major text file encoding and much more. It is not designed to work as a backup tool or to synchronize with remote hosts like FTP. Each user is required to have their own license. One license of SmartSynchronize for one user is available for $49.

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#12 XXDiff


XXDiff is a graphical file and directories comparison system. It offers the merge tool and merges the two different files or directories after making the in-depth comparison of both. For the information of the readers, it is an open-source comparator so that you can modify it according to your own programming and development requirements. The main highlighted features and functions of this tool have compared two and even three files, compare two directories, horizontal diffs highlighting, and much more. The best thing about this tool is that the files can be merged interactively and the resulting output visualized and saved.

You can even unmerge CVS conflicts in an automatically merged file and display them as two files to resolve conflicts. For the ease of the developers and programmers, it is now providing the external diff program to the computer system as it allows them to work with SGI diff, GNU diff, ClearCase’s cleardiff, and various other types of differences. In short, it will deliver you the best kmplayer cracked apk - Crack Key For U of differences, comparison, and merging features. Well, despite a lot of functionalities and functions, there are still some limitations as well. It doesn’t support comparing files encoded with Unicode. Moreover, it doesn’t support inline editing of the diffed files.

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#13 Mergely


Mergely is an online document merger that does not require any downloading and installation. It integrates a JavaScript library that allows users to differentiate between files online and integrate them with your CMS. This simple yet powerful web-based tool is designed for viewing and merging the changes between documents in an online environment. It is a purely JavaScript-based system, so you can integrate it into your online CMS to enhance the functionalities of your CMS system.

First of all, there is web-based tracking of its document system to track your document changes in an online environment. It will display all the changes to documents side by side so that you can clearly see what changes have been done from one version to another one. The best thing about it is that there are no server-side components that make the integration relatively simple. The features that you will enjoy here are the availability of browser-based differencing tool, diff/merge changes in the web apps, always available, free & GPLv3, share diffs online for discussion or demonstration purpose, easy to use, and much more.

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#14 DiffPlug


DiffPlug is a multi-functional and multi-platform tool that is expert in performing two basic editing functions and differing for text images and much more. In terms of editing, it is the best replacement for a notepad. Many other tools are also part of this tool, like text differ, Simulink differs, Simulink viewer, the image differs, Amazon S3 client, and much more. Its Image Viewer allows the users to surf around both easily. Drag to pan, mouse wheel to zoom, and see the real differences between the two files.

The DiffManager of DiffPlug consists of four areas that are about recent, favorites, browse, and DiffList. Double click on a file, and its default viewer and config will open it. Now you can make the comparison of two files as you want. For the information of the readers, the feature of block merge is lumion software price - Crack Key For U in this tool. However, the rest of the features available here are: Simulink/Stateflow diff, embedded MATLAB merge, native svn client, native git client, XML report, and human-readable report, and much more. All these contain an equal level of features and functions, making editing, diff, merge, and comparison simple for the developers. Except for Simulink, almost all features and functions are free. However, you can go for the trial period of Simulink by manually contacting the developers.

Show Beyond compare tool DirEqual


DirEqual is a software that acts as a comparing toll in the Mac operating system that helps users to compare local files and folders. The solution enables users to upload both folders and files next to each other and run the software. It displays compared directories side by side, and users can see the size of each file and the change in them from the dashboard.

The solution gives users the chance to copy any item from the folder or copy the whole folder or delete the files from the result section. It allows users to select identical items from both folders and place them on a single side while different items go to the other side. Users can compare the contents of the file and they can ignore the dates of each file. It allows users to know how many files and folders they have so far checked.

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#16 Diff Doc


Diff Doc is one of the comparing software that allows users to visually compare files of different formats and find the differences in them. The software has a simple and intuitive interface, and users can get started without any prior experience. Its main screen has two sections, which enable users to drag-and-drop the files which they want to compare.

The interface of the software is highly customizable, and users can set the mode of the interface according to their desire. It beyond compare tool with beyond compare tool buttons that allow users to gain access to the most used USB Disk Security Crcak patch - Crack Key For U anytime.

It supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Hungarian, etc. and is compatible with different documents such as Doc, XLS, PPT, PDF, etc. Users can select multiple options to find the differences between both files, or they can simply ignore it. The tool marks different portions with different colors for a better understanding of results.

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#17 SemanticMerge


SemanticMerge is a tool that enables users to master their craft and breeze and allows users to turn the impossible merges into automatic and easy ones. The solution allows users to merge any source code file without the use of programming language. The most amazing feature of the tool is that it enables users to move their methods around and clean up the code and merge the files.

The software detects the method conflict, and once the merging of files is done, the conflict gets resolved. It helps teams refractor their code without fear, and the software will perform all the tasks.

The solution enables users to tracks what information is added to the files at every platform. Developers can use this platform for method based conflicts, even if the text blocks do not collide. It comes with a semantic Diff package that helps the developers to know what happened to their code.

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#18 DeltaWalker


DeltaWalker Topaz DeNoise AI Patch an advanced file and folder comparison software that makes comparing files fast, easy and accurate. Files such as MS Word and Excel can be compared with this tool. DeltaWalker reads both the previous and current versions of the file and highlights the differences in a visual manner. The differences are listed in a format that is easy to read. You can print the results after comparing the files with this tool.

Another notable feature is that there are no schedules to download or install. Moreover, the tool is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. It comes in two versions; Basic and Pro. Both share the same features, but the basic one has more limited functionality. Both versions are fully functional for producing one report with either color or B&W. All in all, DeltaWalker is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

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Review: Beyond Compare file comparison tool

Beyond Compare is a file comparison tool that goes beyond the standard text comparison. It can compare a variety of files such as images, MP3s, and more, as well as supporting directory comparison, synchronization, and sports a scripting and plugin system.

Note: This review was performed with a publically available trial version of the application.


  • Product: Beyond Compare
  • Company:Scooter Software
  • Cost: $50 for Pro license, $30 for Standard; volume discounts and site licenses available
  • Hardware Requirements: Pentium 200 MHz (or equivalent), 32MB Enfocus pitstop pro 2019, 15MB disk space
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows: 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008; Linux: RHEL 4, 5, Fedora 4 - 12, SLED 10, openSUSE 10.3 - 11.2, Ubuntu 6.06 - 10.04, Debian 5.04, Madriva 2010
  • Additional Information:Product Web site
  • TechRepublic Photo Gallery

Who's it for?

File comparison tools use usually the domain of software developers and perhaps systems administrators. Beyond Compare's features not only make it a good fit for these users, but expands its usefulness to people who work with files that are not plain text, such as graphic artists, spreadsheet users, authors, and more.

What problems does it solve?

Traditional file comparison tools only look at text content in files, or only look at plain text files. Beyond Compare handles these needs, of course, but allows all sorts of other file types to be compared. It also fills the shoes of other utilities by performing synchronization, folder comparison, and more.

Standout features

  • Specialized Viewers: Beyond Compare can compare images, MP3's, delimited data files, and more.
  • Folder Synchronization: You can use Beyond Compare to synchronize folders to perform backups, Web site updates, etc. with extremely powerful filtering capabilities.
  • Programmer Friendly: Beyond Compare is compatible with version control systems and ships with support for a variety of programming languages.
  • Flexibility: You can set up all sorts of rules, filters, etc. which control how the comparison is performed.

What's wrong?

None:There is no downside to Beyond Compare. It does everything that could be asked for, and even the truly advanced functionality is tucked away so that only the savviest of users have to deal with it, yet it is still accessible.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

Beyond Compare is an extremely powerful for developers. For example, when comparing source code, it is aware of an important difference such as a variable name difference, and an unimportant one such as whitespace or a comment. It hooks into source control applications, and is scriptable. Out of the box, it has rules for all of the most common programming languages, and you can add more with the grammar system. With the ability to treat FTP sites, directory structures, and ZIP files as equivalent, it is easy to synchronize Web sites to local copies or archives. Programmers of all types will be able to use Beyond Compare thanks to its cross-platform support.

System administrators will appreciate the directory comparison and folder synchronization. In addition, they will like the built-in grammar support for INI files, Windows Registry files, and XML files. Since Beyond Compare runs on both Windows and Linux, system administrators will be able to make use of it across the entire server room. Beyond Compare can be scripted, so system administrators will be able to automate it, perhaps to deploy applications or important data.

Information workers such as graphic artists, sound engineers, writers, and spreadsheet workers will also be able to get use out of Beyond Compare. Not only does it have specialized viewers for images, MP3s, and other data formats, there are plugins available on the Web site for free that add spreadsheet and word processor document support. The three-way merge feature is a boon for writers in a collaborative environment, where two versions of a document with a common ancestor can be compared.

Beyond Compare comes in two different versions, Standard and Pro. There are some feature differences between the two, so you will want to look at the comparison chart and decide which is best for you.

User rating

Have you encountered or used Beyond Compare? If so, what do you think? Rate your experience and compare the results to what other TechRepublic members think. Give your own personal review in the TechRepublic Community Forums or let us know if you think we left anything out in our review.

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Beyond CompareIt is a very practical file and folder comparison software that can not only quickly compare the differences between the two folders, but also the content difference between the comparison files. The program has built a file browser to facilitate the differences between files, folders, compression packs, and FTP websites and data synchronization. You can use it to manage program source code, synchronous folders, comparison program output, and verify the replication of the disc. Beyond Compare also supports script processing, supports plugins, especially for Chinese support.

Using Beyond Compare can be easily compared to two folders or files. And give each byte of the difference with the color, see Easy. And support multiple beyond compare tool comparison. For software Chinese, this is definitely a non-much tool.

UltraCompareIt is a file content comparison tool, developed by famous software vendors IDM Inc. You can compare two or three files using software, or compare the differences in structural structures in both folders. It can choose to connect or create a new save via FTP comparison function for future use, support fast check Local files and folders with existing files and folders on the server, compare Word, Excel, PDF content, can be used for Comparison causes a large file that causses other comparison tools, which is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Have powerful 2 or 3 channel comparison / merge, can quickly compare 2 or 3 files in multiple locations, and consolidate conflicts and differences, you can highlight the contents of the content through the word difference, and manage the source code management Have unexpected effect. With the help of the software, you can quickly locate the content location of the difference, quickly delete or merge a file. At the same time, Ultracompare also has many human functions: bookmarks, favorites, filtration, etc., which is not to be a office worker.

Beyond Compare download link

UltraCompare download link

Official website Official download (English version) Official download (Simplified Chinese version // This address is always the latest version)

Recommended download station (Green / Chinese

#App Hot # e # //Possible advertisement

Beyond Compare and UltraCompare It supports 30 days free of charge.

Intelligent Recommendation

Beyond Compare registration code

Registration code: The Beyond Compare 4 software on windows has no registration code, and it has expired. Two simple methods Option One:    Find the installation directory of Beyond Compare 4, the def.

Beyond Compare trial question

1. Problem background   Beyond Compare is a very useful file comparison tool, which can be tried for free for 30 days. After 30 days, it needs to be activated, but many witty friends on the Internet f.

More Recommendation

Beyond Compare method

BC4 registration code If the software trial period is over, you can make the software in the usage by modifying the two parameters of InstallTime and LastLoading, which is more convenient than uninsta.

Mac SourceTree configuration Beyond Compare

One  First download the genuine Beyond Compare address: Two in caseThere is no bcomp in the bin folder,Open the terminal command and execute the follow.

Mac Beyond Compare Permanent Trial

1. Enter the Mac application directory to find the BEYOND COMPARE that has just been installed 2. Right-click -> Show package content. Find Contents / Macos Directory 3. Modify the launcher file bc.


Beyond Compare

A comprehensive and powerful utility that enables you to compare various file formats, merge documents into emsisoft anti-malware license key - Free Activators, as well as keep folders synchronized

What's new in Beyond Compare 4.4.0 Build 25886:

  • Notable Changes:
  • Added support for TLS 1.3.
  • Various enhancements for SFTP support.
Read the full changelog

Various fields of work are dependent of a computer. When it comes to important documents, a comparison tool might come in handy. There are various applications out there such as Beyond Compare that give you the possibility to easily spot differences in content or technical details, this one offering a little more, just as the name suggests.

Easy deployment and usage

Going through the setup process only takes a little time, with no difficulties or potentially unwanted offers. The user interface put at your disposal gets you quickly up and running due to its clever design. You can simultaneously work with multiple sessions. You can choose to have them opened either in separate tabs or individual windows, to suit your liking.

Compare multiple file formats

Such as the name suggests, the application comes equipped with various comparison tools packed into one. Choosing to run a new session unveils all possibilities, which range from but not limited to, folder, text, data, hex, MP3, picture, registry, as well as version comparison.

Depending on the operation you want to put in motion, a new tab or window is brought up with dedicated controls. Unfortunately, the application does not have a list of supported formats and you might end up with incompatible files.

Several customization options

The workspace is split into a fixed number of regions, for text differences being highlighted with different colors. Accessing the options menu lets you carefully configure, amongst others, colors to be used to highlight similarities or differences.

Keep folders up to date and synchronized

One of the features that perfectly blends in with comparison tools, is an integrated folder synchronization. The setup is completed easily, you only need to select target directories and set a rule. This can be configured to one of the available presets, or manually choose when and what happens to files that are different.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Beyond Compare is a must have if your work implies handling a large quantity of files. It gets you up and running in no time due to its intuitive interface. A modest amount of system resources are used an in return beyond compare tool job well done is provided.

Beyond Compare Video Guide

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Download Hubs

Beyond Compare is part of these download collections: Compare Texts, Synchronize Folders


How to configure Visual Studio to use Beyond Compare

In Visual Studio, go to the Tools menu, select Options, expand Source Control, (In a TFS environment, click Visual Studio Team Foundation Server), and click on the Configure User Tools button.

image to show location of the Configure User Tools button

Click the Add button.

Enter/select the following options for Compare:

  • Extension:
  • Operation:
  • Command: (replace with the proper path for your machine, including version number)
  • Arguments:

If using Beyond Compare Professional (3-way Merge):

  • Extension:
  • Operation:
  • Command: (replace with the proper path for your machine, including version number)
  • Arguments:

If using Beyond Compare v3/v4 Standard or Beyond Compare v2 (2-way Merge):

  • Extension:
  • Operation:
  • Command: (replace with the proper path for your machine, including version number)
  • Arguments:

If you use tabs in Beyond Compare

If you run Beyond Compare in tabbed mode, it can get confused when you diff or merge more than one set of files at a time from Visual Studio. To fix this, you can add the argument to the end of the arguments; this ensures each comparison opens in a new window, working around the issue with tabs.

Visual Studio with Git for Windows

If you're using GIT as your source code management system instead of the (fairly dated) TFVC then Visual Studio doesn't have options to configure anything like this.
Instead it (rightly in my opinion) uses the GIT config file's setting. So if you already have GIT setup to use Beyond Compare or any other third party comparison software it will just pick this up and start using it.

If not then just set that up (see here for further and likely more up to date help). The relevant info for setting up Visual Studio with Beyond Compare 4 is:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Select Options from the Tools menu.
  3. Select Plug-In Settings under the Source Control branch of the left-side tree control.
  4. Select Microsoft Git Provider under Plug-In Settings on the right-hand pane.
  5. Edit the global git config file (location is OS specific for windows it's. See here for info) OR if you want it to be repo specifict then after starting a project in a Git repository, edit the config file in the .git folder in the project folder.
  6. Change the config file to reflect the following changes:

If 64bit installer is used, verify the name of the executable. Mine was BCompare.exe

Issues: If you create a new project and get VS to create the git repo at the same time it WILL add a load of overrides to the file forcing it to use Visual Studio again (Thanks for that MS!). SO either create the git repo via another means after the project has been setup (like via SourceTree or the command line etc.) OR edit the file (in the solution folder) and remove how to get key for freemake video converter - Activators Patch overrides for the above settings.
Thanks to minnow in the comments for bringing my attention to it again.

Note: I keep iSkysoft DVD Creator Free Download across this but I am using VS with GIT and the answers aren't correct and although some of the comments mention a URL with the correct answer it's not clear and if I kept missing it I'm sure others will so hopefully this will solve that issue.

If you are using the TFS, you can find the more information in diff/merge configuration in Team Foundation - common Command and Argument values

It shows how to configure the following tools:

  • WinDiff
  • DiffDoc (for Word files)
  • WinMerge
  • Beyond Compare
  • KDiff3
  • Araxis
  • Compare It!
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 Download bcompare-3.3.XXX.tar.gz from the official address of  is very good


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below is cracked,

1. Download linux from the Internet  bcompare crack patch file keygen (download link above), requires only that a fileunzip the file into the top good bcompare- folder, perform ./keygen  ( Note: To put keygen in the same directory of to be installed, the location of their common directory must be in the ext4, ext3 file system under linux, not in the vbox-share of ubuntuvirtualbox. Sudo chmod a + x keygen or sudo chmod 777 keygen )

$. / keygen 


******   TEAM ZWT   ******                    

****** Keygen & Patch for Beyond CompareLinux ******

******   [email protected]   ******             


1. Do you want me to patch Beyond Compare? (Y / n) y

Begin patching .

Patch and Backup (BCompare.bak) success!

2. Do you want me to generate a valid license? (Y / n) y

2.a please give me your user name: google (I used the user name when installing ubuntu, which is the first user account of ubuntu)

2.b please give me the number of licenses: (max 9999) 1

2.c please select thePlatform (0, Windows; 1, Linux; 2, Linux / Windows): 1

2.d please select the Edition (0, Pro; 1, Standard): 0

The License key is:


0V7V86YNslgrp + Uj3R + WjLXv2kxcT5qsRFnzJyxVYPU DcS5h- + BLJ8LwT

dwoOAPOtWP + Pu-QVXERX4-xFGgUFtM1PrkfQr96Czn52qQ hjN + bgTr0If

atliY4hUdXp40AB64mdbjGOJ feMDNXyaxnzS394D1HS4Hp7O 1 + Vqwul1U +


Bye! Have a nice day!

2. Reinstall bcompare in the same way as above

$  sudo ./ 

[sudo] password for google: 

install prefix? [/ usr] / opt


Please place the following in your .bashrc or .cshrc (etc.)

export PATH = / opt / bin: $ PATH


Executable is / opt / bin / bcompare

3. Execute / opt / bin / bcompare and paste the Licensekey generated above. About beyond compare information is displayed as follows 


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When / opt / bin / bcompare is executed, the following prompt appears, such as:

Problems during installation:
    root @ host ~] # / usr / local / bin / bcompare
    Some Shared Libraries were not found => (0xb7f35000) => / usr / lib / (0xb7f03000) => /usr/local/lib/beyondcompare/ (0xb79ff000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb78e3000) => /lib/ (0xb78da000) => /lib/ (0xb78c1000) => / lib / libdl .so.2 (0xb78bc000) => /lib/ (0xb7776000) => not found => / usr / lib / libXext. so.6 (0xb7767000)
        libstdc ++. so.6 beyond compare tool /usr/lib/ (0xb7675000) => /lib/ (0xb764e000) => / usr / lib / (0xb7630000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7617000)
        /lib/ (0xb7f36000) => / usr /lib/ (0xb7614000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb760f000)
    [root @ host ~] #

The solution is to install the 32-bit runtime

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

After dozens of minutes, after the installation is successful, perform the third step.

Follow-up problems: unable to click to open

Beyond compare, hereinafter referred to as bc, after installation, by entering "/ opt / bin / bcompare" in the command line to start the bc application. But I did not find the bc application icon in Dash Home.

By consulting related articles, I found that the application icon setting of bc was incorrect. Solved by the following steps:

1. Enter cd / usr / share / applications on the command line

2. sudo vim bcompare.desktop

3. Edit as follows via vim, make sure to Aircopy 3.10 Registration key Crack Free the following two "Exec = / opt / bin / bcompare" and "Icon = / opt / lib / beyondcompare / help / bclogo.png" to point to the correct application and icon s position.

[Desktop Entry]
Version = 1.0
Encoding = UTF-8
Name = Beyond Compare
Exec = / opt / bin / bcompare
TryExec = / opt / bin / bcompare
Comment = Compare, sync, and merge files and folders
Terminal = false
Categories = Qt; Development;
Icon = / opt / lib / beyondcompare / help / bclogo.png
Type = Application
MimeType = application /;

After saving and exiting, you can see the bc application icon in Dash Home.

Click the icon to pull up the bc application,

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