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Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download


Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download

avdsetup.exe free download. If you receive an error avdsetup.exe missing: You can try to download this file and paste it in directory where it missing. Thus, Windows 10 now has true workstation multi-user functionality. WVD is only available on Microsoft's own cloud infrastructure, Azure, and there are. Checking out from our Subversion server. svn co vbox. This is the current development code, which is not necessarily.

: Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download

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Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download

Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download -

Windows 9 looks like it will finally include virtual desktops, a feature Linux and Mac users have been enjoying for years. But Windows 7 and 8 already have some virtual desktop features — they’re just hidden under the hood.

Windows has actually had API support for virtual desktops since Windows NT 4, but there’s no user interface around it. You need a tool to enable it, like Microsoft’s Virtual Desktops PowerToy for Windows XP once did.

Get Virtual Desktops

While Microsoft’s Virtual Desktops PowerToy hasn’t worked since Windows XP, they do provide another tool that will let you use virtual desktops on modern versions of Windows. The tool is small, lightweight, and free. You don’t have to pay up, deal with nag screens, or deal with a cluttered application to use them.

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Download Desktops v2.0 from MIcrosoft’s Windows Sysinternals site. Sysinternals was once a third-party collection of tools, but the Sysinternals tools are so useful and powerful that Microsoft bought them all a few years ago. If you’re a Windows power user, you should get familiar with the SysInternals tools. Most of them are powerful system utilities full of useful information — not small tools like this one.

Open the downloaded file, extract the Desktops.exe file, and double-click it. You’ll see the minimal Desktops setup window. If you want to run the tool automatically at login, click the Run automatically at logon checkbox.

Switching Between Desktops

You can customize the keys for switching between virtual desktops, but by default you’ll use Alt+1/2/3/4 to switch between your four virtual desktops. You can also click the system tray icon to see an overview of your desktops and switch between them.

To change your hotkeys, right-click the system tray icon and select Options.

The first time you switch to a virtual desktop, Windows will “create” it — it’s loading a new copy of Explorer.exe for that desktop. Windows you open on other desktops won’t appear to be open on your other desktops, so you can’t switch to them with the taskbar or Alt+Tab. You’ll have to switch back to their associated desktop first.

Each desktop also has its own separate system tray — so system tray icons from your first desktop won’t appear on your other desktops. If you open an application on your second desktop and it loads a system tray icon, that system tray icon will only appear in the system tray on your second desktop, and not your first, third, or fourth desktops.

Assigning Windows to Desktops

To launch on application window on a specific desktop, first switch to that desktop and then launch the application from your taskbar, Start menu, or wherever else.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually move windows between virtual desktops once they’re open. To move a window to a different desktop, you have to close it and then re-open it on that other desktop. Try to set up workspaces for specific tasks so you don’t have to constantly juggle windows between desktops.

Closing Desktops v2.0

The recommended way to close Desktops v2.0 is to log off and log back on. Of course, if you want to stop using it, you should disable the “Run automatically at logon” option first.

Why the Limitations?

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The Sysinternals Desktops v2.0 downloads page explains the limitations of the tool well. There are other virtual desktop tools that seem more powerful. For example, we thought Dexpot worked very well and there are other virtual desktop managers you can download. These tools generally have more features and can feel a bit more “seamless” — you can move windows between virtual desktops and see all your open windows on each desktop’s taskbar, if you like.

However, most virtual desktop tools just work by minimizing and maximizing windows. They don’t create real virtual desktops — they “fake it” by remembering which windows should be minimized and which should be maximized. If you’ve used a tool like this in the past, you may have seen your windows minimize and maximize as you switch between desktops.

Desktops v2.0 uses the features built into Windows, so it’s much more lightweight and — arguably — less buggy than these other tools. If you can live with the limitations, it may be a more powerful, solid virtual desktop option than other third-party desktop tools.

Hopefully Microsoft will extend this feature. Windows 9 should have a way to move windows between virtual desktops and a nice interface.

For now, this is the most official way to unlock the native virtual desktop support that’s been part of Windows since Windows NT 4, released back in 1996.

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Video Wall Software Engine

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Actual Virtual Desktops 8.1.1

Actual Virtual Desktops overview

Actual Virtual Desktops
Create an activity-focused work environment, organize and expand your workspace.

Actual Virtual Desktops Details

Windows 2000/XP/Vista Platform :
Free to try; $19.95 to buy License :
February 06, 2014 Date Added :
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Actual Virtual Desktops Review

Actual Virtual Desktops Handy utility for expanding and organizing workspace: create an activity-focused environment, even automatically, using rules - scatter the piled up application windows over the unlimited number of independent desktops, showing one desktop with its applications at a time. Move windows between desktops, work on multiple tasks simultaneously, see only the windows you need at the moment. Custom wallpapers will help you identify desktops quickly.

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Actual Window Manager


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Use Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can be productive no matter where you are.


Configure your PC for remote access using the information at

Learn about our other Remote Desktop clients at


• Access remote PCs running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server.
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• Connect through a Remote Desktop Gateway.
• Secure connection to your data and applications.
• Simple management of your connections and user account from the Connection Center.
• Audio and video streaming.
• Redirect folders, your clipboard, and local devices such as microphones and cameras.

Submit feedback at

Version 10.7.1

It's time for a quick update. In this release we fixed some bugs that were causing the app to crash.

Thanks for all the feedback. We're working hard to make this app great!

Ratings and Reviews

Fantastic, fast, and smooth from my small use

Had no qualms with the “square logo” version. I used it often, using both Active Directory logins and local logins. Did mass software installs on multiple machines simultaneously all remotely from the app. This one I feel like runs even faster and smoother than the last one! Great job, devs. I also can see on here that the devs are responding to many of the (often unbelievably whiny and uppity) complaints on this review page, often proving the customer wrong or letting them know that their desired feature is forthcoming. Thank you for your dedication, dev team. I feel these guys deserve a 5-star review. The average rating for this app largely seems to be due to customers’ ineptitude or ignorance, so the rating really isn’t fair or telling of the quality of the app.

nearly perfect

I have a specific usage case - I work in a multiplatform environment in which I work on the Mac and on the PC. I don't want to keep changing physical keyboards, so despite the fact that the two physical machines are next to eachother beneath my desk, I use remote desktop to view and operate the PC while working on the Mac. This works reasonable well except that the Remote Desktop Service on the PC requires that I can only be logged in either via the Remote Desktop app OR the PC itself. Since there are some operations that cannot be performed via RDP - attaching to a VPN being one of them - it would be nice if I could just leave the PC logged in and operate it via Remote Desktop at the same time. Now, I'm sure there really IS such a way, but the internet is not my friend in helping me find it. So properly-speaking, this probably a complaint about the service and not the client app, but the entire eco-system is failing me in small ways. Also, while I appreciate the option that allows the Apple key to be interchangable with ctrl for edit operations and find, it doesn't seem to work consistently, and as everyone who has ever switched back and forth between the Mac and Windows knows, confusion over which meta key to use in editing will eventually cause brain damage and is likely to send hardware on ballistic journeys through windows (not Windows).

Current version resets many times a da

Update: latest version now just resets over and over all day. It takes a good 30 seconds and sometimes I have to just disconnect the RDP and reconnect it in order to be able to work again. I really miss the old RDP versions here on the Mac that just worked all day long. I still need this tool every day.

Not sure why you keep breaking a tool that so many rely on daily.

This latest version crashes (on the Mac) if I type too fast in Visual Studio on my Windows Desktop at work. I get the spinning beachball- have to exit to the Mac, force quit MRD and restart it, then reconnect. I'm finding myself doing this at least 2 or 3 times per hour! I try to type slowly, but then end up getting really focused on my work and start moving faster. I use VI so I'm typing everything and it seems to be when I'm repeating an edit over and over that it crashes MRD. This is a Productivity KILLER! Like I said it happens when I'm focused and your bug is a sure way to kill that focus - every time! I wish it were easier to revert to an older version. I was forced to update when I upgraded to Mojave and decided to start clean and re-install everything. This is the only app that makes me regret that decision!! I was on an old stable version and had been refusing to update. Sigh!

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Actual Virtual Desktops Free Download

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