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Could not open pdfmachine registry settings - Free Activators -

-database of type DBT_SCULPTOR, with its own set of !file declarations, or the default Sculptor database, which contains all independent !file declarations.

The ODBC database must be declared using a -database declaration with type DBT_ODBC. This is a template database. It should not be opened and should not contain any !file declarations. It must have a valid source clause defined at compile time or set dynamically at run-time before being used. Other database properties such as flags and riu_timeout can also be specified but riu_timeout should normally be 0, otherwise there is the risk that an update to the SQL database will be missed simply because the server is busy.

Any valid source string is acceptable. Examples:

source="DSN=mydatasource"source="DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=myserver;DATABASE=master;\ UID=username;PWD=password"

To use this mirroring feature, a program must first call the set_mirror_source() function to define the Sculptor and ODBC databases:

set_mirror_source(sculptor_db, template_db, logfile, options, callback)


An explicitly declared database of type DBT_SCULPTOR or NULL for the default Sculptor database that contains all files declared outside a database declaration.


The template ODBC database. If NULL, any existing mirror operation stops.


The full pathname to a logfile or “” if a logfile is not required. Errors in the mirror operation are logged to this file. Example: “myserver:/home/sculptor/log/mirror.log”


Zero or one or more flags combined using

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pdfMachine Ultimate Crack Full Version

pdfMachine is powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use PDF software that allows you to create, edit, manage, and send multiple PDF documents. The program comes with a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface that targets all types of users, regardless of their level of experience. pdfMachine Ultimate features some drawing tools, markers, and many settings and editing tools. Supports automatic backups, print quality options (DPI and quality), watermarks, and many more.


pdfMachine Ultimate Full Version allows you to edit document information, including subject, title, author, keywords, and allows you to add digital signature, time stamp, attach external files, hyperlinks and more. Furthermore, pdfMachine also allows you to convert to and from PDF documents with ease. It has a good response time, but runs on a moderate amount of CPU and system memory.


Key features:

  • Create, edit and send multiple PDF documents
  • Ability to store text in a searchable form
  • Enable sharp and colour-precise printing
  • Can be optimized for smaller document formats
  • Watermark and digital signature the output files
  • Open, comment, and manage any PDF documents
  • Office Integration and multilingual font support
  • Security encryption, active URLs and hyperlinks
  • Network installations and bookmark editing
  • Parameter parsing and scanning support
  • Multiple Print Profiles/ Multiple Printers
  • And so much more.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows  Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM (memory)
  • 30 MB free hard disk space
  • Adobe Reader

How to install pdfMachine and apply Crack:

  • Disconnect from internet (most recommended)
  • Extract and install the program (launch Setup)
  • Do not launch the program yet, exit if running
  • Disable AV if necessary and launch the Keygen
  • Click on “Generate” and then click on “Registry”
  • For more information, check installation notes
  • Never update and always block in your firewall


pdfMachine Ultimate Crack Full Version

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Valid for a tab window. The tab does not inherit the background colour of the tab window. This makes it possible to have a set of tab windows, each with a different background colour, but with their tabs having the same, default window background colour.


Can be set for a group. If a control in the group has focus and the user presses the tab key, focus moves the first control outside the group instead of to the next control in the group.

  • The data type of a field can be retrieved at run-time using:

    The data type of b4, i4, n4 and u4 fields can be interchanged:

    field_id->datatype = new_datatype

    The following changes are valid:





    All other changes are ignored. No attempt is made to convert the value in the field.

    When a datatype is changed, the number of implied decimal places is reset to zero. For n4 fields only, the number of implied decimal places can then be set using:

    field_id->impdp = number

    One use of the above features would be to define an i4 field in a data dictionary and then change it at run-time to a type not supported in the .d file, such as n4.1 or n4.3.

  • The “name=” clause in an openfile command can contain a SQL database connection string as an alternative to a pathname. Examples:

    openfile FILE1 \ name="DBID=db1;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=myserver;DATABASE=master;"createopenfile FILE2 \ name="DBID=db1;DRIVER=;...;UID=username;PWD=password;"update

    The first field=value pair must be “DBID=database_id;” where database_id is a database declared in the Sculptor program. This informs Sculptor that the table is to be attached to that database. All other field=value pairs are standard. If a value parameter contains non-alphanumeric characters, it should be enclosed in {}. Example:

    openfile FILEID name="DBID=db1;...;SERVER={myserver-001};...;"update

    The table name is taken from the !file declaration. Sculptor ignores any path information and extracts only the base filename for use with ODBC.

    For a complete definition of an ODBC connection string, see the MSDN documentation for the function SQLDriverConnect().

    You don’t need UID and PWD if you are using Windows Authentication and a trusted connection but you need them if you are using SQL Server authentication.

    There is no need to define an ODBC data source. The following database definition is sufficient:

    -database db1 {type= DBT_ODBC flags= DBFL_CASE_SENSITIVE /* This clause is optional */!file FILE1 "file1"!file FILE2 "file2"}

    –database must be used because the database can’t be opened until the first openfile command has supplied the connection information.

    When this type of openfile command is used, the files can be declared inside the database structure as above or outside as below:

    -database db1 {type= DBT_ODBC flags= DBFL_CASE_SENSITIVE /* This clause is optional */}!file FILE1 "mydata/file1"!file FILE2 "mydata/file2"
  • Because SQL Server waits on a locked record and does not return a record in use status, a timeout option has been introduced in the database structure. If a timeout occurs, it triggers the riu trap:

    -database mydb {riu_timeout=5/* Value in seconds */}

    The riu_timeout value can be changed at run-time:

    A value of zero means no timeout and SQL Server will wait indefinitely for a locked record.

  • Sculptor keyed files sort positive integer key values first, followed by negative key values. SQL databases sort negative values first. The Sculptor sequence is historical but some applications rely on it. If the SQL database supports binary fields, it’s possible to sort one or more key fields in the same way as Sculptor. To do this, the SQL database must be created in Sculptor with one or more flags set. Once the table has been created, the sort sequence is fixed, so the flags are not needed when opening an existing table.

    To make a specific i2 or i4 key field sort positive values first, set its “U” flag at run-time before creating the table:

    fldname->flags="U"(the U must be upper case)

    To make all main index key fields sort positive values first, set the following database flag before creating the table:


    DBFL_UNSIGNED_KEYS has no effect on secondary index key fields, so the “U” flag must be set for these if required.

    When Sculptor creates the table, it makes the i2 or i4 field a binary(4) field in the SQL data dictionary. Sculptor then handles all translations between integer and binary automatically.

    To make it easy to use a non-Sculptor reporting tool, Sculptor creates a second, computed SQL field for each such binary field (but only if the SQL database supports computed fields). These fields are given the same name as their corresponding Sculptor fields but have the prefix “int_”. When these fields are retrieved in a reporting tool, their values are returned as normal integers. Computed fields are read-only and cannot be updated.

  • The Microsoft Access ODBC driver is not multi-user safe and we advise using Access in single user mode only. If it is essential to work with Access in multi-user mode, set the following flag in the database declaration:


    This tells Sculptor to perform updates to an Access database in a slower but more reliable way. This technique has proved reliable in tests but safe multi-user operation cannot be guaranteed. This flag must also be set if you are using an Access data dictionary that contains a key field of type AutoNumber.

  • New command: sync_indexes file_id[, file_id]…

    Synchronises the current file position of all secondary indexes for the specified file to the current main index file position. Otherwise, each index maintains its own file position. The sync_indexes command affects a subsequent next[u], nextkey, prev[u] or prevkey command on a secondary index. Note that if the user defined key for a secondary index is not unique, the read[u] and readkey commands on that index always return the first record that has the supplied secondary index key - the current values in the main key fields are not taken into account.

  • To obtain maximum database compatibility, the batch_read flag is now OFF by default for both Sculptor and ODBC files. Setting this flag can improve performance substantially. Setting this flag is recommended in most circumstances. See the Reference Manual for guidelines.

  • New function: set_thread_execution_state(state) Sets the execution state of the current program. Some power save settings cause the execution of a background process to pause until the user moves the mouse or presses a key. This function can be called to inform Windows that this program must be kept running. Normal, interactive programs do not need to call this function. For details, please see the documentation for the function SetThreadExecutionState() in the Windows API. States are defined in sculptor.h beginning ES_. The return value is the previous state (i4).

  • SCULPTOR 5.5.4¶

    SCULPTOR 5.5.3¶

    1. The directory name in the dir() function can be on a server and can contain environment variables.

    2. array_to_text(start_element, count)

      Extracts characters from an array starting at the specified element. Continues across element boundaries until ‘count’ characters have been extracted or the end of the array is reached. The array can have multiple dimensions. Returns a long text string.

      !temp LongText,,a200[10],,p!temp TextArray,,a100[20,1000] LongText =array_to_text(TextArray[10,1],2000)
    3. text_to_array(start_element, count, text)

      Copies characters from a text string, which can be long text, to an array starting at the specified element. Continues across element boundaries until ‘count’ characters have been copied or the end of the array is reached. The array can have multiple dimensions.

      text_to_array(TextArray[10,1],2000, LongText)
    4. The style WS_THEMED has been introduced for static text. This style should be set for static text that is used as a control label. When the program is running in a themed environment, Sculptor draws the text using the theme style and colour. It is not possible to override the foreground colour of themed text. If a foreground colour is specified, it is ignored in a themed environment and used only in a classic environment. If a background colour is specified, it is used in both environments but specifying a background colour for themed text is not recommended as it may clash with the selected theme. Also, in a themed environment, Windows draws standard control labels two pixels left of the position it draws them in a classic environment. For this reason, programs that use themed text are best designed on a themed platform, especially if themed text needs to be aligned with standard control labels. To compensate for this difference, Sculptor positions themed text two pixels right of its defined x coordinate when the program is running on a classic Windows platform.

    5. If the user clicks a window’s close button while a textbox has focus and in the EV_CLOSE event the program exits, then by default any value typed into the textbox is not saved. This allows a program to be closed even though invalid data has been typed into the textbox. If the program requires the value to be saved, subject to validation, then it can now execute the save_text command in the EV_CLOSE event.

    SCULPTOR 5.5.1 and 5.5.2¶

    SCULPTOR 5.5.0¶

    1. In a program compiled with scc 5.5 or later, a menu defined in a child window with style WS_OWNED now appears in the child window instead of the parent. If an existing program relies on this behaviour, the menu should be moved to the parent window before recompiling the program. If this is inconvenient, add or uncomment the line “!compat childmenu=4” in the standard header file $SCULPTOR/include/local.h.

    2. The quality of scaled images has been improved.

    3. Buttons are now supported as headings for table columns. The following fields have been added to the cell_properties record for a table:


      This can be 0 (for the standard, text heading) or TCT_BUTTON (for a push button).


      This defines the event function for the heading control. For TCT_BUTTON, the only event sent is EV_BUTTON_CLICKED but the event code should be checked because new events may be added in the future. Note that this is a pointer field. The following syntax should be used to set the required event function:


      The event sent is:

      EventFunc(EventCode, Object, Line, Col)

      Object is the table id, Line is 0, Col is the column number.

    4. An EV_MOUSE_OVER event can be enabled for a window or control:

      event_enable= EV_DEFAULT

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    Requested show option for the child process. This must be one of the AA_ flags defined in sculptor.h. If there is no special requirement, AA_SHOWNORMAL is recommended. Do not code as 0 (AA_HIDE) unless you want the child process to be hidden. Some programs will override this flag when they start.


    If non-zero, specifies a channel number. Sculptor creates a pipe that connects this channel in the parent program to the standard input channel of the child process. The commands put #stdin and putfield #stdin can then be used to write messages to the child’s standard input (where stdin is this channel number).

    The channel number specified for stdin must not be open when execute() is called and must be closed using close #stdin when it is no longer required.

    If the child process is a Sculptor program, it can open its standard input channel as follows:

    open #channel,"stdin"read

    A Sculptor program can also read from its standard input using get #0 and getfield #0. Channel 0 should not be opened or closed.


    If non-zero, specifies a channel number. Sculptor creates a pipe that connects this channel in the parent program to the standard output channel of the child process. The commands get #stdout and getfield #stdout can then be used to read the child’s standard output messages (where stdout is this channel number).

    The channel number specified for stdout must not be open when execute() is called and must be closed using close #stdout when it is no longer required. stdout cannot be the same as stdin.

    If the child process is a Sculptor program, it can open its standard output channel as follows:

    open #channel,"stdout"create

    A Sculptor program can also write to its standard output using put #0 and putfield #0 but this method is not recommended because put #0 writes to the current report output when used inside a “run report” command.

    Messages written to stdout are buffered by the operating system and are only flushed when the buffer is full, the program exits, the channel is closed or an explicit flush command is called. Programs that communicate through pipes must ensure that any output to a pipe is flushed before they wait for input on another pipe. This can be done with the command:


    could not open pdfmachine registry settings  - Free Activators