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YTD Video Downloader Pro v5.9.18.8 Crack 2021 Latest version (100% working) ACCESSORIES organization focused on en- couraging young women to run for office, said about half the people she trains are women of color. She worries that a Repub- lican Party led by Trump will not only discourage minority women from joining the GOP, but also turn them off to poli- tics, period. “I wish I could be more ex- cited being here at the conven- tion,” said Richmond, who plans on writing in a candidate in November, probably Rom- ney. “I would love to feel proud to be able to say, ‘Oh, I wish you’d been at the convention. It was the best thing ever.’ But I’m not.” Malwarebytes premium free crack - Crack Key For U than halfway through the convention, the party seems to be what Trump might have called “low energy,” the phrase he once used to describe Jeb Bush. Some attendees have al- ready left, and the seats have never been completely full in the YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U where the NBA cham- BOSTON B O S T O N G L O B E .C O M / M E T R O B Yvonne Abraham Jury awards $3.5m to scholar in libel suit I am sorry, Saudi scientist says two others set out to destroy her with online lies Mitt By Laura Crimaldi “We’re thrilled and relieved,” Rich said, means his client can now resume GLOBE STAFF said in a telephone interview. “All she’s efforts to promote science and entre- A federal jury in Boston awarded ever wanted is, frankly, to be left alone.” preneurship among young people in $3.5 million Wednesday to a former vis- Sindi sued Samia El-Moslimany and the Middle East. That work, Rich said, I’m so sorry, Mitt Rom- iting scholar at Harvard University who her mother, Ann, three years ago, say- had been derailed by the Moslimanys’ ney. brought a libel suit against a mother ing the women had engaged in a cam- defamatory statements. I’ve been pretty and daughter who had publicly accused paign to “publicly embarrass, humili- “It’s about being able to say clearly tough on you over the the academic of fabricating her creden- ate, and destroy” her by spreading lies and powerfully that what has been years, and now I feel tials, even attending scientific confer- about her on the Internet, through so- written. . is untrue and a jury has so just awful about it. ences to besmirch her reputation. cial media, and in e-mails to her profes- concluded and awarded millions of dol- I criticized you for Saudi Arabian scientist Hayat Sindi sional associates. lars of damages as a result thereof,” he throwing Massachusetts sobbed when the jury announced its Rich said the verdict shows the said. verdict in US District Court, said her Moslimanys’ comments about Sindi The Moslimanys and their lawyer, Hayat Sindi filed suit under the bus in the ser- lawyer David H. Rich. were false. The decision, the attorney LAWSUIT, Page B8 three years ago. vice of your presidential ambitions. I gave you a hard time for grandstanding on immigration and flip-flopping on oth- er issues. I joined in the ridicule over your decision to strap your dog Seamus to the roof of the family car on a road trip. I have called you overly stage-man- ‘This is the worst I’ve SJC says ever seen, as aged, even boring. And I hammered you for that 47 per- cent speech, in which you wrote off al- most half the nation as moochers, saying far as scale and scandal at it was no use going after their votes be- cause you’d “never convince them that they should take personal responsibility conditions.’ KYLE QUIGLEY, lab means lead veterinarian for and care for their lives.” OK, that was pretty bad. Or so I thought at the time. Now I long for those days. Because the Animal Rescue League of Boston new trials now I see how bad bad can be. Corrupt chemist Your party has nominated an ignorant narcissist for president. His vile rhetoric tainted evidence has brought racists, anti-Semites, and By John R. Ellement misogynists out into the open. Our politi- and Evan Allen cal discourse has not been this base in GLOBE STAFF decades. It’s difficult to fathom, but the The state’s highest court said folks who nominated you just four short Wednesday that people convicted years ago are now willing to have this or- on drug charges in cases that in- ange study in amorality yell “You’re volved a disgraced state chemist, fired!” at nuclear missiles. Annie Dookhan, can seek new tri- I know I’m not telling you anything als. you don’t know, governor. Last year, the Supreme Judicial Always and forever will I love you for Court gave special permission to giving that speech in March excoriating people to undo their pleas if they Trump, calling him a con man and a had pleaded guilty to drug charges fake, noting that his is “the very brand of in Dookhan-related cases. On anger that has led other nations into the Wednesday, it ruled that the same abyss.” After making the mistake of ac- protection must be extended to cepting his endorsement back in 2012, some defendants who went to trial. you’re now one of the few Republicans “Regardless whether a defen- willing to call him out. And you’ve stood dant pleads guilty to a drug offense your ground, even as other former critics or is found guilty at trial. . the evi- dence is still potentially tainted by have caved. Dookhan’s misconduct,’’ Chief Jus- The ugliness of which you warned has tice Ralph D. Gants wrote for the been on full display in Cleveland. We’ve court. “The taint is still attributable had a cavalcade of D-list celebrities and to the government [because] it also-rans offering nothing whatsoever in may be impossible for the defen- the way of proposals: It’s all Hillary ha- PHOTOS BY DEBEE TLUMACKI FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE dant to prove [their] case. . was tred, all the time. Chachi tweeted out a Police announced they had found hundreds of dead and injured animals at a 71-acre Westport actually tainted by Dookhan’s mis- disgusting, unprintable slur. Rudy Giu- property, tucked away down a winding dirt road. conduct.’’ liani, rejected lap-dog Chris Christie, and Dookhan worked in a Depart- Tales of animal abuse a host of others whipped the flagging ment of Public Health lab in Jamai- crowd into frenzies over the other party’s ca Plain from 2003 to 2012, testing nominee, pronouncing her GUILTY! of suspected drugs. She admitted to all manner of crimes and calling, repeat- tampering with samples, forging edly, for her to be locked up. Some rep results in favor of law enforcement. from New Hampshire said she should be shot for treason. Ben Carson, loopy as ev- er, spoke of Lucifer’s role in her life, or something. Few had anything positive to emerge at tenant farm Her actions may have compro- mised 24,000 cases. She served a three-year sentence for perjury and evidence tampering. say about Trump, parroting instead the By Reis Thebault aged by individual tenants. Most of the 20 ten- Jake Wark, a spokesman for nominee’s own vacant boasts. Not even GLOBE CORRESPONDENT ants, who raise livestock to sell or for personal Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. his third wife (Trust her, he’s loyal!) could WESTPORT — The stench was overpowering, consumption, had chronically neglected their ani- Conley, said prosecutors believe the wails piercing. Cows were trapped in barbed mals and their lots, said Tony Cestodio, a West- the SJC’s ruling would have a negli- humanize him — not even with Michelle wire, emaciated dogs were kept on short chains in port police detective sergeant. SJC, Page B4 Obama’s words. pens littered with broken glass. Pigs lived in the “They clearly don’t care,” he said. “They don’t Lord, how I long for stage-managed trash that they ate. care about the condition of the animal; they don’t and boring now. Animals at a tenant farm here had been living care about the condition of the lot.” Your convention was so sweet and grown-up by comparison (Dirty Harry and the empty chair notwithstanding). in deplorable conditions for months, probably years, said Kyle Quigley, the lead veterinarian for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The tenants who did look after their parcels apparently ignored the abuse around them, he added. Students’ Your wife Ann’s speech was utterly ador- able, as is she. She talked about meeting you at a dance when you were kids, and “This is the worst I’ve ever seen, as far as scale and conditions,” he said Wednesday, a day after police announced they had found hundreds of “It would seem so because it’s pretty obvious to us that some of these animals needed help,” he said. racist rants you were “tall and laughed a lot, [and] nervous;” about being the parents of five little boys, all “screaming at once” on dead and injured animals at the 71-acre property, tucked away down a winding dirt road. The property is divided into 20 lots, each man- Officials identified the property owner as Westport resident Richard Medeiros, who was WESTPORT, Page B5 online stun long winter afternoons; about her health struggles and your patience and love. Wellesley Unlike what we’re seeing this week, your speech was a model of civility and hope. “We are a good and generous peo- ple who are united by so much more N.H. official calls Clinton ‘garbage’ By Vivian Wang GLOBE CORRESPONDENT In a series of Facebook messag- than what divides us,” you said. So es that have prompted an investi- quaint! Yes, you criticized the president, Trump adviser gation by the Wellesley police, stu- dents at Wellesley High School but you did it in a way that kept dignity — yours and his — intact. You took him says she should be and elsewhere used racial and ho- mophobic slurs and made jokes down for not knowing enough about business — not for being a secret Muslim ‘shot for treason’ about lynching and genocide, sev- eral students said Wednesday. or an ISIS sympathizer or a criminal. By Jim O’Sullivan “ Yo u [ e x p l e t i v e ] h a t e [ N - And you actually laid out specific policy GLOBE STAFF words], right?” read one message, proposals. Bless your earnest heart! A New Hampshire state repre- written in all caps. “Cause idk I YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U to apologize in person, but sentative who advises Donald bout you but I’m trying to geno- your people say you’re not talking to the Trump on veterans’ issues called cide their ass.” press right now. You’re up there at Lake Tuesday for Hillary Clinton to be “I thought genocide was for Winnipesaukee with your gorgeous, “put in the firing line YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U shot for people,” read a reply. Another per- wholesome, extended family, and you treason” for her handling of the son wrote that Trump should de- won’t be interrupted. Our Michael Lev- Benghazi terror attack. port a student of Mexican de- enson dropped by, and out you came, in Appearing on WRKO radio from scent. your shorts and your bare feet, to politely the Republican National Conven- Screenshots of the messages shoo him away. The contrast between tion in Cleveland, state Representa- were provided to the Globe by a that bucolic scene and the ugliness in tive Al Baldasaro, a Londonderry Wellesley High School student, Cleveland could not be more stark. Republican, called the presumptive who said he was not involved in Or, for me, more painful. Forgive me! Democratic nominee “a piece of gar- the private chat. The messages bage.” surfaced after a Wellesley High RICHARD DREW/ASSOCIATED PRESS/FILE Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham can be Baldasaro likened Clinton to Jane School student posted screenshots reached at [email protected] Fonda, the actress who famously vis- Al Baldasaro said on a Boston radio program that Hillary Clinton of the exchange on his Facebook BALDASARO, Page B4 should be “put in the firing line and shot for treason.” WELLESLEY, Page B5

B2 Metro T h e B o s t o n G l o b e T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 New England in brief MASHPEE Girl severely hurt after being hit by car A 7-year-old girl was in critical condition Wednesday night af- ter she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle in Mashpee, authorities said. Mashpee police said the child was crossing Route 130 from Juniper Road at about 3:50 p.m. when she was hit by a driver in a white Honda Accord. The child was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital by a MedFlight helicopter, said Police Chief Scott Carline. He said the child’s injuries appeared to be life-threatening. The driver of the vehicle, who is from Hyannis, was transported by ambulance to Falmouth Hospital for stress-related issues. PROVIDENCE Man gets 85 years for trafficking teen A Boston man has been sentenced to 85 years in prison for traf- ficking a 14-year-old girl and having her prostitute herself while working at an exotic club in Rhode Island. Troy Footman, 54, was sentenced Wednesday in Providence Superior Court, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said. Footman was convicted by a jury in July 2015 of two counts of sex trafficking a minor, two counts of pandering, and related crimes. Footman devel- oped a sexual relationship with the 14-year-old runaway from Massachusetts and encouraged her to take a job dancing at Cheater’s Gentlemen’s Club in Providence in 2013, prosecutors said. (AP) CAMBRIDGE PHOTOS BY KEITH BEDFORD/GLOBE STAFF Officer put on unpaid leave after arrest Lillian Grace Hutchinson Boone Marks, 5, and her mother Shannon Marks are descendants of Anne Hutchinson — a A Cambridge officer has been placed on unpaid leave after be- Puritan religious leader widely regarded as a symbol of feminism, freedom of speech, and thought. ing arrested this month, police said Wednesday. Jonathan Vi- cente, who has been with Cambridge police since 2015, was ar- A once-scorned rebel is celebrated rested by Revere police on July 10 on a charge of disturbing the peace, according to a statement from the Cambridge Police De- partment. Vicente was arraigned the following day in Chelsea District Court and was released, police said. Specific informa- Events are held tion about the events that led to the arrest was not immediately available. for Hutchinson REVERE By Trisha Thadani GLOBE CORRESPONDENT 10 injured after MBTA bus is struck Hu n d r e d s o f y e a r s a goAbout 10 people were injured when a car crashed into an Anne Hutchinson was perse- MBTA bus Wednesday morning in Revere, officials said. The cuted for speaking her mind in crash happened at the corner of North Shore and Oak Island the fledgling Massachusetts Bay roads around 9:55 a.m., according to MBTA spokesman Jason Colony. On Wednesday, a ram- Johnson. The injured were taken to a hospital with injuries that bunctious 5-year-old descen- were not life-threatening, according to Revere police Lieuten- dant of Hutchinson ran around ant Amy O’Hara. She estimated 10 people had been injured. the State House lawn in a pink Johnson said the bus was stopped when it was struck. dress, with a world of opportu- nities in front of her. EVERETT Lillian Grace Hutchinson Boone Marks was one of several Investigators seek help in ID’ing body descendants of Anne Hutchin- Investigators are asking the public to help identify the body of a son — a Puritan religious leader woman who they believe had been dead for one to five years be- widely regarded as a symbol of fore she was discovered July 7 in an industrial area of Everett. feminism, freedom of speech, Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office said and thought — who gathered in Wednesday that it worked with a forensic anthropologist to de- front of her statue Wednesday termine some preliminary information about the woman, who to celebrate the activist’s 425th was found on a National Grid property on Rover Street. She birthday. was between 26 and 52 years old, and between 5-feet-1 and 5- “Learning about your past “She really was an extraordinary figure,” former governor Michael S. Dukakis said at the feet-10, officials said. Investigators have not been able to deter- can really inform you about event on the State House lawn, part of five days marking Hutchinson’s 425th birthday. mine the woman’s ancestry, but believe she was white. your future and where we are now,” said Lilly’s mother, Shan- son Foundation to celebrate tor made, 5-year-old Lilly women were totally disenfran- CONCORD, N.H. non. “I hope what [Lilly] learns Hutchinson’s lasting legacy. placed a flower in her hair and chised.” about Anne is that she’s a wom- The tour, which began in Bos- nestled in her mother’s lap. Hutchinson came to the Shooting of autistic teen ruled justified an that spoke her mind.” ton, will continue with events “She really was an extraordi- Massachusetts Bay Colony from The police shooting death of an autistic teenager who had led About 60 people attended along the Hutchinson Trail in nary figure,” former governor England with her husband, officers on a chase in a stolen luxury car before pointing a the celebration, part of a five- Rhode Island and New York. Michael S. Dukakis told the William, in the 1600s, accord- weapon at them and asking to be killed was justified, the state’s day series of events spearhead As people spoke of the last- crowd. “Men totally dominated ing to the foundation. Things attorney general has ruled. Lane Lesko, 19, of Ann Arbor, by the Anne Marbury Hutchin- ing impression her great ances- civil society at that time, and were going well for her in the Mich., died of a gunshot wound June 21 in Peterborough. In a new world until she began to report Wednesday, Attorney General Joseph Foster said Green- critique the sermons of the field Police Chief Brian Giammarino fired four shots at Lesko, male ministers in Massachu- hitting him once and killing him. Giammarino fired at Lesko setts. She was charged with se- after he pulled what appeared to be a handgun from the BMW dition, declared a heretic, ban- and started shooting at police. The gun turned out to be a BB 3 ished from the colony, and was pistol. (AP) .250 later killed with most of her % Low Rates + % family in an Indian raid in 1643. In 1987, Dukakis symboli- Interest Rate cally pardoned Hutchinson, re- Interest Rate Great Service voking her banishment from 3.261 Massachusetts and clearing her News Advertising name. .261 CONTACTS, TIPS, COMMENTS DISPLAY % Eric Nielsen, the president Switchboard: (617) 929-2000 (617) 929-2200 The Perfect Couple. % of the Anne Hutchinson Foun- dation, said he hopes this event (617) 929-7400 [email protected] [email protected] CLASSIFIED APR* will help spur a conversation SPOTLIGHT TEAM TIP LINE (617) 929-1500 around women’s rights. APR* “I’m big on the old adage, (617) 929-7483 those who forget history are 20-YEAR FIXED Customer service City Retail Other Loans up to $2 Million bound to repeat it,” Nielsen said PRINT AND DIGITAL 7 day home delivery $13.99 13.99 15.50 No Points!** RATEup Loans RESIDENTIAL to $2 Million i n a n i n t e r v i e w. “ Wo m e n should have a chance to put (888) 694-5623 Sunday only home delivery $3.99 3.99 5.00 [email protected] MORTGAGE No Points!** their ideas in and feel as though they will be recognized and val- Daily single copy Sunday single copy $1.50 2.00 $3.50 3.50 2.00 4.00 ued just like a man would.” Devin Marks, a cofounder and trustee of the foundation, Lottery hopes the public celebration of Hutchinson will help influence WEDNESDAY MIDDAY 5318 MASS CASH Apply online at female role models for people like his daughter, Lilly. Payoffs (based on a $1 bet) EXACT ORDER July 20 2 10 22 29 34 Jackpot: $100,000; no winners “Role models from our past that are women of character, All 4 digits First or last 3 $4,632 $648 July 20 MEGABUCKS 6 24 25 34 41 48 or call us at 978-358-8904 for information women of courage, women of Any 2 digits $56 Jackpot: $3,353,047; no winners MEGA MILLIONS strengths — even when they’re Any 1 digit $6 on these and other rates and terms! wrong,” Marks told the crowd. ANY ORDER July 19 3 34 54 65 66 Megaball 4, Megaplier 5 “I want you young ladies, the All 4 digits $193 Jackpot: $25 million; one winner Girl Scouts and the big sisters, First 3 $108 PREVIOUS DRAWINGS to have role models and men- Last 3 $108 Midday Night tors to turn to. . for years and WEDNESDAY NIGHT 2740 Tuesday 2989 8466 years.” Payoffs (based on a $1 bet) Monday 8730 9187 At home, Marks said he EXACT ORDER Sunday 0250 5603 sometimes calls his daughter All 4 digits $4,555 Saturday 8845 1526 Newburyport • Beverly • Boxford • Gloucester • Ipswich • Middleton • Rockport • Rowley • Salisbury • Topsfield “Hutch.” First or last 3 $638 Friday 7202 7404 He said Lilly, who is shy at Any 2 digits $55 WEDNESDAY NUMBERS *APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate as of 7/20/16 and is based on a $165,000, no cash out refinance with minimum first but has an inquisitive Any 1 digit $5 AROUND NEW ENGLAND credit score of 720 and maximum LTV of 80%. Unit cost per $1,000 borrowed is $5.67. Minimum loan amount is mind and wild imagination, re- ANY ORDER Maine, N.H., Vermont $100,000, maximum loan amount is $2 million. Single-family, owner-occupied residences only. Offer subject to credit ally takes that nickname to All 4 digits $190 Day: 3-digit 732 4-digit 6788 approval. Property insurance required. Flood insurance required if the property is located in a FEMA Special Hazard Flood Zone. Monthly payment examples do not include escrow amounts for real estate taxes and/or insurance, if heart. First 3 $106 Eve: 3-digit 895 4-digit 1433 applicable. This may increase payment amount. Rate is subject to change without notice. Other terms and conditions Last 3 $106 Wed. Tri-State Megabucks may apply. Member FDIC • Member DIF Trisha Thadani can be reached 4 11 15 27 32 (2) **Points and/or additional fees may be assessed for borrowers with credit scores lower than 720 and/or at [email protected] Rhode Island 3009 cash out refinance loans. Powerball 6 25 35 58 66 Follow her on Twitter @TrishaThadani. Powerball 5

T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 T h e B o s t o n G l o b e Metro B3 Dwarf star planets may have atmosphere to support life MIT researchers spheres — all further indica- found three potentially habit- researchers built to detect the their star. said study coauthor Hannah tion that they are potentially able candidates: the two in the exoplanets. Such an unusual occ ur- Wake ford, a researcher at part of discovery habitable. n e w s t u d y, a n d o n e m o r eBy sheer luck, their chance rence, they realized, might NASA. “These are the first poten- charles proxy download farther from the host came just two days after the persuade NASA to let the team “To my knowledge, this is By Vivian Wang tially habitable, Earth-sized star. team announced the discovery commandeer the Hubble, as it the first time it’s ever been GLOBE CORRESPONDENT planets that. . are close All were Earth-sized and done on purpose, and it’s defi- Scientists believe they’re enough to allow for atmo- may have regions with the nitely the first time it’s been another step closer to discov- spheric study,” de Wit said. right temperatures to support ‘These are the first potentially done with such small planets.” ering the potential for life be- More detailed atmospheric liquid water and even life. When planets transit, they yond Earth. analysis is the next step. After But in order to determine habitable, Earth-sized planets that. . block the light the star radi- In May, a team including MIT researcher Julien de Wit all, many planets, like Venus and Mars, are rocky and have whether they actually were liv- able, the scientists had to ana- are close enough to allow for ates toward Earth. Scientists measure how and scientists from the Univer- compact atmospheres, but lyze the composition of the atmospheric study.’ much the starlight dips: If a sity of Klssoft - Crack Key For U in Belgium detect- that doesn’t mean they sup- planets’ atmospheres. lot, they conclude the planets JULIEN DEWIT ed three planets orbiting a port life. If the exoplanets were pri- are big. If a little, the planets MIT researcher nearby dwarf star, with just De Wit and the rest of the marily gaseous, with puffy at- are small. And by analyzing the right size and temperature team need to figure out what mospheres billowing into the way the light interacts — between minus 23 degrees elements make up these plan- space, they would be more like with the planets’ atmospheres and 106 degrees Celsius — to ets’ atmospheres, a process Jupiter than Earth. as it passes through, scientists possibly support life. that could take several years. Analyzing an exoplanet’s of the three exoplanets in May. would allow them to study two can discern the composition of In a follow-up study pub- “Then we could say, it looks atmosphere is technically They had realized just weeks planets at once, in a two-for- their atmospheres. lished Wednesday in the scien- like Mars or it looks like Earth challenging. before that the two innermost the-price-of-one deal. tific journal Nature, de Wit’s or it looks like nothing we’ve It requires serious technol- exoplanets were due to double They were right. team has confirmed that the ever seen in our solar system,” og y, like the Hubble Space transit soon — a rare phenom- “This happens every two Vivian Wang can be reached planets have rocky, rather than de Wit said. Telescope — far more high- enon that occurs when two years, so that definitely would at [email protected] gaseous, terrain and compact, The researchers first identi- powered than the compact, planets transit, or pass, almost have motivated the Hubble Follow her on Twitter rather than loose, atmo- fied the planets in May. They 60-centimeter telescope the simultaneously in front of team to accept our proposal,” @vwang3. Walsh, Chang deny story on Diverse. Distinguished. Dependable. exam school admissions plan By James Vaznis tino students — has been a embroiled in controversy over GLOBE STAFF lightning-rod issue, and the racial allegations. Mayor Martin J. Walsh and WGBH report created a The WGBH story said that the Boston Public Schools on firestorm among parents. Superintendent Tommy Chang Easy Cut Studio Keygen strongly denied a Many parents and alumni was planning to present the WGBH report saying the city view the current requirements, proposal at Wednesday night’s was considering a proposal to based exclusively on standard- School Committee meeting. In- alter the exam winzip pro price - Free Activators admis- ized test scores and grades, as stead, Chang discounted the sions policy to bar private or the ideal meritocracy. But other story. Catholic school students from parents and civil rights advo- In its report, WGBH cited a applying. draft copy of a proposal titled Boston’s premier assisted living community is “There is absolutely no truth “BPS Strategic Implementation a tapestry of smiling, friendly faces that reflect to a report published on WGBH A WGBH report Plan 2016/Opportunity and the diversity of our area. today that claims that the Bos- Achievement Gaps Task Force.” ton Public Schools are propos- said the city was But the School Department said Steps from Symphony Hall, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering ing changes to the admissions to our exam schools,” Walsh considering in a statement it does not have a report by that name in draft or a more catered, independent lifestyle filled with exceptional services, vibrant amenities, and peace of mind.all for the most affordable rates. said in a statement. barring private or final form. Susan Bailis But Peter Kadzis, the author “BPS is disappointed that of the story, defended his re- Catholic school the media outlet who reported Call 617-247-1010 porting, saying Wednesday eve- students from this erroneous information did or ning that he talked with several not attempt to verify any facts Personalized Assisted Living people with deep knowledge of applying to exam with the school district before 352 Massachusetts Ave at St Botolph Street, Boston the issue and that the story wasn’t based on a single piece schools. posting the article,” the state- ment said. We proudly offer affordable options to those eligible under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (LIHTC). Residents who qualify pay a reduced monthly rental rate while still being able to benefit from our optional service and meal plans. Program residents must be income eligible. Please call for more details and eligibility requirements. of paper. The quoted recommenda- “What is this Donald Trump tions in the WGBH story, how- trial by fire?” Kadzis said. “We cates worry the requirements ever, appear verbatim in anoth- published the story. They asked reduce the chances of minori- er report from more than a year us to take it down. We repub- ties gaining admission. ago, when John McDonough lished with a few modest Earlier this month, the was interim superintendent, on changes.” Globe reported the superinten- the lagging achievement of The updated story noted the dent’s office had quietly assem- black and Latino male stu- city’s response but retained the bled a working group to explore dents. That report, by Brown Xcaret, Riviera Maya • Photo courtesy of Cancún Convention & Visitors Bureau assertions of the changes under a variety of issues, including University’s Annenberg Insti- consideration. whether to change exam school tute and the Center for Collab- The prospect that the school admission requirements in an orative Education, was pro- system might alter its admis- effort to bolster diversity. But duced at the request of the city. sion requirements for Boston Walsh quickly shot down the Latin and the other two exam idea, saying the time was not James Vaznis can be reached at schools — in an effort to bolster right to hold that kind of dis- [email protected] Follow him the enrollment of black and La- cussion. Latin School has been on Twitter @globevaznis. We wanted to experience true island life, so Yvonne, our travel consultant from Massachusetts, encouraged us to try the Nassau Insider Experience. 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Receive 25% off food & beverage credit. OFFER ID: 1172 any meal plan when you add it to your stay. OFFER ID: 2938 ALL AIRFARE AND HOTEL TRANSFERS ARE INCLUDED DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF Visit our website for more great offers: Freedom House will move to the former Grove Hall branch of the Boston Public Library. RECEIVE: Personalized Keepsake Booklet & Document Holder • $150 Future Travel Credit • Insider Benefits Coupons Valued at up to $275 in Savings, including 6 months FREE Travel & Leisure digital magazine subscription • Liberty Travel Personal Concierge Access & Smart Phone App Grove Hall to get a teen center Unlimited Emergency Travel Center Priority Access When you book a My Time or My Time Select property through Liberty Travel, you will receive special amenities and a level of service that goes beyond your expectations. Enjoy exclusive My Time perks like early check-in and late checkout in an exclusive area; room upgrades; and resort, spa or food & beverage credit and savings. At My Time Select hotels, you’ll also receive up to a $2,000 resort credit with a four-night stay. SAVE the best part of getting Together away is getting Freedom House pleased to see a City-owned re- said. The renovations will in- 65 source being used for such a clude a computer lab, an edu- %* is making a move great purpose,” Walsh said in a cation area with meeting spac- UP TO statement. “Freedom House es, and outdoor classrooms. By Olivia Quintana will be an invaluable resource There will also be improve- PLUS RECEIVE UP TO A GLOBE CORRESPONDENT for teens and residents in this ments to conserve energy and May o r Ma r t i n J. Wa l s h broke ground Wednesday on a neighborhood.” The facility will be housed reduce the operating costs of the facility, officials said. Resorts by Sanda ls $ 335 INSTANT AIRFARE CREDIT * project to convert a 19th-cen- in the former Grove Hall Outside of the building, Negril Resort & Spa OFFER ID: 642 tury Grove Hall library into a branch of the Boston Public Li- changes will include new signs facility offering academic re- brary, originally constructed and a walkway with lighting to The world is full of amazing moments to feel, taste, smell, hear, see, and try, and we can connect you to all of them. sources to local teens, officials in 1898. It is expected to serve “revitalize that street corner,” said. about 2,000 teens and resi- officials said. Call: 1.800.347.5200 Visit: The new home of Freedom dents every year, officials said. 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B4 Metro T h e B o s t o n G l o b e T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 Suspect drags Millis homeowner with car, police say Drug By Trisha Thadani GLOBE CORRESPONDENT A suspected burglar dragged a Millis homeowner of, “Hi, I am looking for some- one to give me a job, figured someone here could help me.” Police said the homeowners dential street. Police from Millis followed Coyle as his vehicle barreled through stop signs and traffic partment and the surrounding towns’ departments are pre- pared for them. Edison said Coyle lives near Also Wednesday, a judge re- voked Coyle’s bail on a sepa- rate pending charge of OUI from July 14, according to cases with his car Tuesday after- noon, police said, prompting a pursuit that spanned several told them it was clear the sus- pect was not in the “right frame of mind” and he was not lights while swerving between lanes, leaving skid marks and a cloud of smoke in his tracks, Irving Street, but the home- owners did not know him be- fore the confrontation. court records. After his arrest Tuesday, Coyle allegedly told police, may be retried towns and surpassed 70 miles forming complete sentences. the report said. “There was no reason for that he “deserved to be shot” per hour as it wound through The three exchanged words With the help of officers him to be doing what he was for driving so fast down a side tight residential streets. as they walked out to the from other towns, police doing, and it just happened to street. The police report said The confrontation began driveway, and when the home- caught up to the suspect and be the house he went into,” Coyle estimated that he was shortly before 3 p.m. when two owners threatened to call po- arrested him in the parking lot Edison said. traveling 100 miles per hour. SJC people arrived at their Irving lice, Coyle apparently became of a Medfield CVS. Coyle was arraigned A film of Suboxone, a drug Continued from Page B1 Street home to find 32-year- agitated and jumped into his The homeowner, who de- Wednesday in Wrentham Dis- used to treat opioid addiction, gible impact, since few of the old Daniel Snapgene crack key - Activators Patch rummaging gray Toyota Corolla, the report clined to comment Wednes- trict Court, where he pleaded was found with Coyle’s wallet, 7,491 individuals connected to around in their basement, ac- said. day, was taken to a hospital not guilty to charges including police said. Dookhan in Suffolk County cording to a report from Millis He allegedly drove through with minor injuries. assault and battery with a dan- went to trial. Most pleaded police. the backyard as one of the ho- Millis Police Chief Keith F. gerous weapon, unlicensed op- Trisha Thadani can be reached guilty, he said. When the homeowners con- meowners reached into the car Edison said that while car eration of a motor vehicle, and at [email protected] “Given the speed and effi- fronted him, police said, Coyle in an attempt to stop Coyle be- chases do not happen often in reckless operation of motor ve- Follow her on Twitter ciency with which we’ve tack- said something along the lines fore he whipped onto the resi- the area, the Millis Police De- hicle. @TrishaThadani led the [Dookhan] crisis, we’re confident it will present a mini- mal disruption’’ to the court system, Wark wrote in an e- COUNTER MOVE — mail. Andrew Beckwith, In Wednesday’s ruling, the president of the court threw out the 2006 Suf- Massachusetts Family folk Superior Court drug traf- Institute, soon turned over ficking conviction of Daniel Francis. The court made clear the megaphone to that Boston police and prosecu- Representative James R. tors were not aware of Lyons Jr., a Republican Dookhan’s misdeeds at the from Andover, right center. time. Several conservative Francis’s appellate attorney, advocacy groups who want David J. Rotondo, called the to repeal the recently ruling a positive development for his client and for others like passed transgender rights him who went to trial but never law staged their first rally challenged the key forensic evi- in front of the State House dence used against them — the Wednesday. They hope to drugs. put a referendum before He said Francis served at voters in two years. least five years in state prison, was deported to his native Ja- maica, and may now have a chance to return to the United States and clear his name. The ruling was also wel- comed by the Massachusetts Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the PAT GREENHOUSE/GLOBE STAFF Committee for Public Counsel Ser vices, which have been pushing the SJC and prosecu- tors to aggressively respond to LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS MASSACHUSETTS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION – HIGHWAY DIVISION NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION Docket No. SU16P1490EA Commonwealth Walsh, Kennedy added to the crisis created by Dookhan’s misdeeds. “We think that the level of misconduct and misrepresenta- list of convention speakers Project File No. 606189 of Massachusetts The Trial Court A Design Public Hearing will be held by MassDOT to dis- Probate and Family Court tion and fraud that occurred in cuss the proposed intersection improvement project along Suffolk Probate and Family Route 38 at four locations in Lowell, MA. Court the Annie Dookhan matter ris- 24 New Chardon Street WHERE: Pollard Memorial Library Boston, MA 02114 es to the level of not being con- Meeting Room 617-788-8300 401 Merrimack Street stitutionally sound,” said Mar- Lowell, MA how to install ytd video downloader - Crack Key For U Estate of: Peter F. Crawford By Meghan E. Irons tin W. Healy, chief legal counsel WHEN: Thursday, July 28, 2016 @ 7:00 PM Date of Death: 06/04/2014 and Frank Phillips of the bar association. “Any- PURPOSE: The purpose of this hearing is to provide the To all interested persons: public with the opportunity to become fully acquainted A Petition for Formal Adju- dication of Intestacy and GLOBE STAFF body that’s convicted by a jury with the proposed improvement project on the Route 38 intersections. All views and comments made at the hear- Appointment of Personal Representative has been When the Democrats meet of their peers deserves to be ei- ing will be reviewed and considered to the maximum ex- tent possible. filed by Philip A. Crawford for their convention next week ther tried anew or the decision PROPOSAL: The project will upgrade signals and intersec- of Surprise AZ requesting that the Court in Philadelphia, at least three should be dismissed or vacated tion geometry to address crash potential at four intersec- tions along the Route 38 corridor: Rogers Street (Route enter a formal Decree and Order and for such other prominent state pols— Mayor altogether.” 38) at Phoenix Avenue and Douglas Road, Rogers Street relief as requested in the (Route 38) at Boylston Street, Nesmith Street (Route 38) Petition. Martin J. Walsh, US Senator Benjamin Selman, who filed at Andover Street (Route 133/110), and Nesmith Street The Petitioner requests (Route 38) at East Merrimack Street. Roadway widening that: Elizabeth Warren, and US Rep- a friend of the court brief on be- will occur along Route 38 between Andover Street and Philiip A. Crawford East Merrimack Street to accommodate two travel lanes of Surprise AZ resentative Joseph P. Kennedy half of the Committee on Public in each direction. Some improvements at Nesmith Street be appointed as Personal and Stackpole Street will also be included for interconnec- Representative(s) of said III — will be among the speak- Counsel Services, called the rul- tion. Sidewalk accessibility improvements will be provided estate to serve on the bond in accordance with applicable design guides. in an unsupervised admin- ers rallying the crowd. Left to right: Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Senator Elizabeth ing an “important step.’’ istration. A secure right-of-way is necessary for this project. Acquisi- tions in fee and permanent or temporary easements may Kennedy, confronted at the Warren, and Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III have all “The decision is sound, well- IMPORTANT NOTICE be required. The city is responsible for acquiring all needed rights in private or public lands. MassDOT’s policy concern- You have the right to ob- State House, confirmed he will endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president. reasoned, and represents an- tain a copy of the Petition ing land acquisitions will be discussed at this hearing. from the Petitioner or get a prime-time speaking spot other important step toward at the Court. You have a Written views received by MassDOT subsequent to the date of this notice and up to five (5) days prior to the date right to object to this pro- ceeding. To do so, you or Monday night at the Democrat- dorsed Clinton’s candidacy, but not be determined until con- rectifying the tremendous dam- of the hearing shall be displayed for public inspection and copying at the time and date listed above. Plans will be on your attorney must file a written appearance and ic National Convention. He said both Walsh and Kennedy were vention officials vet it, and age that the [DPH] scandal has display one-half hour before the hearing begins, with an engineer in attendance to answer questions regarding this objection at this Court before: 10:00 a.m. on the Warren called to inform him early supporters of the former Walsh will probably know by done to our criminal justice sys- project. A project handout will be made available on the MassDOT website listed below. return day of 08/18/2016. This is NOT a hearing that he would be on the stage US secretary of state. Both cam- Sunday where he fits into the tem and the people of Massa- Written statements and other exhibits in place of, or in ad- date, but a deadline by which you must file a that night with her. paigned for Clinton during the lineup. chusetts,’’ he wrote, adding that written appearance and dition to, oral statements made at the Public Hearing re- garding the proposed undertaking are to be submitted to objection if you object Kennedy said he did not New Hampshire primary earli- The mayor will attend the the CPCS will push for a “com- to this proceeding. If you Patricia A. Leavenworth, P.E., Chief Engineer, MassDOT, 10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116, Attention: Roadway Project fail to file a timely written know the details, other than he er this year. convention all four days. prehensive remedy” for the Management, Project File No. 606189. Such submissions appearance and objection will also be accepted at the hearing. Mailed statements followed by an affidavit believes he will introduce War- A Walsh campaign spokes- T h e c o n v e n t i o n’s a n - thousands of people affected by and exhibits intended for inclusion in the public hearing of objections within thir- transcript must be postmarked within ten (10) business ty (30) days of the return ren. man, Michael Goldman, said nounced lineup of speakers in- Dookhan. days of this Public Hearing. Project inquiries may be day, action may be taken emailed to [email protected] without further notice to “That’s still being worked Thursday it is a “terrific honor” cludes Barack Obama, Vice Matthew Segal, legal direc- you. This location is accessible to people with disabilities. Mass- UNSUPERVISED ADMIN- out,’’ he said as he headed for a for the first-term mayor to ad- President Joe Biden, first lady tor of the ACLU of Massachu- DOT provides reasonable accommodations and/or lan- ISTRATION UNDER THE guage assistance free of charge upon request (including MASSACHUSETTS UNI- State House meeting. dress the crowd. Walsh’s con- Michelle Obama, President setts, said in a statement that but not limited to interpreters in American Sign Language FORM PROBATE CODE and languages other than English, open or closed caption- (MUPC) Many political insiders in- vention speech was first report- Clinton, and US Senator Bernie “relitigating these tainted cases ing for videos, assistive listening devices and alternate ma- A Personal Representa- terial formats, such as audio tapes, Braille and large print), tive appointed under the MUPC in an unsupervised terpreted Warren’s speech on ed by Politico. Sanders of Vermont. is inconsistent with the glaring as available. For accommodation or language assistance, please contact MassDOT’s Chief Diversity and Civil Rights administration is not re- quired to file an inventory Monday — the first of the con- The details of Walsh’s ap- need to restore integrity to the Officer by phone (857-368-8580), fax (857-368-0602), TTD/ TTY (857-368-0603) or by email ([email protected] or annual accounts with the Court. Persons inter- vention’s four days of proceed- pearance are still being worked Meghan E. Irons can be reached Commonwealth’s justice sys- Requests should be made as soon as pos- sible prior to the meeting, and for more difficult to arrange ested in the estate are entitled to notice regard- ings — as a sign that Hillary out, Goldman said, and it is un- at [email protected] tem.” Instead, he said, drug cas- services including sign-language, CART or language transla- tion or interpretation, requests should be made at least ten ing the administration directly from the Personal Clinton would probably not clear at this point what day Follow her on Twitter es tainted by Dookhan should (10) business days before the meeting. Representative and may petition the Court in any pick the senator as her vice- Walsh will speak or what spe- @meghanirons. Frank Phillips be dropped. In case of inclement weather, hearing cancellation an- matter relating to the es- nouncements will be posted on the internet at http://www. tate, including the distri- presidential candidate. cifically he will address. The ac- can be reached at Segal also noted that many bution of assets and ex- penses of administration. Warren only recently en- tual content of the speech will [email protected] Dookhan-related defendants THOMAS J. TINLIN WITNESS, Hon. Joan P. Arm- HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATOR strong, have not yet gotten justice, de- PATRICIA A. LEAVENWORTH, P.E. First Justice of this Court. CHIEF ENGINEER Date: July 06, 2016 spite the passage of five years Felix D. Arroyo, (SEAL) INFORMAL PROBATE Register of Probate since she was caught. COMMONWEALTH OF MAS- PUBLICATION NOTICE SACHUSETTS LAND COURT DEPARTMENT OF THE TRIAL COURT 16 SM 004557 Docket No. SU16P1160EA Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Suffolk Division Buying N.H. official calls Clinton ‘garbage’ During that time, he noted, another drug lab scandal emerged, involving another dis- TO: ORDER OF NOTICE TO THE HEIRS, DEVISEES, Estate of: a car this BALDASARO plied, “Without a doubt.” woman pointed to Trump in re- graced state chemist, Sonja Farak, who worked for eight OR LEGAL REPRESENTA- TIVES OF THE ESTATE OF TERESA ORREGO, KILDER A. CARDONA Maureen Carol Twomey Date of Death 04/02/16 To all persons interested in week? Continued from Page B1 “When you take classified sponse to Baldasaro’s remarks, years at a now-shuttered drug and to all persons entitled the above captioned estate ited Hanoi as part of her opposi- information on a server that saying in a statement that the lab in Amherst. to the benefit of the Ser- by Petition of Check out vicemembers Civil Relief new and used tion to the Vietnam War. deals with where our State De- nominee’s “overtaking of the Farak allegedly ingested the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. § 501 et Petitioner seq.: U.S.Bank Trust, N.A., as Lee J. Twomey car specials from “She is a disgrace. . for the partment, Special Forces, CIA, Republican Party — and his drugs she was supposed to be Trustee for LSF8 Master Par- of Boston, MA. over 100 ticipation Trust claiming to a Will has been admitted to lies that she told those mothers whatever in other countries, constant escalation of outra- testing nearly every day of her have an interest in a mort- informal probate local dealers. gage covering real property Lee J. Twomey about their children that got that’s a death sentence for those geous rhetoric — is in danger of career. in Boston, numbered 124 of Boston, MA. GLADSTONE STREET, given Visit killed over there in Benghazi,” people if that information gets mainstreaming the kind of ha- Defense lawyers are pushing by: TERESA ORREGO to has been informally ap- Household Finance Corpo- pointed as the Personal powered by Baldasaro said of Clinton. “She in the hands of other countries tred that has long been relegat- for the courts to revisit those ration II, dated January 5, Representative of the es- 2009, and recorded in the tate to serve without surety dropped the ball on over 400 e- or the terrorists,” YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U said. “As ed to the fringes of American drug convictions, too. Suffolk County Registry of on the bond. Deeds in Book 44399, Page 86, and now held by Plain- The estate is being ad- mails requesting backup securi- far as I’m concerned, that’s in- politics where it belongs.” Luke Ryan, one of the attor- tiff by assignment, has/ have filed with this court a ministered under informal procedure by the Personal ty. Something’s wrong there.” formation for the enemy. In the “This week at the Republi- neys leading the push in West- complaint for determina- tion of Defendant’s/ De- Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform “This whole thing disgusts military, shot, firing squad. So I can convention, we’ve seen the ern Massachusetts, said the fendants’ Servicemembers status. If you now are, or Probate Code without su- pervision by the Court. In- me,” Baldasaro said. “Hillary stand by what I said.” clearest embodiment yet of this new standard in the Dookhan recently have been, in the active military service of the ventory and accounts are not required to be filed with Clinton should be put in the fir- In the Constitution, treason dangerous phenomenon,” she SJC case may ultimately apply United States of America, the Court, but interested then you may be entitled to parties are entitled to no- ing line and shot for treason.” i s d e f i n e d a s “ l e v y i n g wa r said. to trials connected to Farak. the benefits of the Service- tice regarding the admin- members Civil Relief Act. If istration from the Personal The retired Marine first ser- against [the United States], or In an e-mailed statement to “It fills an important gap. It you object to a foreclosure Representative and can of the above mentioned petition the Court in any geant, who has scolded the po- in adhering to their enemies, the Globe, a spokesman for the answers an unknown,” Ryan property on Microsoft Office 2003 Product key basis, then matter relating to the es- you or your attorney must tate, including distribution litical media for what he called giving them aid and comfort.” Secret Service said the agency said of Wednesday’s decision. file a written appearance of assets and expenses of and answer in this court at administration. Interested unfair coverage of Trump, has Baldasaro added, “Freedom was aware of the comments Three Pemberton Square, parties are entitled to peti- Boston, MA 02108 on or tion the Court to institute been an outspoken supporter of of speech is a beautiful thing. I and would “conduct the appro- Evan Allen can be reached before August 22, 2016 or formal proceedings and to you will be forever barred obtain orders terminating the GOP nominee since before spoke my mind about how I priate investigation.” at [email protected] from claiming that you are or restricting the powers of entitled to the benefits of Personal Representatives powered by his home state’s first-in-the-na- feel. She’s not above the law. Follow her on Twitter said Act. appointed under informal Witness, Judith C. Cutler, Chief Justice of said Court procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can tion primary in February. Any other State Department Jim O’Sullivan can be reached @evanmallen. John R. on July 7, 2016 Attest: Deborah J. Patterson be obtained from the Peti- tioner. Asked Wednesday in a tele- employee or veteran did the at [email protected] Ellement can be reached at Recorder 52373 (ORREGO) FEI # phone interview if he stood by same thing, they’d be in jail.” Follow him on Twitter at [email protected] Follow 1078.01800 07/22/2016 his comments, Baldasaro re- A Clinton campaign spokes- @JOSreports. him on Twitter @JREbosglobe.

T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 easy m4p converter crack 1 6 T h e B o s t o n G l o b e Metro B5 Tales of animal abuse emerge at Westport tenant farm WESTPORT when escorted by police. They Continued from Page B1 will not be allowed to remove charged with animal cruelty in animals. audials tunebite 2019 crack - Activators Patch similar incident six years ago, Medeiros and the renters along with 10 tenants. will probably face criminal “It’s the same property, same charges, Cestodio said. As the issues,” Westport Police Detec- property owner, Medeiros is re- tive Jeffrey Majewski said. “It’s sponsible for ensuring his ten- just as bad.” ants are obeying the law, he Medeiros could not be said. reached for comment. Police Cestodio said he hopes the said he has not been coopera- “penalties will be more strin- tive in the past. A few months gent” because Medeiros is a re- ago, police found three vehicles peat offender. and eight firearms on the prop- Donna Lambert, a Westport erty they believed had been sto- animal control officer, said the len, Majewski said. animals were subjected to terri- Last week, police officers re- ble neglect. ceived a call from a tenant who “The conditions of the ani- said his neighbor’s two Rott- mals and the amount of suffer- weiler dogs had attacked his ing that’s going on — that’s goats. When police arrived, most disturbing, the fact that they found that more than a you’re seeing your animal, you dozen goats had been killed or know the condition that it’s in, wounded. The dogs, which you know it needs medical at- showed signs of starvation, had tention,” she said. “We need to escaped from their owner’s stop it.” farm. Police returned to the prop- Reis Thebault can be reached at erty Tuesday with a search war- [email protected] DEBEE TLUMACKI FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE rant and found many of the ani- Follow him on Twitter at mals, between 600 and 800 in Westport detective sergeant Tony Cestodio (right) said the abuse was obvious, and tenants must have ignored problems. @reisthebault. all, were in dire health. Almost every tenant had magnitude should have been Health to step in and monitor Officials at the Board of been burning trash on the prop- prevented and blamed inspec- these situations before they be- Health could not be reached for erty, which was riddled with tors at the town’s Board of come huge disasters like this,” comment. metal, discarded furniture, and Health for not taking notice. he said. “The town of Westport Cestodio said tenants will be all manner of debris. Majewski said abuse of this “ We need other town de- partments like the Board of should be ashamed that this was allowed to continue.” allowed onto the property to feed their animals, but only BOSTON.COM MORNING SHOW with Kim Carrigan 617-484-6700 Trump employee part of the extended Trump In Belmont, Cambridge, Newton, Waltham & Watertown family. “She is terrific, she’s a terrific woman,” Donald Trump *Variable APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate published on the last business day of the month. 3.50% as of 6/30/16. Current Prime less 0.51% (2.99% APR). Rates elegant straightforward way.” said in an interview Wednesday. are subject to change. Maximum APR 18.00%. $25,000 line amount and $25,000 minimum draw required. $300 early termination fee. A $300 processing fee applies if the minimum draw of $25,000 is not made at closing and does not stay outstanding for 90 days. Interest only payments for initial 10 yrs, with additional 15 yr payback of P&I. Maximum LTV 80%, rate and terms may vary based upon property This week, McIver returned “She’s been with us a long time type, property value, loan amount, loan to value ratio, credit history, lien position and income. Not available for homes currently for sale or intended to be sold. Subject to credit approval. 1-4 family, owner occupied residences, condominiums and 2nd / vacation, owner occupied properties qualify. Property insurance required. Flood insurance may be required. Consult a tax advisor for information regarding to center stage for her writing, and she just made a mistake.” the deductibility of interest and charges. Trust review fees ranging from $100 to $300 apply for properties held in trust. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to open a PlatinumBlue Checking account, other but not in the manner she “She came in and she said, activity requirements apply and fees may reduce earnings. **PlatinumBlue Home Equity customers with a PlatinumBlue Checking account and automatic payment withdrawals from the PlatinumBlue Checking account will receive the 1.99% APR (Annual Percentage might have hoped. ‘Mr. Trump, I’d like to say what Rate) for the first 12 months following account set up. PlatinumBlue Home Equity customers without a PlatinumBlue Checking account and automatic withdrawals will receive the 1.99% APR for the first 6 “My name is Meredith McIv- happened.’ I thought it was such months following account set up. After the initial rate period, a minimum APR of 2.99% will apply. This introductory rate offer is subject to change and is limited to one introductory offer per property address and per household and is not eligible for refinancing at the introductory rate. er and I’m an in-house staff a nice thing. Who knew this was writer at the Trump Organiza- going to be a big story?” Member FDIC. Member DIF. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS # 486283 tion,” began an extraordinary statement she released Wednes- day morning in which she took the blame for the disastrous plagiarism of Michelle Obama Finish Your Basement With Our in Melania Trump’s prime-time speech Monday at the Republi- can National Convention. Mold & Mildew Resistant, In the statement, McIver, a 65-year-old coauthor of several Custom PAINTABLE books with Donald Trump, said that as she and Melania Trump were preparing her speech, Wall Panel Technology! Trump mentioned that she ad- mired Michelle Obama and read to McIver parts of the first lady’s 2008 speech at the Demo- cratic convention. McIver said she had inadver- tently left portions of the Obama speech in the final draft. “This was my mistake,” she wrote. She wrote that she had offered her resignation, but that the Trumps had rejected it. “Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences.” “I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama,” McIver wrote. “No harm was meant.” But harm was of course done. After a Twitter user discov- SAVE ered the plagiarism, the story of the cribbed lines hung over the convention and eclipsed the oth- erwise positive response to Call Today For A Melania Trump’s speech. Her husband’s warring advisers pointed fingers at one another. FREE Consultation THE BOSTON GLOBE PO Box 55819 Boston, MA 02205-5819 The Boston Globe (USPS 061-420) is published Monday-Saturday. Periodicals postage-paid at Boston, MA. Postmaster, send address changes to: And Estimate! 1-800-514-1959 WWW.OCBOSTON.COM BIG! Mail Subscription Department PO Box 55819 Boston, MA 02205-5819 YEARLY MAIL SUBSCRIPTION Available Exclusively At 2500$ OFF * RATES FOR NEW ENGLAND Financing Seven days $886.08 THE PINK PANTHER™ & ©1964-2012 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. Available Daily (6 Days) $599.04 The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning. ©2015 Owens Corning. All rights reserved. Sunday only $390.00 For all other mail subscription rates and information, call 1-888-MYGLOBE or GREAT SAVINGS visit *Discounts and specials may be applied to new orders only. Free newspaper reading service for With this coupon only. Not valid with other offers. the visually impaired: Contact Perkins Offers through your local franchise. Offer expires 7/31/16. Braille & Talking Book Library at 800-852-3133 or

A8 Nation/Region T h e B o s t o n G l o b e T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 Rule change sets off rush to buy weapons ASSAULT WEAPONS ing systems that are essentially tor of the Gun Owners Action Continued from Page A1 the same as illegal assault League, the state affiliate of the fine which weapons would fall weapons, or have key function- National Rifle Association, said into that category. al components that are inter- his office was flooded with calls Manufacturers exploited changeable with those of from gun store owners who that “loophole,” she said, to pro- banned weapons. were blindsided by Healey’s duce assault rifles that had “My office’s actions today ban, which she announced in “small tweaks” but were func- will give us the full protection an opinion piece published in tionally identical to the banned of the state assault weapons Wednesday’s Globe. weapons. Some, for example, ban, to do what it was intended “It’s a political stunt,” Wal- had no flash suppressor or fea- to do, and not leave it to the gun lace said. “Unfortunately, it’s a tured a fixed instead of a fold- manufacturers’ self-appointed political stunt with a lot of ram- ing stock. interpretation,” Healey said at a ifications that we’re trying to KEITH BEDFORD/GLOBE STAFF Last year alone, she said, press conference with police figure out and trying [to] work 10,000 of the assault rifles — of- chiefs, prosecutors, black cler- through.” “The gun industry doesn’t get to decide what’s compliant. We do,” Attorney General Maura ten marketed as “state compli- gy, antiviolence activists, and He noted the directive was Healey said at a news conference announcing the rule change on Wednesday. ant” — were sold in Massachu- relatives of gun violence vic- crafted without input from gun setts. tims. “The gun industry doesn’t dealers, owners, or manufac- said, “and now we have one Healey said she hoped to “Like everybody else in the She said the directive clari- get to decide what’s compliant. turers. person who has come in, unilat- work cooperatively with gun state, we have called to find out fies that duplicate guns are We do.” “We’ve understood the rules erally, and said those are not stores to enforce the ban. And what this is all about, and what those that have internal operat- Jim Wallace, executive direc- for almost 20 years now,” he the rules anymore.” although she said the order we should be doing, and what took effect immediately, her of- our rights are as a retail store,” fice indicated it would not crack said Alicia Merritt, co-owner of down on gun dealers who sold Pullman Arms in Worcester, the weapons Tuneup Utilities Pro 23 Crack With Serial key Free Download 2021 Wednesday. which sells several of the rifles Still, Healey’s office said ven- banned under Healey’s order. dors who continue to violate “We’re not going to do anything the ban could face fines, the illegal, if that is what the cur- loss of their dealers’ licenses, or rent law says.” PATIO CLEARANCE SALE prison time. A spokeswoman for Smith & She said no action would be Wesson, the Springfield gun taken against individuals who manufacturer that markets sev- bought duplicate assault rifles eral “Massachusetts compliant” prior to her order. assault rifles, did not respond She described the ban as a to a request for comment. ENTIRE DEPARTMENT ON SALE response to the use of assault ri- fles in the mass shootings in Or- lando; San Bernardino, Calif,; Aurora, Colo.; and Newtown, David Johndrow, a sales clerk at Holliston Firearms, which has sold “state compli- ant” assault rifles, said the ban Conn., as well the attack that might push sales of those guns killed three law enforcement of- to the black market. ficers in Baton Rouge on Sun- “My suspicion is that will ALL ALL day. Still, she said, a broader so- heat up a little,” he said. “But RECYCLED ALUMINUM lution to the problem of gun vi- that’s always been the case. I PLASTIC FURNITURE SLING DINING 25-40% olence will require action by think the real answer here is 40-65% Congress. the FBI doing a better job at OFF* OFF* “It is a step,” said Healey, a what they’re supposed to be do- Democrat. “It is not a total pan- ing — which is background acea, and I recognize that.” checks.” Governor Charlie Baker, a Boston’s police commission- Republican, indicated his sup- er, William B. Evans, who was port for Healey’s ban. at Healey’s press conference, “Governor Baker supports said the majority of gun vio- the Commonwealth’s assault lence in the city involves hand- weapons ban, believes our com- guns, although his officers take prehensive state gun laws work about a dozen slightly modified well in protecting the people of assault weapons off the streets Massachusetts, and believes every year. that the attorney general has “We’re not dealing a lot with the authority to enforce the law them, but they are out there,” to crack down on the sale of he said. “If we reach one manu- guns that skirt the assault facturer from pumping these weapons ban,” said Billy Pit- guns out, I think it’s well worth WICKER DINING TEAK DINING man, the governor’s press secre- it.” AND DEEP SEATING AND DEEP SEATING tary. 50-70% 50-60% Gun shop owners said they were scrambling to respond to Michael Levenson can be reached at OFF* OFF* the directive, which they learned about only Wednesday [email protected] Follow him on Twitter morning. @mlevenson. ‘Guantanamo Diary’ writer to be released Former Al Qaeda his quick release and return to the waiting arms of his loving militant told of family,’’ said Nancy Hollander, a New Mexico-based lawyer for CAST DINING harsh conditions Slahi. ‘‘This is long overdue.’’ AND DEEP SEATING 30% OFF Slahi, who is about 46, re- 25-40% By Ben Fox ceived international acclaim for TREASURE GARDEN ASSOCIATED PRESS his ‘‘Guantanamo Diary,’’ a OFF* MARKET UMBRELLAS* MIAMI — A former Al Qae- da militant who gained fame with the publication of a diary memoir of captivity with ac- counts of harsh interrogations at the base and overseas. It was about life at Guantanamo has published in January 2015. been approved for release from US officials have said in mili- the detention center at the US tary and court files that Slahi base in Cuba, his lawyers said traveled in the early 1990s from Wednesday. Germany, where he was attend- Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a ing college, to Afghanistan to native of Mauritania who has fight with Islamic rebels against been in custody without charge a Communist government sup- for nearly 14 years, was cleared ported by the Soviet Union. He by the Periodic Review Board later trained with and swore al- set up by the Obama adminis- legiance to Al Qaeda and had tration. close contacts over the years The decision was initially with significant figures in the announced by his legal team, organization, including two which included the American men who became hijackers in Civil Liberties Union, and was the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist at- confirmed by the Pentagon. tack on the United States. A statement published on Slahi was detained in Mauri- the board’s website said it de- tania in November 2001 and termined Slahi’s detention ‘‘is questioned by the FBI in con- no longer necessary to protect nection with, among other against a continuing significant things, the millennium bomb threat to the security of the plot, which included a thwarted United States.’’ plan to set off explosives at Los Factors cited in the brief Angeles International Airport statement included his ‘‘highly on New Year’s Eve 1999. compliant behavior in deten- Authorities sent him to Jor- tion’’ and ‘‘clear indications of a dan and Guantanamo, where change in the detainee’s mind- his alleged brutal interrogation set,’’ as well as family and other prompted a prosecutor to re- support available to him upon sign from his case. release. The publication of ‘‘Guan- ZERO GRAVITY CHAIRS $49.93 - $69.93 $90 - $140 The board did not say when tanamo Diary’’ prompted an in- he would be freed from Guan- ternational campaign by hu- tanamo, where he is among 31 man rights groups calling for PEMBROKE: 296 OLD OAK STREET - ROUTE 139 3 more water per day and can save you up to $189 yearly on your electric bills. FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU! Boston Standard Co. Central Cooling & Heating Dorchester, MA • 617-288-2911 Woburn, MA • 781-995-0408 Chaves Heating & Air Cooling Unlimited, Inc. Conditioning, Inc. Reading, MA • 781-944-1030 Hudson, MA • 978-562-5309 McClaren Heat-Air Inc. The Lynch Company, Inc. Hanson, MA • 781-447-0136 Wellesley, MA • 781-237-Cool (2665)

T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U T h e B o s t o n G l o b e A11 Only in America Can A Story Like THIS Really Be True! Minnesota man miraculously invents the pillow selected as the Official Pillow of the National Sleep Foundation Chaska, MN - You know how the deprivation was none other than the old saying goes: only in America. We pillow he was sleeping on. Lindell tried say this in reference to the down-and- “every pillow in the world,” in search of out character who made it to the heights something that helped but nothing did. of his dreams, pulling himself up by He found that common pillows did not his bootstraps to achieve success. Are provide adequate support for cervical these tales just myths meant to bolster alignment and absorbed and maintained the spirits of the down-trodden? Or are heat. “Most pillows on the market cause there real Americans with lives so in- sleep interruptions by going flat, heating credible, they just need to be told? You up and causing you to toss and turn be the judge. all night trying to readjust or flip the pillows over to the cool side,” Lindell Meet Mike Lindell, an inventor and explains. “The effect prevents people entrepreneur June 5, 2021 - Free Activators story is the stuff from enjoying the uninterrupted sleep from which famous sayings are born. our bodies need to rejuvenate and heal,” Chances are at some point in the past he continues. Lindell theorized that a 10 years you have seen Lindell’s picture pillow providing proper support of the in the paper, listened and watched him cervical nerves and vertebral arteries on TV, or met him at events across would in turn allow users to get the the United States. A gregarious type, deep sleep they want and need. So he Lindell describes himself as, “a lover set out to invent and manufacture “The of talking with people,” and he really World’s Most Comfortable Pillow.” enjoys sharing how he overcame the kind of life many others know well, too. 12 Million People Can’t Be His story goes like this: Wrong Throughout the 80s and 90s, Lindell Year after year, Lindell marketed his struggled with addictions and though pillows throughout the country at shows he owned his own businesses, Lindell and expos during the day and worked toiled in the mire of compulsion. With alongside his family at night to make no regard for making choices to im- the pillows. He also spent time talking prove his life Lindell says, “I had taken with consumers about their personal Inventor, Manufacturer and C.E.O. of MyPillow®, Inc., Michael J. Lindell. Chanhassen, my addictions to the limit and could not sleep frustrations. He has since invent- Minnesota is where The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow is made and your best night’s go on one more day living that way.” ed, manufactured and delivered “The sleep is created. He recognized the desire for more than World’s Most Comfortable Pillow” to the endless routine of addiction and more than four million customers. Lin- wanted to positively impact people. So dell’s MyPillow is designed to conform overnight and with the grace of God, to each individual’s support needs. It is Mike Lindell stopped his addictive washable and dryable, stays cool and is behavior and found a new way. guaranteed not to go flat for 10 years. Lindell even takes it a step further and A Better Path provides a 60-day, no questions asked With a clear head and focused mind, money-back guarantee. Though Lindell Lindell says, “I discovered an old prob- was originally told by the big bedding lem had crept back into my life. Since I companies that his unorthodox business was a young boy I suffered from a lack plan, 10-year warranty and 60-day mon- of good, quality sleep.” As a youngster, ey-back guarantee would put him out In the early days, Mike and his family spent countless hours hand-making each Lindell went to great lengths to get a of business, his company now boasts MyPillow and it’s this hard work and dedication to “doing it right” that has helped good night’s sleep, even spending an more than 600 employees, maintains an MyPillow to become such a classic American success story. entire paycheck at age 16 on an expen- A+ Better Business Bureau rating and sive pillow in hopes of curing his sleep manufactures the MyPillow right here woes but to no avail. Lindell remem- in the United States. Recently MyPillow bers tossing and turning throughout was selected as the Official Pillow the night, folding his pillow in half, of the National Sleep Foundation, and using his arm for support, only to wake in 2013 was awarded the prestigious more tired than when he went to sleep. QStar Award for “Product Concept of Lindell’s lifelong search for a good the Year” by QVC. Lindell himself has night’s sleep created an obsession to become well-recognized in public due figure out the cause of his poor sleeping to his Bandicam Crack With Keygen Code Free Download 2021 infomercial airings and and what effect his exposure to chronic guest appearances on shows such as sleep deprivation had caused. To study Imus in the Morning. All this time later MyPillow’s patented fill adjusts to your exact individual needs. According to WebMD, his issues more deeply, Lindell consult- Lindell says he has learned the value of improved sleep may help reduce the risk of: ed with experts in the sleep industry making choices that, “not only better Sony Vegas Pro 16 Keygen - Crack Key For U continued to talk with the folks he my own life, but also improve the lives • Colds, Allergies & Flu • Drowsy Driving • Insomnia would come into contact with on a daily of others.” His is a story that comes true • Heart Disease • Migraines • Neck & Back Pain basis. After gathering all the data, stud- it seems, only in America. • Diabetes • Snoring & Sleep Apnea • Mental Degradation ies and stories from people, more than • Obesity • TMJ & Fibromyalgia ever Lindell recognized and understood the harmful effects of poor sleep. Even more so, Lindell realized the effect of Discover the Secret of a Great Night’s Sleep Just Like these People Did! sleep interruptions are all around us and permeate the lives of all walks of Nam M. wrote; “When I first saw your adver- Jacqueline H. wrote; “I was diag- Olga B. wrote; “My life’s people - and in epidemic proportions. tisement, I thought it couldn’t be true. But I had to nosed with various sleep issues. Until then mission to find a perfect pillow Lindell continues, “I was acutely aware try yet another new pillow just in case. Bothered adobe acrobat pro dc 2018 crack windows 10 - Crack Key For U I’d had no idea why my sleep was so inter- for me, has ended after 45 years! of what was wrong but still needed a stiff neck, allergies and snoring issues on a night- rupted throughout the night. 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A12 Editorial T h e B o s t o n G l o b e T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 Opinion BOSTONGLOBE.COM/OPINION Editorial The importance of preserving history T HE RECENT controversy over a historical struction, the plaque was moved with the understanding So the dispute over a small bronze plaque may lead to the marker, in Boston’s Bay Village neighbor- that it would be restored to it original location. Instead, the kind of memorial that advocates have said it has always hood, commemorating the 1942 Cocoanut Bay Village Neighborhood Association agreed to a request by deserved. “That was always the intention,” said former Grove fire, was resolved more-or-less happily the new condo owners to move the plaque down the block, Boston mayor Ray Flynn, who was instrumental in get- when Mayor Marty Walsh intervened. But the out of respect to the residents’ privacy, so they could “enjoy ting the plaque installed in 1993. “The Cocoanut Grove episode should serve as an object lesson for Boston devel- our homes in peace, without tragic memories, hanging fire was a tragedy, but the victims did not die in vain, and opers, and for property owners, as new construction wreaths at our doors and tourists peeking into our houses.” they will be forever remembered.” mushrooms all over the city: about the importance of his- Advocates have long argued for a more significant me- History is part of the unique fabric of everyday life in tory to Boston, and to its individual neighborhoods. morial to the Cocoanut Grove disaster, and the plaque, Boston — where you can wolf down a slice of pizza across The incident, reported by the Globe’s Kevin Cullen, in- which was designed by the fire’s youngest survivor, was a from Paul Revere’s house, pass the site of the Battle of volved the construction of new luxury residences on the small but important concession in an ongoing crusade, Bunker Hill on your way to a college class, or enjoy a ball- former site of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub. On the side- which included renaming a neighborhood street Cocoa- game in the park where Babe Ruth pitched for the Red walk at the site was a plaque, installed in 1993, memori- nut Grove Lane, in 2013. The location of the plaque was Sox in three World Series championships. History here alizing the 492 people who perished in the blaze. The especially important, advocates argued, because it isn’t just in museums or specially built parks. It’s under- event still stands as the worst disaster in the city’s history. marked the spot of the club’s notorious revolving front foot and in the air. Property owners should show due def- But its repercussions went beyond Boston, changing the door, where many victims were trapped. erence before they think of plowing it under or moving it laws regarding fire codes nationally, and transforming Mayor Walsh stepped into the dispute last week by down the block. The Cocoanut Grove is part of that histo- the nature of burn-treatment medicine internationally. saying he would support the building of a large-scale me- ry. Mayor Walsh is right to support a memorial. He When the Piedmont Park Square condos were under con- morial to the fire’s victims, to be built with private funds. should make sure it happens. SCOT LEHIGH DAN WASSERMAN GOP economic plan based on disregarding climate change CLEVELAND N iGHT TWO of the Republican convention was themed “Make America Work Again.” Hmmm. If one were a slave to literalism, “MANY MORE SPEECHES ABOUT WHY WE HATE HILLARY, plus a thought or two on jobs” would be a more precise summation of the evening presentation. Fortunately, however, politics is a horseshoes-and- hand grenades affair, where close enough is good enough. Still, contemplating Clinton through the GOP’s Tuesday looking glass called to mind Alice’s protestations to the White Queen. “One can’t believe impossible things,” Alice objected when the queen urged her to do just that. “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” replied the Queen. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” And when it comes to merely improbable things, and you’ve got the entire day to go about that mental task? Why, the possibilities are endless! But back to jobs and work, which was, after all, the night’s nominal topic. It’s important to understand the JOAN VENNOCHI unstated assumption of the Trump Republican Party’s economic plans: They are premised on disregarding any and all concerns about climate change. Now, no one stated it quite that baldly. But one didn’t have to be a climate scientist to understand what was afoot. Pence calls to change the status quo What else, really, could Don- ald Trump Jr. have meant when Contemplating he uttered this line about the prospect of a Clinton presidency: Clinton through the “Rather than being energy inde- M GOP’s Tuesday pendent, our country will be forced to remain beholden to her CLEVELAND IKE PENCE had one mission: Sell looking glass called buddies in the Middle East”? Donald Trump to still-suspicious Fortunately, US Senator Shel- conservatives. to mind Alice’s ley Moore Capito of West Virgin- It’s not the easiest job. And protestations to the ia cleared up any lingering Ted Cruz made it harder when doubt when she unloaded on the conservative senator from Texas told Ameri- White Queen. the Obama administration’s ef- cans to vote their conscience — and not necessar- forts to combat carbon dioxide ily Trump. emissions, which are a major With that, Cruz drew loud boos from the factor in global warming. crowd. And with that, Cruz, not Pence, became “The greatest obstacle for West Virginia families. . the big story of the night. While the stand has been a president that places left-wing priorities and against Trump was about his own ambition, it al- campaign promises over their livelihood,” she said. so set Cruz up as the man who remains truest to Translation: A president who believes in global warming conservative principles. and thus has taken action to reduce the use of coal. The governor of Indiana, when it was his turn Of course, Capito herself never acknowledged the to take the stage, made a solid — but not airtight point of those regulations. This is as close as she came: — case for his running mate. “He introduced and implemented sweeping environmen- He said the country faces another “rendez- tal regulations without Congress’s approval and without vous with destiny,” a phrase associated with con- any consideration for the economy. These unilateral ac- servative icon Ronald Reagan. He talked about JOHN MOORE/GETTY IMAGES tions are ill-informed and frankly unconstitutional.” “commonsense Republican leadership” and said Clinton, meanwhile, “has already promised to put a lot that’s what the “no-nonsense leadership” of Mike Pence stuck to tax policy and fiscal of coal miners and coal companies out of business. ” Trump will bring to the White House. He de- management in urging voters to back Trump. Why? Hmm. No reason given. A naïf would have been scribed Trump as a man who YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U quits and an left thinking that Clinton simply has an irrational hatred of independent spirit best suited to represent the showmanship is a plus. His white, boy’s cut — up hard-working coal miners, and thus is gleeful at the land of the free and the brave. against Trump’s orange hue and frothy locks — thought of long unemployment lines in coal country. But he mostly sold Trump as an agent of gives Pence of the look that voters expect from In a perverse way, the decision not to acknowledge the change — not an agent of conservative politics. national candidates. climate concerns behind the Obama administration’s an- He knows the limits of his argument. From that perspective, the optics work in ti-coal efforts could YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U considered good news. Climate- Pence, after all, describes himself as “a Chris- Pence’s favor. change denial has apparently become a mindset that tian, a conservative, and a Republican.” Yet this But the GOP’s VP nominee lacks the elo- dares not speak its name. voice for evangelicals is now a voice for a presi- quence of Cruz. He lacks the passion. And last Instead, the climate science and the climate-change con- dential candidate who has married three times, night, the man Trump dubbed “Lyin’ Ted” got his sensus — credited by most governments, including conser- has been accused of adultery, and not so long revenge by stealing the spotlight from Trump’s vative-led ones, around the globe — have morphed into ago, described himself as pro-choice. Maybe choice for vice president. “left-wing priorities.” (And while we’re at it, it’s also worth that’s why Pence’s mention of a vote for Trump as No matter. The battle is joined. Trump-Pence noting that the biggest blow to coal has been the abun- a vote for the sanctity of life came nearly as an af- in 2016. Trump sealed it with an awkward air dance of cheap natural gas made possible by fracking.) terthought. He mostly stayed away from social is- peck at the end of Pence’s speech. No, none of this was stated outright. And yet that’s the sues, sticking to tax policy and fiscal manage- No buyer’s remorse allowed in Cleveland. lamentable obscurantism that underlies the Republican ment as the reason to vote Trump. Maybe in November. Party’s economic prescriptions. Those contrasts between Trump and his run- ning mate are awkward realities for Pence. But Joan Vennochi can be reached at Scot Lehigh can be reached at [email protected] Follow other contrasts appeal to conservatives. Pence’s [email protected] Follow her on Twitter him on Twitter @GlobeScotLehigh. bland maturity compared to Trump’s bombastic @Joan_Vennochi.

T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 T h e B o s t o n G l o b e Opinion A13 Inbox Tarnished coronation in Cleveland Comparisons of Trump with Reagan are greatly exaggerated REPUBLICAN PUNDITS are taking to the airways, trying to rebrand Donald Trump as the second coming of Presi- dent Ronald Reagan. Other than reaching into the past to pull worthless statistical data from the Reagan era to justify Trump’s low favorability ratings, the only indisputable com- parison that can be made between the two is that Trump al- so wears suits. President Reagan knew how to govern, having served as RENÉE GRAHAM governor of California, and was adept at surrounding him- self with bright advisers and administrators. He knew the Hashtag this, art of compromise and was a gentleman who could laugh at himself. He was a leader who could inspire and could trans- late his conservative ideals into the effective policies that helped reshape the world. Twitter: It can be said that Trump’s campaign blunders and big- oted personality are just symptoms of a psychological disor- der better described as self-aggrandizement. The only thing this country can trust is that Trump’s narcissism will over- Stop racist, shadow sound policy and judgment. His arrogance, nar- row-mindedness, and inability to get along with people who do not agree with his simplistic view of the world will divide us, endanger our safety, and further erode our con- sexist abuse stitutional freedoms. That we are now at the precipice of the renewal of Trump’s political reality show for another three months is a tribute to the media that helped promote his idiocy and the desperation that exists in America today. The coronation of Trump as the official candidate of the Republican Party this week will serve only to remind us that the 2016 version of the Grand Old Party — a party that gave us real leaders and visionaries like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Reagan – has been hijacked by those who would willingly sacrifice and trade common sense, respect, and compassion for xenophobia, isolation- ism, and electoral expediency. RANDOLPH YUNKER, West Babylon, N.Y. The writer was a longtime GOP congressional aide and worked on five Republican presidential campaigns, from Ronald Reagan’s in 1984 to John McCain’s in 2000. Sparsely attended RNC no ‘show of force’ C A “SHOW of force” for the GOP? This seems like quite an exaggerated headline for Tuesday’s front-page article about OME BACK, Leslie Jones. the Republican National Convention. This week, the popular Leslie Jones left Twitter A real show of force would have been if the 2012 presi- “Saturday Night Live” reg- dential nominee, Mitt Romney, attended, as well as the ular abandoned Twitter af- after racist abuse. How 2008 nominee, John McCain, and the past two Republican ter racist trolls relentlessly hounded her following the many more will leave presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and the 18 Senate Republicans who are skipping it, and the Repub- opening of the “Ghost- before Twitter cleans up its lican Ohio governor, John Kasich, and so many more. busters” reboot, in which she costars with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and fellow act? So many reputable Republicans are not at the conven- tion. This hardly constitutes a show of force. The headline “SNL” cast member Kate McKinnon. should have read a “show of few.” For hours on Monday, Jones shared MARIO MOREIRA, Winchester many of the most disgusting tweets to show plored the service to “rethink” its policies. her followers the astonishing depth of big- As it did with Jones, Twitter eventually otry she has to endure because she is a suspended accounts for several of Weisman’s black woman — and, even more infuriating attackers, but only after he went public with to her detractors, a successful black woman in the public eye. his discontent — and defection to Facebook. For all its popularity, Twitter is a pip- God, the grave, and By nightfall, Jones had had enough. squeak compared to Facebook, which “I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart,” she wrote in her last tweet. boasts more than 1 billion monthly users, compared to Twitter’s 300-plus million. The everything in between “All this ’cause I did a movie. You can hate last thing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants is the movie but the [stuff] I got today. . users leaving his company, where growth is Even with the rise of genetic wrong.” So far, she has yet to return. already stagnant. (This may also explain technology, death won’t take a holiday Last night, a Twitter spokesperson re- why Twitter seems slow to suspend users; it sponded. Noting “an uptick” in accounts vi- needs every avatar it can get.) Getting live ALEX BEAM’S premise their life with religion or olating Twitter’s rules concerning targeted streams of NBA pregame events, which that we will “be the last without, humanity will still abuse or harassment, the spokesperson said Twitter announced this week, isn’t going to generation to die” because be grappling with the vast some accounts, including some who bullied change its deepening reputation as a site in- of advances in gene-editing mystery and pain of loss for Jones, have been warned or permanently hospitable to large groups of its users. technology ignores the fact millennia to come, if not suspended. Not everyone can garner public attention that genetic technology forever. So no, I think At its best, Twitter is a fabulous party, like Jones and Weisman, and even then, does not deal with the Beam’s will not be “Genera- filled with opinions, ruminations, debates, what they received from Twitter was a too- needed changes in the mor- tion Death.” and sharp humor. Not everyone agrees with little-too-late response. Doing nothing only al and economic realms of Practically speaking, I one another but, when it’s right, users un- empowers twidiots, who live to harass and individuals and societies would argue that Christian- derstand the difference between disagreeing demean. Some users, like outspoken femi- (Opinion, July 11). So even ity’s greatest contribution is and being disagreeable. Yet too often Twitter nist author Mona Eltahawy, have the stami- if all genetic disease and the emphasis on love over is also a cesspool of isms and phobias. Vile na to grind trolls into dust. It’s a true thing weakness were to be edited “an eye for an eye.” In the personal attacks are as much a part of the so- of beauty; still, that shouldn’t be a require- out of our genome, death face of mortality, good and cial media site as its 140-character tweet ment for using a service many now rely on by murder, starvation, war, useful religion can speak as limit. To be a woman, a person of color, or a for news, pop culture, and camaraderie. accident, terrorism, pover- much to our interconnec- member of the LGBT community on Twitter In its statement about Jones’s harass- ty, assault, and suicide tion, purpose, compassion, can be tantamount to affixing a target on ment, Twitter’s spokesperson said, “We would still be an inevitable and responsibility to the your back. It’s not just spirited criticism of a know many people believe we have not part of life. living as to the existence of particular viewpoint, but vicious diatribes done enough to curb this type of behavior Perhaps replacements of an afterlife. So I suspect it suggesting a woman should be raped, or that on Twitter. We agree.” humans lost to death will will have a place in this fu- Muslims should be burned to death. Hey, Jack Dorsey. Glad you agree. As somehow be controlled and ture world of which Beam And because Twitter allows its users to Twitter’s cofounder and CEO, it’s long past managed by means other speaks. be anonymous, the service’s most craven time that you got serious about stopping it. than human birth. But JANICE DARLING bigots operate with impunity. This also Make it safe for Jones, Weisman, and every- whether one chooses to live West Newton prompted Jonathan Weisman, New York one else tired of the abuse. Otherwise, Times deputy Washington editor, to leave you’ll soon have nothing left but trolls and Twitter in June after he was inundated with Donald Trump. Eternal life is about the spark a stream of anti-Semitic tweets. In one of of a moment, not the stretch of infinity his last posts, he said he would leave Twitter Renée Graham writes regularly for the Globe. to “the racists, the anti-Semites,” and im- Follow her on Twitter @reneeygraham. IN HIS July 11 op-ed (“Will made subject to futility” we be the last generation to (Romans 8:20). The hope die?”), Alex Beam seems to Christians have for immor- imply that “genomic im- tality is beautifully ex- mortality” is equivalent to pressed by Pope Benedict the Christian understand- XVI in the encyclical Spe ing of immortality. Perpetu- Salvi: “To imagine ourselves abcde Fou n d e d 1 8 7 2 SENIOR DEPUTY MANAGING EDITORS Mark S. Morrow Sunday & Projects Jennifer Peter Local News DEPUTY MANAGING EDITORS Charles H. Taylor Founder & Publisher 1873-1921 William O. Taylor Publisher 1921-1955 ating this physical life into infinity is not the same as the Christian understand- outside the temporality that imprisons us and in some way to sense that eternity is Wm. Davis Taylor ing of eternal life. Human WavePad Sound Editor Masters 12.60 Crack With Serial key an unending succession Janice Page Features Publisher 1955-1977 JOHN W. HENRY Publisher William O. Taylor beings are not biological of days in the calendar, but Kathleen Kingsbury Editorial Page Publisher 1978-1997 machines or merely rational something more like the su- MIKE SHEEHAN Chief Executive Officer Marjorie Pritchard Editorial Page Benjamin B. Taylor Publisher 1997-1999 animals; we are self-tran- preme moment of satisfac- David Dahl News Operations BRIAN McGRORY Editor Richard H. Gilman scending beings, as evi- tion, in which totality em- BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Publisher 1999-2006 denced by our efforts to braces us and we embrace ELLEN CLEGG Editor, Editorial Page Sean P. Keohan Chief Operating Officer P. Steven Ainsley reach for the stars and in totality. . It would be like Publisher 2006-2009 CHRISTINE S. CHINLUND Managing Editor/News Damon Lusk Chief Financial Officer Christopher M. Mayer our restless questioning plunging into the ocean of Timothy G. Marken Chief Growth Officer Publisher 2009-2014 about existence. infinite love, a moment in DAVID SKOK Managing Editor/Digital Linda Pizzuti Henry Managing Director Laurence L. Winship Editor 1955-1965 The prospect of living which time — the before Wade Sendall Vice President, Information Technology Thomas Winship this physical life intermina- and after — no longer ex- Richard E. Masotta Vice President, Operations Editor 1965-1984 bly would be akin to a living ists.” Peter M. Doucette Vice President, Consumer Sales & Marketing hell, since we would remain THE REV. GREGORY A. Jane Bowman Vice President, Marketing & Sales Development prisoners of time. As St. MATHIAS Doug Most Director, Strategic Growth Initiatives Paul says, “Creation was Freetown

A14 The World T h e B o s t o n G l o b e T H U R S D A Y, J U L Y 2 12 0 1 6 French attacker’s depression spurs a renewed debate Disorders could describe an angry young man estranged from his wife and 7/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage. affect judgment By Maria Cheng withdrawn from society. His u n c l e i n Tu n i s i aS a d o k Bouhlel, said his nephew’s fam- ily problems made him vulner- A sweet seven years. ASSOCIATED PRESS PARIS — After family mem- able to an Algerian recruiter for bers of the driver who slammed the Islamic State who convert- a truck into a holiday crowd in ed him in just two weeks. the French city of Nice said he Still, there are angry men es- suffered from depression, ques- tranged from their wives and tions have been raised again withdrawn from society about the links between mental around the world who will nev- 2.75 % 3.15 Years 1-7 % illness, extreme ideology, and er feel the impulse to slaughter mass violence. a crowd of innocent people. RATE* APR* Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Crack with Activation Key illness cannot be Paul Gill, a senior lecturer in blamed for terror attacks, ex- security and crime science at perts say. The overwhelming University College London, majority of people with mental says mass attacks are often trig- illness never turn violent. But gered by a constellation of Adjusts annually mental health disorders may problems and do not depend 3.25 % 3.15 % APR* make some people more sus- on a mental health disorder. ceptible to extremist ideology, ‘‘Just because you have psy- and in rare cases that ideology chological issues, it doesn’t years 8-30. RATE* APR* can lead to horrific acts. mean you will turn to violence,’’ ‘‘People who are loners and he said. who become angry and resent- He said there’s a higher rate ful can easily be drawn to ex- of mental health issues among tremist ideologies,’’ said Dr. Raj ‘‘ lone wolf attackers’’ as op- Persaud, a psychiatrist and pro- posed to people involved in a fessor at London’s Gresham terrorist network, according to Jumbo or Conventional. No points. College. ‘‘They begin to dehu- manize others and may not his study of more than 100 such assailants. Compare rates. Do the math. It could save you thousands. need much more motivation Among those in his research before deciding to commit a were the 2005 London suicide Ask us about our terrorist attack.’’ bombers and Anders Breivik, It is not known for sure that the Norwegian who killed 77 investment property options. the Nice attacker, 31-year-old people in a shooting-and- Mohamed Lahouaiyej Bouhlel, bombing rampage. was mentally ill. It is also un- Other experts said the deci- clear whether he was acting out sion of some attackers to align of personal impulse or was themselves with an extremist driven by ideology. But the Nice ideology can be driven more by How can we help you? attack and other recent ones, opportunism than beliefs. like the attack at a nightclub in ‘‘The driver in Nice is better Orlando, Fla., have involved a thought of as a spree killer than RUGS Running Start, a nonpartisan BED LINENS

I may not be thinking 100% right on this topic, but I figured I'd share my opinion. :)

As far as I know, gambling isn't a sin. When it's called gambling, then there is a 99.9% chance it's a stupid thing to do, but when you look outside of casinos and bets, it starts getting a little muddled. If you view it as favoring one outcome happening, and willing to bet on it, then isn't insurance gambling? Your betting something bad will happen to you, and the risk of some money now will pay off big time in the future.

It can also be extended to other areas too. Time, houses, relationships, and lives are possible to be gambled away too. Even choosing God YTD 6.9.16 Crack product key - Crack Key For U be a gamble of your own life. We shouldn't minitool partition wizard 11.5 crack completely afraid of risks, because some risks are worth taking. It should be a case by case evaluation.

Besides, what is the difference between gambling in Crossy Roads and choosing to flat out buying a character if availabl, besides the risk? Most of the time gambling is bad because it's considered a waste of money, an unnecessary risk, and is compulsive?

I might be wasting money buying a game may or may not like, that may or may not be playable 20 years from now. Plus a solar flare may wipe out all tech one day, it happens every 11 years. There are people prepping for that outcome ;)
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