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Although Dr.Fone remains the best data recovery tool for Android and iOS devices, it can perform other functionalities such as file transfer. User reviews of Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS). EaseUs Vs Wondershare Dr-Fone We publish unbiased reviews. Our opinions are our own and are not influenced by payments from advertisers. Learn more by reading. reviews on dr fone

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Solve all your data issues: get 50% off dr.fone iOS & Android toolkits

Here’s the deal we’ve been waiting for throughout 2019. up to 50% off dr.fone tools for iPhone and Android with this special Christmas and New Year offer.

Wondershare’s dr.fone toolkits provide a first-class software suite to solve adobe photoshop crack reddit - Activators Patch problems with using and transferring data across iOS and Android devices. Top features include data recovery from broken phones; migrating data between phones and platforms; system repair without data loss; removing your Lock screen and Cloud ID; permanently erasing data from your device, and much more.

In short, if your data is important to you and your work, dr.fone toolkits are a must-have. Whether you need to back up your WhatsApp messages or transfer data to a new phone; whether you've forgotten your password or need to recover lost data, Wondershare has you covered. And with these special Christmas and New Year discounts, you’d be a fool not to take advantage.

What can they do?

There are three kinds of dr.fone toolkits: one for iOS, one for Android and one for both. Taking the iOS toolkit as an example, the main features are as follows:

  • dr.fone Recover lets you restore deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes and call logs from your iPhone, iTunes and iCloud. Details here.
  • dr.fone Switch allows you to freely transfer data between iPhone and Android in a single click. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Restore Social App enables you to restore social apps, including backup of your WhatsApp chat history, and transfer between iPhone and Android. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Unlock allows you to get past your iPhone or iPad lock screen if you’ve forgetten your password. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Repair enables you to repair common iOS system problems, including getting stuck on the Apple logo, bootloop and black screen, in minutes; all without suffering data loss. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Backup&restore allows you to back up your iPhone data and restore either all of it, or selective files, to a new phone. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Erase enables you to completely erase all or part of your data, permanently. Details here. 
  • dr.fone Transfer allows you to transfer your data from your iPhone to your Movie database software - Free Activators, including contacts, text, images, audio and video. Details here. 

How much will I save?

The dr.fone toolkit normally sells for $99.95 for iOS, $79.95 for Android and $139.95 for both platforms. But in this Christmas and New Year sale, Wondershare is giving customers a massive 40% off. That brings the cost down to just $59.97 for iOS, $49.97 for Android, and $83.97 for both platforms.

Alternatively, if you’re only interested in specific tools, Wondershare’s special two-in-one sale means you can get an incredible 50% off with specific bundles. So for example, you can buy Switch + Restore Social App for just $24.94 (normally $49.90); Backup&Restore + Restore Social App for just $19.96 (normally $39.94); iOS Repair + iTunes Repair for just $39.94 (normally $79.90); and iOS Eraser + Apple ID Unlock for just $34.94 ($69.90). 

FInally, if you just want one tool, you can get a 40% discount off ANY single tool in the Wondershare dr.fone reviews on dr fone in all, this sale is too good to be missed. But time is running out to get your discount. So check out the full details of what’s on offer before it’s too late!

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Dr.Fone Kit:Phone Data Recovery, Transfer, Repair

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a complete mobile device solution for all iOS and Android devices. It solves problems in any scenario: from system breakdowns and data loss, to phone transfers and beyond.

Complete Toolkit
Equipped with an array of effective tools to solve different mobile device problems.

Easy and Efficient
Simple interface and concise instructions to get your problem fixed more efficiently.

Data Security
We value your privacy as much as you do. Your data is encrypted from beginning to end, leaving no vulnerabilities or sensitive information at risk.

With Dr.Fone, no longer worry about data loss or unlocking screens or data transferring on your mobile devices.
Dr.Fone can help you to:
Recover lost data from iPhone or Android phones
Unlock iPhone and Android devices' locked screens
Fix iPhone system problems
Transfer phone data between phones regardless of iOS and Android Reviews on dr fone phone data, import, and export data between PC and phones
Back up phone data
Erase phone data

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- YouTube

Wondershare is a global leader in application software development with 6 offices around the globe and 1000+ talented employees. Our 15 leading products are used in over 150 countries worldwide and we have over 2 stellar recovery data active users every month.

Try for FREE now!
Install and get started with Dr. Fone to get your problem fixed more efficiently.


In-Depth Dr Fone Review – Best Phone Data Recovery Program in 2020?

It’s all too easy to accidentally delete data from your phone, and it’s hard to recover those files once they are gone. Luckily, we have tools like the Dr.fone reviews on dr fone. The toolkit is one of the most popular phone recovery programs, and it will help you recover files and photos that were accidentally deleted. However, this versatile suite of tools offers more than just data recovery.

You see, Dr.fone also helps you manage all files on your device, including pre-installed software and files that are hard to find; seamlessly transition your contacts, photos, and messages from one phone to another; securely erase unwanted data; and repair system errors and other problems with your phone.

Furthermore, Dr.fone toolkit has a user-friendly interface that makes all this data management fast and intuitive and is a highly trusted software.

What is dr.fone?

Dr.fonestarted out as a simple iOS repair and recovery kit. But the developers soon added more features, and also expanded to offering the same services for Android devices. Note that the iOS and Android suites are not the same, because the two operating systems have different functionalities and demands.

Dr.fone is a product of Wondershare, a highly respected software company with a range of well-reviewed apps and tools. It has continued to evolve in the 4 years since it was launched and has today more than 50 million installs.

Who is dr.fone For?

Dr.fone is for anyone who wants to recover lost or deleted data on their phone. It has an exceptional success rate, and has won awards and accolades for its data recovery capabilities. It’s also a great tool for simply managing your device: backing up and restoring, installing and uninstalling, transferring files, and simply managing data on your phone.

It’s also great for people who use multiple devices, or for those who want to securely back up their phone’s camera roll to a computer. Or for permanently erasing some (or all) of your data from an old device. Because it allows you to remove pre-installed software, it’s also perfect for those with limited phone memory who want to securely store important photos, messages, and contacts while managing the memory they have.

Is dr.fone Safe?

If you have concerns about the safety of your devices, don’t worry. Dr.fone is extremely safe. And in multiple ways too. First and foremost, the toolkit is 100% virus and malware-free and won’t harm your devices. Also, the software is fully certified by Norton. Furthermore, dr.fone is safe to try, since it comes with a free 7-day trial. So you can try it out to see if it works for your exact needs.

But a word of warning. You see, not all data is recoverable, and it may not be able to recover all your files. But even if dr.fone doesn’t help you find all your data, the toolkit will not harm your computer. Or install any unwanted software.

My Wondershare dr fone Review

Dr.fone Features

Dr.fone has a wealth of ways to help you get the most from your mobile devices, and manage your data. First, let’s talk about the data recovery feature (which is also their most popular feature).

  • Data Recovery: With dr.fone, you can recover data, and restore data from your phone, mobile device, memory cards, hard drives, and computers. It has the highest data recovery rate in the industry and is compatible with all the latest devices. You can recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call history, and more.
Dr.Fone iOS Phone Recovery feature
  • Transfer and switch: You can transfer data between iOS and Android devices and computers, or copy data from one device to another. Move photos, files, and music from mobile devices to your computer, or you can move music, messages, and data from one phone to another. You can transfer iOS files without using iTunes, and manage your data during the transfer by exporting, adding, or deleting your files. Export and import contacts and merge duplicates.
Dr.Fone Android Phone Transfer to a PC
  • Repair: dr.fone helps you fix various system issues reviews on dr fone your operating system, resolving errors and restoring full functionality.
The repair now feature
  • Erase: You can permanently delete data from mobile devices, so you can recycle or sell them without worry. You can either perform a full erase back to factory defaults, or erase only selected personal data and leave your apps intact.
Dr.Fone iOS Phone Recovery feature
  • Backup and restore data: You’ll able to recover deleted photos, videos, and files on your Android devices, or recover data, restore contacts and deleted photos on your iPhone.
  • Backup and restore your social apps (Whatsapp transfer etc): You can backup and restore data from WhatsApp, Wechat, Kik, LINE, Viber, and more.
Backup and restore feature of Dr Fone
  • Unlock: You can remove your phone’s lock screen, unlocking iPhones without passcodes or iTunes, or unlock an Android phone without resetting it.
Unlock the lock screen feature
  • Record: Dr.fone has a utility that will allow you to record your screen on an Android device.
  • Root: With Dr.fone, you reviews on dr fone easily and safely root an Android device.
How to root your device
  • Data extraction: For some Samsung devices, Dr.fone can help to extract data from a physically damaged or non-functional device.

Dr.fone Pricing

Is dr fone free? No, it’s not. However, Dr.fone pricing can be slightly confusing because they market every feature as though it were a standalone app, plus they also sell the complete bundle as the “Toolkit.” You can choose only the specific features or capabilities you want. And pay for them individually. The different bundles are priced like this:

  • Switch (to copy data from one phone to another): $29.95
  • Erase (to securely and completely erase data from your device): $19.95
  • Recover (to restore lost or deleted data): $59.95
  • Repair (to fix iOS system issues): $59.95
  • Transfer (to transfer data between devices and computers): $39.95
  • Data Backup & Restore (to back up and restore your phone’s data): $19.99
  • Unlock (to unlock a phone): $59.95
  • Restore Social (to backup and restore your social apps): $19.95
  • iTunes repair (to fix iTunes errors and issues): $19.95

All of these capabilities are included in the Toolkit which sells for:

  • The Dr.fone iOS Toolkit costs $99.95.
  • The Dr.fone Android Toolkit costs $139.95.

Finally, you can also purchase Dr.fone Recover as a license that will cover multiple devices. Dr.fone data recovery licenses cost are as follow:

  • Personal (1-5 mobile devices, 1 computer): $59.95 annual cost/$69.95 one-time lifetime cost
  • Family (6-10 mobile devices, 1 computer): $63.92 annual cost/$79.92 one-time lifetime cost
  • Business (unlimited mobile devices, 1 computer): $399 a year

Additionally, customized plans are also available for different configurations of devices, computers, and time frames, so contact Wondershare for custom packages.

Tip: If you intend to use dr.fone to help you recover specific lost or deleted files, download the free trial before purchasing it. If the software does not find the deleted files with the free version, it will not find them with the paid version either.

Get dr.fone Reviews on dr fone fone Review: Pros And Cons


  • Dr.fone has the highest data recovery rate in the industry
  • Compatible with all the latest devices and Operating Systems
  • It is backed by a money-back guarantee and free customer service
  • The software has a very simple and user-friendly interface
  • You can preview your data before executing the data recovery
  • Recover all your lost data, or select just the files you want, unlike many other data recovery tools
  • Recover your old data without overwriting your current data
  • You can manage your data during the file transfer process, previewing, adding, or deleting the files you don’t need.
  • You Lungo 1.9.0 MacOS Full Crack + Torrent Free Download transfer all your photos and videos, including those in your camera roll, photo library, and photostream
  • Dr. fone gives you access to all the files on your mobile device, even the ones that are hard to find
  • Install and uninstall multiple apps with a click, even pre-installed ones
  • Your privacy is protected with advanced encryption
  • Expert support is available by email 24/7


  • Not all data is recoverable. Download the free version first if you’re looking for specific files
  • A few users have reported that some recovered photos may be at a lower resolution than the originals

Dr fone Toolkit Review: Conclusion

Wondershare is a reputable company, and Dr.fone is a strong product that delivers on its claims, year after year. So why does it have some bad reviews online? Or rather, why does it have so many great reviews from publishers and professionals, but lower reviews from the public? I believe there are two main reasons for this:

  • Data recovery is imperfect: The fact of the matter is, mobile devices were designed to conserve storage space by deleting and overwriting data. Data recovery is difficult, even for experts. And any tool can only do so much. No software can recover absolutely everything in every single scenario.
  • People are emotionally invested: For people who accidentally deleted some essential files or irreplaceable memories, their expectation is that if they pay $100 for Dr.fone, they will get their files back. Unfortunately, that’s simply not always the case. It’s particularly challenging if they have a history of being inconsistent with backups, reducing the likelihood that data recovery will be successful. These people are understandably upset about the files they lost, and reviews on dr fone as though kindle drm removal 2020 solution didn’t work for them, so they write a negative review.

However frustrated those people may be, it does not mean that Dr.fone is a poor product, or that it doesn’t deliver on its claims. In fact, if you store essential files on your devices, you should also use existing tools to back up your device. And those backups will help you recover data, no matter what software you use. If you have lost your data, and don’t have backups, it’s a great choice for your last resort, but may not work in every instance.

Dr.fone is simply the best data recovery software for your phone, and has proven it year after year, and is widely recognized in the industry. It’s a safe, secure way to recover, restore, protect, transfer, or manage your mobile data quickly and easily.

Highly recommended!

Get dr.fone Here!



PS: In closing, I hope my dr.fone review was helpful when you’re making your choice. I also recommend that you look around our site to learn about other online software for small business owners. For example, our best Mac cleanerand iMobie PhoneRescue review articles. Also, if you have any questions about this dr.fone reviews or something else, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail using our contact form.

Tim Larson

Tim Larson

Tim is an engineer and small business owner from Northern California. He’s an outgoing creative writer and tech blogger who has a passion for helping people and building creativity in the mind, through outstanding how-to guides, articles, and honest software reviews.


As an iPhone or iPad user knows, it’s all too easy to accidentally delete information from your device simply by touching the screen the wrong way. And once that data is gone, it’s gone for good—unless you have Wondershare’s Dr. Fone, a $100 program (free feature-limited demo) that proved capable of recovering lost data from iOS devices … some of the time.

Dr. Fone is desktop software (with separate versions for Windows and Mac) that works with all iOS devices. It can recover data directly from the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the iPad 1, and the fourth-generation iPod touch, and it can regain data from an iTunes backup of all other iOS devices, including newer iPads, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S. Wondershare plans to add device-level recovery for these newer iPhones and iPads in a version to be released later this year.

As mentioned above, Dr. Fone tackles iOS data recovery in two ways: Either from the iOS device itself, or—in case you’ve lost the device—from an iTunes backup. To recover data from a compatible iOS device, you launch Dr. Fone on your PC and connect your device via USB. In order to recover deleted data, Dr. Fone needs your device in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update), which prevents the OS from loading. To accomplish, the software leads you through the process—which simply involves pressing a combination of buttons—as painstakingly as possible. It even shows an on-screen countdown clock, ticking off the seconds that you’re required to hold the buttons.

Once your phone or tablet is in DFU mode, Dr. Fone takes a few seconds to connect with the device, and then automatically begins scanning it for deleted files. The software can recover items deleted from the camera roll, photo stream, photo library, contacts, MMS and SMS messages and attachments, call history, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memos, and Safari bookmarks. It automatically scans for all types of files; once done, it tells you how many of each it managed to recover.

At first glance, Dr. Fone seemed pretty capable of recovering lost files. I deleted multiple contacts, photos, videos, text messages, and bookmarks, as well as the complete call history, from an iPhone 4, and Dr. Fone was able to find all of the files except for the deleted text messages.

Once the files are located, you can choose which ones to recover, and Dr. Fone walks you through the process of recovering the items to a folder of your choice on your PC. Unfortunately, once my files were recovered, I found that not all of them were intact: For my missing contacts, it recovered the names and contact photos, but not the phone numbers associated with them, which was the most important part. I’ve had a similar experience when testing data recovery applications for my Windows PC: Often, they’re able to recover bits and pieces of the deleted data, but not always all of it.

If you don’t have access to your iOS dimension adobe, if your Dr. Fone reviews on dr fone doesn’t find what you’re looking for, or if you’re using a newer Apple device, you can use the software to recover data from iTunes backup files. Dr. Fone automatically loads a sam broadcaster pro 2019 crack - Free Activators of available iTunes backup files, and you select which one you’d like to scan. Then, Dr. Fone automatically searches through the file for the same photos, contacts, and more that it attempts to recover from your iPhone or iPad itself. While you could use iTunes to access these backups, doing so limits you to accessing the entire backup file; using Dr. Fone allows you to pick and choose which specific files within the backup you’d like to recover.

Dr. Fone isn’t perfect, as it didn’t recover all of my deleted files intact, but it came close. It certainly is pricey, but if you’ve accidentally deleted an important photo or file, you know that some things are priceless.

Note: The “Try it for free” button on the Product Information page takes you to the vendor’s site, where you can download the latest version of the winzip 22 activation - Crack Key For U appropriate to your system.


Wondershare Dr. Fone Virtual Location In-depth Review and Alternative Software

We carry our mobile with us everywhere. If you also have the location always active, you may have exact control of where you have been at all times. On some occasions, we might be able to change the location to somewhere else for some purpose. There are various tools and apps to simulate the location. In this article, we’ll deep dive into Dr.Fone Virtual Location software and let’s find the best alternative for it.

What is Dr.Fone Virtual Location?

Dr.Fone Virtual Location is application-focused, especially on iOS devices that will allow you to change your location in the GPS at will. The possibility of entering any location will mean that the different services or contents subject to the location of the equipment can be easily occupied without any other type of obstacle or hindrance. With Dr.Fone Virtual Location, we reviews on dr fone only locate ourselves in the place we want but also simulate the movement from one point to another instead of going out at any time. This will open the possibility of playing location-based games and Augmented Reality from the comfort of your home.

💡 Key features

  • Teleport your iPhone’s GPS to any country in the world
  • Simulate movement on any street in the world through the GPS Joystick
  • Support location management of up to 5 devices
  • Unblock restricted content in your country
  • Enjoy games and applications that deserve to go out from home

💻 Platform

  • Mac OS 10.13 or later
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

💲 Price

  • 1 Month: Windows/$9.95; Mac/$12.95
  • 1 Quarter: Windows/$19.95; Mac/$24.95
  • 1 Year: Windows/$59.95; Mac/$69.95

How Dr.Fone Virtual Location Works

Step 1: Download and install the Dr.Fone Virtual Location on your PC.

Step 2: Now click on the Get started button that you see in the Dr.Fone window.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone with the PC and open the Dr.Fone Virtual Location software.

Step 4: In the next window, you startcrack website - Activators Patch find your current location on the map. If you find your location is not exact, click on the Center On icon in the window’s lower right.

Step 5: To activate the Teleport mode, click the 3rd icon in the top right corner and type the destination you want. Once you start typing, the available locations are suggested. Then click Go.

Step 6: Finally, a popup card will show on the map in the destination. Click on the Move Here button to teleport.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location Not Working? Any Alternative Software?

1. Comparison between Dr.Fone and AnyGo

Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual LocationiToolab AnyGo
Teleport Mode
Simulate GPS movement
Joystick Mode
Set Moving Speed3.6km/h~36km/h3.6km/h~100km/h
Import GPX
Export GPXOnly Windows version×
Mark Location×
Multi-device Management5 devicesNo limited
Historical Records
Search Specific Location
PlatformWin 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Mac OS X 10.13 or later
Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Mac OS 10.11 or later
Devices SupportediOS 9 or lateriOS 7.0 or later
1-Month Plan: $9.95
3-Months Plan: $19.95
1 Year Plan: $59.95
reviews on dr fone Plan: $12.95
3-Months Plan: $24.95
1 Year Plan: $69.95
1-Month Plan: $9.95
3-Months Plan: $19.95
1 Year Plan: $39.95
Lifetime Plan: $59.95
Pros:You can free trial 2 hours.Similar functions, affordable price
A wider range of speed adjustment
Cons:There is no lifetime license, the price is more expensive.
Does not support lower Mac OS version and iOS version
Only 1 time/mode to free trial

2. Alternative Tool: iToolab AnyGo

iToolab AnyGo is a standalone software to simulate location and route on iOS devices without jailbreaking. Why is AnyGo special? This application allows you to change your location altium designer 18 full crack download specific speeds and control movements as will with joystick and keyboard with ease. If you’re a fan of location-based games and services, AnyGo is a must to access restricted location content and to get a new experience. Since it works for multiple devices, you connect many iOS devices and control the locations Simultaneously.

💡 Key features

  • Spoof to anywhere in LBS (Location Based Service) games without actually moving or walking
  • Simulate the movement of your GPS along real roads or any paths you draw
  • Connect multiple devices and modify the location at the same time
  • Suitable for Pokemon Go, Life360, Tinder, Bumble and more

You can download the latest version of iToolab AnyGo from here.

📖 How-to steps

Step 1: Launch the AnyGo

First, download and install the application on your PC. Then double click on the icon and launch the software.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the PC

Once the software is installed on your computer, plug in your iPhone. If you connect multiple devices, you need to select one by one.

Step 3: Search the destination

After that, click on the Teleport icon and type the location you want to teleport in the search bar. Available locations will be suggested using IntelliSense. Select a reviews on dr fone and click the Search button.

Step 4: Teleport to the location

Click on the Go button in the popup card to locate the destination. You will be directed reviews on dr fone the new virtual location on the map.


Is Dr.Fone virtual location free?

You can try the free trial for 2 hours. Since it’s a paid software, only limited functionalities available for free.

Is Dr.Fone virtual location safe?

The software is safe, free of viruses and third-party plugins. But from the Reddit Community, some people have faced soft bans using the software in Pokémon Go, to be specific. But it depends on the person who uses it and how it is used.

Is Dr.Fone virtual location work microsoft visual studio 2017 download with crack - Crack Key For U Android?

No, it does not support Android devices. If you are looking for a way to trick the GPS of an Android phone, you can check our article explaining apps used in Android for mocking the location.


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