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Be free my friends, be free. This list will be updated with the time, so stick around if you want to stay informed! Interested in more combat. Soulcalibur (ソウルキャリバー, Sōrukyaribā) is a weapon-based fighting video game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment. There are seven main installments. Across playstation, xbox, and pc, there are new free games for. was first teased at evo 2018 as part of the second wave of tekken 7 dlc characters.

You can watch a thematic video

How to download noctis for Tekken 7

Download Tekken 7 Highly Compressed PC Game in 580MB

Set shortly once the events of Tekken half-dozen, the plot focuses on the events leading up to the ultimate battle between martial creator Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya. Tekken seven introduces parts for the fighting system like the trend and also the Power Crush to extend the characters' powers.

Tekken 7 was a vital and industrial success, commercialism virtually 3 million copies worldwide by the tip of March 2018.

Tekken 7 focuses on 1v1 battles.[3] 2 mechanisms square measure introduced within the game. The first, Rage Art, permits the player to execute vital attacks that deal roughly half-hour harm looking at the character once their health bar is vital, in exchange for inactivating the conventional attack power increase. The mechanic additionally works for fascinating high and middle attacks.[4] The curtain system, that staggers a personality to extend the chance for added hits, is replaced by Screw Attack, that makes the enemy spin sideways after they square measure hit mobile, permitting the player to bring down extra hits once they reach the bottom. not like certain, however, Screw Attack can't be wont to do wall combos. With a brand new show system, the game's multiplayer permits players to decide on that aspect of the screen to play on.[5] The movement has undergone some changes and is analogous to the movement mechanics found in Tekken Revolution, most notably once characters walk backward.

The arcade version options the standard stage-based playthrough, within which the player progresses by beating 5 completely different opponents one by one, ending with a hard and fast penultimate and ending. Matches are also interrupted if another player joins the sport. on-line mode is offered for each native and international play. Character customization is featured, permitting the player to change the characters' appearances.[6] For the primary time within the arcade series, the sports options a follow mode, that permits players to coach moves against AN opponent for a restricted quantity of your time, additionally as AN choice to collect in-game rewards, principally customization things, through "Treasure Box" by winning enough matches.

Fated Retribution options many gameplay changes to the sport. The new "Rage Drive" permits the player to empower bound attacks by sacrificing their Rage Mode. Rage Art is additionally adjusted in order that the number of harm dealt with the enemy is reciprocally proportional to the player's current health bar. The update introduces meter-type characters, World Health Organization utilize jump-in attacks and special cancels ANd use an EX/Super meter as an electrical circuit for a few special attacks in situ of Rage Drive. However, they need no 10-hit dance band moves. this sort is reserved for 3 characters: Eliza, and also the guest characters Akuma from Street Fighter, and Geese Howard from the SNK fighting game series. Meanwhile, Noctis Luci's constellation from Final Fantasy XV incorporates each aspect of preexistent gameplay varieties (he has Tekken-type gameplay, however, possesses jump-in moves).

Further game modes were discharged as post-release downloadable content (DLC), like a bowling minigame.


  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Ram: 2GB or more
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 6GB or more
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher


  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 10 GB or more
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or higher

Installation Instructions Tekken 7:

  • Unrar
  • Burn or mount the image
  • Install the game
  • Open /Activation directory on your game install directory and take the registration code
  • Play the game
  • Enjoy!

Download Tekken 7 Highly Compressed PC Game in 580MB


Источник: http://www.millionpcgames.com/2018/08/download-tekken-7-highly-compressed-pc-game.html

TEKKEN 7 All DLC & Game Mode Contents Unlock

Updated 23.03.2021 Lidia Sobieska and Island Paradise Added.

This guide will show you how to switch your TEKKEN 7 Standart Edition to TEKKEN 7 Ultimate Edition, so basically ultimate version of the game is got season pass packs and it gives you more characters with skins and some stages on it so theres nothing different than standart.


1) First go to steam dir location then steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv132\Win64 in this folder rename your original api name from ”steam_api64.dll” to ”steam_api64_o.dll”


2) Download and extract the files in a folder and drag them to your game direction which you located on step 1 enjoy the latest content

TEKKEN 7 DLC Questions and Answers


  • When new update relases for title steam downloading that update included other contents too as well for this game but they are locked and some of them hide in the game and wont reveal until you purchase them but they are already in your game and this little magic brings them out.


  • No, its not a cheat or modding tool even Bandai Namco didnt put any ban system in this game we believe yet.


  • No, since its not a legal purchase from steam they wont show it in your account.


  • When something new comes out or title updates itself and its not working anymore i will keep it up to date with new versions of it just let me know.


  • Its doesnt effect your gameplay or progress its just allows you to get stuff in game and if you wanna play online with them like new skins you have to save them in customization and chooice it on character selection, Its working with every game mode which you prefer to play.

TEKKEN 7 Season 4 Update Kunimitsu and New Stage Codes

TEKKEN 7 How to Get Lidia Sobieska and Island Paradise (Last Update)

For Lidia Sobeiska and the Island paradise DLC add thee lines at the bottom of the cream_api.ini file…

1289453 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC18: Lidia Sobieska
1289454 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC19: Island Paradise

So in total this is what your cream_api.ini file should look like under the [dlc] heading ….

; Format: =
; If the DLC has not yet been released for the title then it won’t be unlocked even if you own a season pass
580020 = TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass
592370 = TEKKEN 7 – Eliza Pre-order Bonus – DLC (TEKKEN 7 Eliza Character)
592371 = TEKKEN 7 – Metallic costumes Season Pass Bonus – DLC
592372 = TEKKEN 7 DLC 1 Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL & Additional Costumes
592373 = TEKKEN 7 DLC 2 Geese Howard Pack
592374 = TEKKEN 7 DLC 3 Noctis Lucis Caelum Pack
682560 = TEKKEN 7 – Character Panel
878460 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC4: Anna Williams
878461 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC5: Lei Wulong
878462 = TEKKEN 7 – Craig Marduk (TEKKEN 7 – DLC6: Craig Marduk)
878463 = TEKKEN 7 – Armor King (TEKKEN 7 – DLC7: Armor King)
878464 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC8 Julia Chang
878465 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC9 Negan
878466 = TEKKEN 7 – Bonus Character Customization Items
878467 = TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 2
1114550 = TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 3
1114560 = TEKKEN 7 – SP3 Bonus Character Customization Items
1114561 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC10: Zafina
1162600 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC11: Ganryu
1162601 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC12: Leroy Smith
1162602 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC13: Frame Data Display
1236500 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC14: Fahkumram
1236501 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC15: Cave of Enlightenment
1289450 = TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 4
1289451 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC16: Vermilion Gates
1289452 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC17: Kunimitsu
1289453 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC18: Lidia Sobieska
1289454 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC19: Island Paradise

This will give you all DLCs that are out at the moment. Hopefully.

Thanks for this comment manWithSomeKnowledge.

TEKKEN 7 How to Get Lidia Sobieska Island Paradise Quick Codes

How to get Lidia Sobieska and Island Paradise – Open up the cream_api.ini file and at the bottom add the following below VERMILION GATES:

1289454 = TEKKEN 7 – DLC18: Lidia Sobieska

Confirmed to be working for me. (I basically saw how Kunimitsu and Vermilion Gates are labeled and did the same with the new DLC and it worked).

Thanks for this comment Nebuloz.

Источник: https://www.naguide.com/tekken-7-all-dlc-game-mode-contents-unlock/

Tekken 7 Crack 3.30 Plus Keygen [Latest Version]

Tekken 7 Crackis the most recent Tekken arrangement with a restricted discharge on an arcade in Japan dated February 18, 2018. The game is still in the beta stage. However, it guarantees many new increases to the Tekken game adventure. Tekken 7 free download is mostly centered around one-on-one battles adding two new instruments to the game, which are Rage Art and Power Crush. Anger Art empowers the contender to initiate harm up to 30% on the rival, which in fact can not be blocked easily. Power Crush permits the player to deliver harm to the adversary while being hit constantly by the other one, in short giving and taking harm simultaneously.

Tekken 7 Crack 3.30 With Keygen Free Download ( 2021)

The new presentation framework lets the player pick the side they might want to play on. An online mode is accessible in Tekken 7, free download for both nearby and universal play. The choice to alter players has additionally been changed to coordinate the developing requests of the key beneficiaries of the game. Another key expansion to Tekken 7 free download is the Practice mode which lets the player get to know the moves and deceives of the warriors.

Tekken 7 Crack 3.30 Full Version Free Download {Updated}

Tekken 7 Crack is one of the most commended arcade-type battling games at present. What’s more, it is accessible for PC as well! So regardless of whether you don’t have support to play a game on, you can, without much of a stretch, discover a Tekken 7 break to download, and you will have the option to play the game with no issue and for nothing. Too! You have presumably known about the Tekken arrangement of battling games; Tekken 7 is the most recent one to be discharged. You should play Tekken 7 if you need quick-paced and activity-filled battling versus games. In Tekken 7, it is at long last the finish of the Mishima family adventure. Right now game, you will at long last have a conclusion between two notorious characters, Heihachi Mishima and his child as well.

You will likewise find a workable pace Mishima’s grandson, Jin Kazama. Alongside the conclusion of the adventure of the Mishima faction, you will likewise have the option to get familiar with all new fascinating things about the character’s backstories. Tekken 7 will at long last give the birthplace story of Devil Gene. Also, you will even gain proficiency with the backstories of characters, for example, Kazumi Mishima. What’s more, there is even a hybrid from a character from another computer games arrangement, road warrior, because Akuma will be a piece of the story in Tekken 7 as well!

These new subtleties will fulfill plenty of long-term devotees of the Tekken arrangement. You will have the option to Tekken 7 preceding it even dispatches on comforts if you duplicate the Tekken 7 download. You should play Tekken 7 presently to encounter the most recent Tekken 7 game.‘Console catches to play Tekken 7 Crack game are W(up move), D(right move), S(down move), a(left move) <key(fight) and >key(fight). If you can play it once, you need to play once more. The realistic card doesn’t have to play it. If you have a realistic card, it relies Corel PaintShop Pro 2022 Crack + Activation Code Free Download you.

Tekken 7 Crack 3.30 With Keygen Free Download ( 2021)

Key Features:

  • You can play online with your companions.
  • Single-Player
  • MultiPlayer
  • Quick Installation
  • No Errors
  • Every single Game Feature
  • No Virus
  • Working in any activity framework
  • A realistic card is not required.
  • Diverse play modes.
  • New characters to decision.
  • What’s more, some more… ……

Information About Tekken 7:

  • Release date: June 2, 2017
  • Genre: Action, Sports
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
  • Platform: PC

Tekken Keygen key:


Tekken Serial key:


Tekken 7 Activation Key:


System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB
  • Soundcard: DirectX 11
  • Free hard disk space: 60 GB

How to Download?

  • Click the “Download Tekken 7 Full Version + Crack” button below.
  • Open the File “Tekken 7 Downloader” and install it.
  • Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.
  • Done.
  • Enjoy.

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Tekken 7 Crack 3.30 With Keygen Free Download ( 2021)

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Tekken 7 Guide: How To Unlock Characters In Tekken 7? Find Out

Tekken is one of the most famous games in the business. The game has been available in the market since the times of the PlayStation 2 and has seen a humongous development from that point forward. Tekken 7 is one of the most played games in esports and players plan to accomplish proficiency in Tekken 7.

In a game like Tekken, characters play a really important role to increase the gameplay proficiency of the player. Players need to be well versed with character traits, moves, and specials to know how to attack and counter their opponent in the most ideal manner. Players have been asking how to unlock characters in Tekken 7.

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How to unlock characters in Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 has a plethora of characters in their roster and these characters are some of the most iconic ones in the business. Tekken 7 provides the player with 36 characters initially; one more is received through the pre-order bonus and another one can be unlocked through the paid DLC. Apart from this, there is one character transformation and 1 character pallet swapped that can be unlocked in the game. Here’s how to unlock characters in Tekken 7:

Devil Kazuya

This is the only actually unlockable character in the game, the other characters are just different versions of already existing characters in the roster. This character can not be used from the start of the fight as it is a transformation. Players need to choose Kazuya Mishima and this character will transform into Devil Kazuya mid-match. To perform the transformation the players need to activate Devil Mode with the help of Kazuya’s rage art. This can be done by either holding R1 on the PS4 or RB on the Xbox One.


The beautiful vampire queen. Eliza is a lethal character, but the only way for the players to get their hands on her is to receive the character through the pre-order bonus or purchase her within 30 days from the launch of the game. There is no other way to unlock Eliza in Tekken 7.


Violet is the character palette swap available in the game. This palette swap is for the character Lee Chaolan. To use this character the player will have to select Lee Chaolan as player two in the game. As this is a palette swap, only the color accents of the character are changed, all the other traits remain the same.

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Источник: https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/gaming/tekken-7-guide-how-to-unlock-characters-in-tekken-7-find-out.html





RELEASE DATE: 2 Jun, 2017

GENRE: Action, Anime, Fighting, Nudity, Sports

FILE SIZE: 50.5 GB (File Compressed) / 49.4 GB (File ISO)

If you like this game, BUY IT to support the software developers!
• https://store.steampowered.com/app/389730/TEKKEN_7/

Get TEKKEN 7Deluxe Edition and expand your fighter’s journey with two additional playable characters, a new game mode and hundreds of additional costumes. As an exclusive gift for purchase, receive over 30 metallic costumes for your characters and shine in the Iron Fist Tournament!

Discover the epic conclusion of the Mishima clan and unravel the reasons behind each step of their ceaseless fight. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, TEKKEN 7 features stunning story-driven cinematic battles and intense duels that can be enjoyed with friends and rivals alike through tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators fight mechanics.

Love, Revenge, Pride. Everyone has a reason to fight. Values are what define us and make us human, regardless of our strengths and weaknesses. There are no wrong motivations, just the path we choose to take.

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Link 1fichier:

Download – SingleLink

Link Torrent:(Using qBittorrent)

Download – Mirror1 – Mirror2

REPACK NOTES: Last pack had issues. sorry.
NOTES: This release is standalone and includes the following DLC:
> TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass
> TEKKEN 7 – Eliza Pre-order Bonus – DLC
> TEKKEN 7 – Metallic costumes Season Pass Bonus – DLC
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC1: Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL & Additional Costumes
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC2: Geese Howard Pack
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC3: Noctis Lucis Caelum Pack
> TEKKEN 7 – Character Panel
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC4: Anna Williams
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC5: Lei Wulong
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC6: Craig Marduk
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC7: Armor King
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC8: Julia Chang
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC9: Negan
> TEKKEN 7 – Bonus Character Customization Items
> TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 2
> TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 3
> TEKKEN 7 – SP3 Bonus Character Customization Items
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC10: Zafina
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC11: Ganryu
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC12: Leroy Smith
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC13: Frame Data Display
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC14: Fahkumram
> TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 4
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC16: Kunimitsu
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC17: Vermilion Gates
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC18: Lidia Sobieska
> TEKKEN 7 – DLC19: Island Tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators more information on what is new see the following link.

Note: Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1. Download & Extract file (using WinRAR or 7zip)

2. Burn or mount the .iso (using UltraISO or Daemon)

3. Run setup.exe and install

4. Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir

5. Play the game!

Supported Languages:
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Traditional Chinese
General Notes:
Some games need to perform the following steps, to avoid problems when running the game
• Block the game’s exe/the game folder in your Windows Firewall to prevent the game from trying to go online
• If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary to run this game with admin privileges instead


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz or equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB, GTX 750Ti 2GB, or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 60 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 equivalent or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 60 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


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Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Pc Game + Crack Cpy CODEX Torrent 2021

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Full Pc Game Crack With Keygen Latest Version Free Download

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Crack

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Crack is a Pc Game software use for fabulous freedom of fighting game Discover this great completion of the Mishima family and explain the motivations after each step of their constant struggle. Developed by Ideal Engine 4, TEKKEN 7 highlights beautiful cinematic actions based on the story and significant conflicts that can be exercised with both associations and competitors, within the innovative fighters. Love, attack, pride. Everyone has a work cause. Values ​​are what surround us and give us a person who does not care about our strengths and weaknesses. There are no basic reasons, just the path we want to take.

Powered by Ideal Engine 4, TEKKEN 7 highlights beautiful story-driven cinematic actions and significant conflicts that can be exercised with associates and competitors alike within innovative fight workers. Love, Attack, Pride. Everyone has a cause to work. Values are what surround us and give us a person, careless of our powers and defects. There are no base motives, just the path we want to take.

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Pc Game Plus Crack Full Torrent Download

 Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition With Torrent will also get to attend Heihachi Mishima’s grandson, Jin Kazama. Forward with the end of the Mishima clan story, you will also be ready to learn all new exciting information about the personality’s backstories. Tekken 7 will give the creation account of Devil Gene. And you will also receive the backstories of characteristics such And there is also a crossover from a personality from a different video games list, road fighter because  will be a member of the story in Tekken 7.

Because Tekken 7 is 1 of the most innovative plays on the list, you can require some new sport styles too! If you want to encounter these new sport styles, you should Tekken seven current, which will provide you to work Tekken 7 on your computer for easy. Various play styles will produce a new turn to the play of Tekken. Here are amazing of those play styles that you will be ready to play.

Key Features:

  • TEKKEN 7 (main game)
  • Craig Marduk (DLC)
  • Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL & Additional Costumes (DLC)
  • Season Pass (DLC)
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum Pack (DLC)
  • Negan (DLC)
  • Character Panel (DLC)
  • Eliza Pre-order Bonus (DLC)
  • Bonus Character Customization Items (DLC)
  • Geese Howard Pack (DLC)
  • Season Pass 2 (DLC)
  • Julia Chang (DLC)
  • Armor King (DLC)
  • Anna Williams (DLC)
  • Metallic costumes Season Pass Bonus (DLC)
  • Lei Wulong (DLC)


Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Serial key

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Full Crack

Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Full PC game Keys 2021:





Minimum Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz or equivalent
  • Storage: 60 GB hard disk space available
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB, GTX 750Ti 2GB, or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 equivalent or higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 60 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

How to Install Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Crack?

  • First of all,  download Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition Crack from given below link.
  • After this, Extract the file,
  • using WinZip or WinRAR latest version software.
  • Next, use WinRAR software to extract the setup.
  • Now, Run the setup with 32-bit or 64-bit that you want.
  • In the end, accept all conditions and rules done.

Download Link is Given Below…

Download Link

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Non-Standard Game Over

"YOU embody Jeearr; you are cursed by ten thousand generations of victims; your face adorns the idols. And worst of all, you remain awake and aware, a witness to horror, never sleeping, and never, ever to escape. Your score is -99 of a possible 400, in 805 moves. This puts you in the class of Menace to Society."


In most games, players see the dreaded Game Over screen when they lose in some way. Maybe you fell down too many Bottomless Pits and lost all your lives, or the Player Character was beaten to death by a particularly vicious Demonic Spider. Maybe you failed a story important mission or lost a critical Non-Player Character during an Escort Mission. You might have been caught or captured during a Stealth-Based Mission. .Or, maybe you just forgot to pause the game while reading the walkthrough you pulled from GameFAQs and the game's timer ran out — you get the idea. These are all standard failings, usually treated with a simple default message: "Game Over."

Alternatively, you have successfully finished the game, defeated tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators Final Boss and receive a Game Over message after the credits because technically the "game is over". But that is not what this trope is about.

Sometimes there are games that give an unusual message or even a full cutscene for losing the game in a specific way. These are non-standard Game Overs.

There are a few variations on this theme:

  • In games where the standard 'game over' sequence is getting killed by something, any situation in which you can lose without actually dying may result in a non-standard game over. Conversely, getting outright killed in a game whose scenarios rarely involve life-threatening situations may trigger a non-standard Game Over.
  • Otherwise standard game overs (loss of hit points, lives, etc.) that receive special treatment because they occur in a particular place or time (e.g., a unique Downer Ending cutscene for losing to the Big Bad);
  • Punishment game overs that the game levies against usually unsuspecting players who attempt to tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators the rules or derail the plot (e.g., when the game actually lets you say "no" to the main quest — and averts But Thou Must!, or triggering a case of You Lose at Zero Trust or a Reality-Breaking Paradox).
  • Odd or bizarre noncanon bad endings that the player can choose to acquire, usually involving failing a mission objective in a way that causes the death of the main characters, often in a way that no stat bonus on Earth could get the player out of. Theoretically, anyway.
  • You lose in a way that renders the Player CharacterDeader Than Dead, such as erasing yourself from existence completely.
  • Performing any stupid thing which causes death of the Player Character, especially when not in battle.

This page is about the unusual, context-sensitive methods by which players trigger a Game Over screen. It doesn't include the times when the game tries to trick you into thinking that the game has ended.

For games where every death is accompanied by a special message, see Have a Nice Death. For games where every death has a special animation, see The Many Deaths of You. For games where all bad endings contain extended narrations or demonstrations about the consequences of your actions, see It's a Wonderful Failure.

For standard Game Overs that result from an instant-kill attack, see One-Hit Kill. For the game ending early due to a non-standard victory condition, see Instant-Win Condition. If a non-standard Game Over cuts the game's ending, then it's aptly No Ending. For non-standard Game Overs triggered early in the game, see Press Start to Game Over. For situations where there's an achievement awarded for this, see Achievement Mockery.


    open/close all folders 


  • Alone in the Dark (1992): The normal Game Over shows a zombie dragging your dead body to the altar of Pregzt, where it shows the text "The End". Nonstandard game-overs occur if you die in or near the final boss room, fall into a Bottomless Pit, get eaten by the giant plant guarding the front door, or happen to read "De Vermis Mysteriis", in which case it just says "The End" on the screen where you died.
  • Assassin's Creed tells the player off if they kill civilians (with the exception of Assassin's Creed: Rogue, once Shay Cormac becomes a Templar); three kills in short succession will lead to desynchronization. In the same vein, for Assassin's Creed III, if you kill a wild animal but don't skin it afterwards, you receive a warning stating that Connor always skinned the animals he hunted. If you refuse to heed the warning and leave too many animals lying around dead and unskinned, you will be forcibly desynchronized.
  • Batman: Arkham Series:
    • Batman: Arkham Asylum has quite a few of these. If you let Zsasz see you when he has the guard in the electric chair, true to his word, he electrocutes him. If Batman is in Joker Venom for too long, he laughs himself to death. If Batman doesn't set off his trap for Killer Croc, we are treated to a first-person shot of Croc lunging at his head, along with the sound of bones getting crushed. There are several more examples, but one of the more humorous ones is when Zsasz has Dr. Young trapped in his arms; if you are seen, miss your Batarang, or if you wait too long, Zsasz kills her, with the Joker mocking you.

    Joker: Who would have thought the deranged murderer would really kill the poor, little doctor?

    • In Batman: Arkham City, after Catwoman successfully loots Hugo Strange's vault, she gets the option of either going to save Batman (who has just been captured by TYGER) or escaping with her loot. Doing the latter cuts to the credits where you hear a message from Oracle saying how the Joker rampaged through Gotham, Gordon is dead, Wayne Manor has been compromised, and that The Bad Guys Win. The game then rewinds all the way back to the choice and makes the player choose to save Batman.
    • Batman: Arkham Knight has a few Game Overs that are different from those of the previous games.
      • Occasionally, you'll receive a comforting send-off from Alfred or Robin, guaranteeing that Gotham will remember you and they'll keep fighting the good fight.
      • If you fail during one of the Poison Ivy missions, she'll lament the destruction of her plant, saying that there's no way she can save Gotham now.
      • A rather terrifying example comes if you fail during the GCPD defense mission. You get a cutscene of Barbara and the cops in the lockup room, when suddenly the elevator opens and a minigunner starts firing, complete with audible screams.
  • In Bayonetta, Cereza gets captured by a Joy at one point. If you take too long to get to them, the Joy will fly away with Cereza in her arms, then the game over screen will show Cereza's discarded doll instead of the usual Bayonetta's corpse.
  • The 2003 BIONICLE game has three, two of which are in Kopaka's rail-shooter level against the Bohrok.
    • First, when you fight against Gahlok, if you take too long to fight him, he will reach the Kini he is heading towards and will proceed to attack it.
    • Second, when you fight against Tahnok, if you take too long to fight him, the chase will end with him calling upon multiple Bohrok to beat the ever-loving crap out of you.
    • In the game's final level, in Tahu Nuva's racing/rail-shooter level against the Rahkshi, Kurahk. If Kurahk gets to Ta-Koro before you do, it's game over.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night:
    • Killing the supposedBig Bad early results in an incredibly unsatisfying "ending" where Miriam discusses how many threads are left hanging. The game doesn't even dignify this with a credits roll, giving you a Game Over before dumping you back to the title screen. Doing it later on nets you a different Nonstandard Game Over as you still screwed up, one where you hear Gremory possess Miriam this time.
    • Losing the rematch with Zangetsu won't play Miriam's death animation (since even when you win, Miriam notes he's holding back, and before the fight, Zangetsu states that it is not a fight to the death, but he will be fighting as though it was, and expects Miriam to do the same), but still gives you the Game Over screen, since without impressing him, Miriam can't complete the above fight properly.
  • Castlevania:
    • The bad endings of Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia, instead of playing the credits like the good endings do, simply send the player to their respective Game Over screens. Justified in both cases: in Portrait, there are some problems that are left hanging as a result of this abrupt ending. Firstly, Brauner fled from Jonathan and Charlotte, with exactly no comeuppance for his actions. Secondly, there's still the issue that Death has yet to be defeated properly, since the fight with him before the duo reached the Master's Keep ended only because he was holding back. And thirdly, if implications made during one of the conversations the heroic duo have with Eric Lecarde's ghost are of any indication, they pretty much lost any chance they would have had of Jonathan being able to unlock the full power of the Vampire Killer, since he needs the help of the Lecarde family. A family that, for all intents and purposes, is just flat out gone now. Meanwhile, in the case of Ecclesia, Shanoa just sacrificed her entire self to the full power of Dominus, under the impression of destroying Dracula. When in reality, her sacrifice just brought Dracula back to life in a period of time where the Belmonts are nowhere to be found.
    • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2:
      • During Carmilla's chapter, Dracula becomes corrupted with her blood. If his health falls all the way to zero, a special cutscene will play showing him falling to her complete control and following her into the darkness with a lovestruck look in his face. In the same chapter, she disguises herself as his wife and tries to trick him into drinking her blood, with him being forced to choose which one is the real Marie. If he picks the wrong one, a cutscene will play showing a sad Marie saying she had failed and it's revealed he fed on Carmilla, turning him into her slave.
      • In Nergal's chapter, Dracula is completely helpless against him and has to lure him to his castle so he is able to fight him on equal ground. If Nergal manages to catch Dracula, he will then grab him and throw him in a portal to Hell.
  • Cyber Troopers Virtual-On MARZ has two:
    • One mission requires you to enter the maze to stop three missiles from launching into the air. Failing this mission via timeout gives you a Downer Ending followed by a bloody-red Game Over text.
    • In DYMN Chaos missions, if you let the collapse level reach 100% before you collect all the fragments, you're given the same Game Over text.
  • Fear Effect thrives on this trope. The most notable example comes from the Final Boss fight, where losing gets you a different ending, but it's still a game over. The game has many more nonstandard game overs (usually from failed sequences), but there's simply too many to list.
  • God of War:
    • During the final battle in God of War, Kratos is hurled back to the moment his family died by his hand, only to find them alive. whereupon Ares conjures up an army of Kratos clones. The family has their own health bar in the following battle; should it run out, they die and a cutscene starts, showing Kratos collapsing in abject despair and sorrow, murmuring, "I couldn't stop them. They were too strong." The Kratos clones then gang up and chop him apart.
    • During one of the last battles in God of War II, Kratos is hurled back to the moment that he defeated Ares. The boss, Atropos, was going to destroy the giant sword you originally used in the first game to slay the god of war, which would lead to your retroactive death. If you failed to defeat Atropos before she could destroy the sword, you get a cutscene of past Kratos kneeling in defeat and getting stabbed by Ares, which causes present Kratos to wretch in pain and fall over, dead.
  • Grand Theft Auto (Classic):
    • In the first chapter, if you shoot and kill Sonatti's right-hand man just before you get close enough to initiate the end-level cutscene, you will get a message from your superiors on the phone decrying you for the action that you just took, and the level then ends on the level-over screen with a message saying that your boss is unhappy with your work and that you should consider yourself lucky to be alive until the company makes you wish you were dead. As such, since you technically failed the chapter, no new chapter or cutscene is unlocked, which is what happens when you either lose all your lives or quit the chapter. Similarly, in the fifth chapter, you can do this against Deever, except the level will not end automatically as it did before, and all you will get is a message from Deever at the hospital saying that you have crossed him for the last time and that you are on your own from thereon. It is not possible to initiate the end-level cutscene nor any level-over screen after that.
    • This can also happen in the first scenario of the GTA London expansion pack, if you either A: get the scooter that you are supposed to deliver destroyed through shunts and bumps in order to damage it or just drive it into the Thames or B: get your contact Harold killed by either letting the police shoot at you while you are on another damaged scooter/bike while next to him or just use it to push Harold onto the street so you can just run him over with a car. In the third scenario, this can be done in a more straightforward manner if you kill either one of the Crisp twins because they are not behind traffic poles. If you're curious: "We ain't chuffed with your development. Hind of slow, ain't it? You is lucky to be breathin'. much more of this and you won't be."
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: The game has two game over types; the standard death, and the ending that occurs if you let the moon fall on Termina. There's also an extension of the moon falling Game Over: If the guardians are called with the Oath to Order when even one of them isn't free, the free ones' attempt to stop the moon will turn out to be not working, at which point the player gets one minute (real time) left to play the Song of Time to escape. If the player opts to let time run out here, he or she will see a scene where the guardians fall over and the moon continues to fall. Then it continues to the normal scene of this Game Over variant. The Nintendo 3DSremake further extends this slightly: Whilst in the original game, "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" appears on a black screen after the Moon falls, the remake adds some text telling you "And so the angry moon fell from the sky, annihilating this world and its many inhabitants", in PaperScan Scanner Software Free Edition 3.0.81 Regestration Key - Crack Key For U the moon hitting and the "terrible fate" line. The original game had some degree of ambiguity to its game over, but the remake straight-up tells you that you were too slow and everyone died.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games: In Oracle of Seasons, after defeating the Great Moblin you can find him and his henchmen in the Sunken City, trying to eke out a living fabricating and selling bombs. You can, for no real reason or gain, blow up their stock and thus their shop. You can get away with this twice, but the third time they will catch you and lock you inside the exploding house.
    • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: In the final dungeon, as you fight through the last few enemies, Ezlo warns you that Vaati will be done draining the Light Force out of Zelda (fatally) by the time the bell rings three times. This can happen. The first two rings are scripted, but the bell will ring again if you take too long to beat the Darknuts.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: You accidentally set fire to Barnes' bomb storehouse as you look for Tears of Light in Kakariko Village, and if you fail to Outrun the Fireball in time you're treated to a short cutscene of the building exploding around you and a Game Over screen. Similar situations occur if you fail to extinguish the flames on Prince Ralis' carriage quickly enough or jump off the burning Great Bridge of Hylia in time.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: When you're travelling with a character, a Pirate tank (or ship) may invade your train. When this happens, lots of Miniblins (and later a Big Blin) will try to kidnap your passenger. If they succeed, you can still rescue the character when going to the Pirate Hideout island, so this wouldn't be a big deal. But if that place hasn't been unlocked yet (and it isn't yet by the time you're taking Carben, a plot-critical character, with you), you have no way to rescue the character, and you get an automatic Game Over.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: The Imprisoned triggers this if it manages to arrive at the Sealed Temple before Link can reseal it. The Imprisoned requires Hylia's soul (Zelda's) in order to reclaim its true form and power, and it's in the temple where he can find it.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: At one point in the game, you need to have 13 full hearts to pull out the Master Sword, as doing so drains your health. The first time it almost reaches the end, the Great Deku Tree stops you from going any further, but any failed attempts at pulling cache cleaner for mac sword after that will result in a Game Over.
  • LEGO Island: If you fail most missions, the Infomaniac will simply tell you so. If you fail to catch the Brickster, though.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3: Fail to escape King Boo during the prologue and he corners a helpless and terrified Luigi and traps him in a painting alongside the rest of his friends. Then the driver genius 20 license code list - Free Activators is treated to the usual Game Over screen where King Boo looks at his now complete collection of portraits before he turns to the player and laughs.
  • In The Matrix: Path of Neo, if the player takes the blue pill Morpheus will express his disappointment as Neo awakens from the dream, presumably at the start of the film. The game then returns the player to the level select screen.
  • In Mercenary II, also known as Damocles, death is normally a slap on the wrist, since you can use a safe quit option that will resurrect you and teleport to space in a cool ship that you can fly. However, you can activate non-standard Game Overs by:
    • Failing to prevent the comet Damocles from colliding tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators the planet Eris (the president of Eris will then insult you)
    • Destroying Eris instead of Damocles (the president will ask you if you understood the mission)
    • destroying one of two other unrelated planets (a newsflash will report the destruction of the planet and inform you that you are now wanted by the police)
    • Destroying the author's computer, on which the game itself supposedly runs (all planets in the system will explode one by one, and your on-board computer will question your actions, telling you to reset the game. If you do not, your on-board computer will tell you that he is surprised you haven't left yet, informing you that "THERE'S NOTHING LEFT — IT'S ALL GONE — BLOWN UP". That phrase will remain on the screen until you reset the game.)
  • Metroid:
    • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Stay in Hyper Mode for too long, and you see a cutscene of Samus turning into Dark Samus, followed by a modified death screen.note Normally, the game over screen has a red splatter appear, presumably blood. If you get this Nonstandard screen, there's this dark blue blotch (Phazon) that grows on the screen, and the words "Terminal Corruption" appear. This outcome can also happen through a different means during the travel to the Very Definitely Final Dungeon: since Samus is already on a near-terminal stage of corruption, her PED Suit vents all of the Phazon out of her body, but at the cost of any further protection, so any Phazon damage will affect a yellow bar that replaces the standard energy meter (and as time passes, the atmosphere of Phazon will slowly fill it up anyway). If this yellow bar completes, Samus will reach total corruption and the Terminal Corruption scene will trigger. There's also a few escape sequences that result in one of these if Samus fails to evacuate in time.
    • Metroid Fusion has exactly three Non-Standard Game Overs, all of which involve a timed mission. The first occurs when the X figure out how to hack the computer and order the engines' boiler to explode; the second when an SA-X discovers and attacks a secret Metroid breeding facility; the third occurs at the very end of the game, when Samus is forced to destroy the entire space station. If you run out of time during any of these timed segments, you will see the same cutscene you'd see if you successfully completed the mission — except that you don't survive. Of course, initiating said cutscenes are Instant-Win Condition type, so you can literally wait until the last possible second.
    • Metroid Dread:
      • E.M.M.I. can instantly cause a Game Over if they catch Samus and she fails to counter their attack.
      • Getting eaten by the infected Raven Beak X. That part was not a cutscene and you are supposed to blast the hideous abomination.
      • ZDR self-destructs before you reach your gunship.
  • In Prototype, if you fail a normal mission, MISSION FAILED is displayed on the screen. If you fail the last mission, you see a nuclear bomb destroy Manhattan.
  • Shadow Man doesn't even have any standard game over conditions, as dying only sends you to the nearest respawn point (the plot of the game justifies this in-universe). Except for the final boss battle, in which dying sees you strapped into a chair and all the dark souls you collected being extracted and placed into an immortal army of monsters that invade and destroy Earth.
  • In Sleeping Dogs, one mission requires you to succeed in a karaoke minigame. Failure grants the following game-over message:

    "Your karaoke is so bad the staff have permanently barred you from the VIP area"

  • In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, failing to grab hold of the falling imperial destroyer before it crashes will have it landing right on top of Starkiller.
  • Tomb Raider:
    • In Tomb Raider (and loyally copied into its remake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary), if Lara makes the mistake of touching the magic hand of the Midas statue, she herself turns to solid gold, just painfully slowly enough for her to be able to realize what her mistake has cost her before she actually dies. Many players consider this to be the coolest death of the franchise.
    • Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness:
      • If you take too long in Madame Carvier's apartment, the police arrest Lara and the game resets to the title screen.
      • Being too much of a jerkass to Bouchard during your first conversation with him will end with him pulling out a gun and shooting Lara dead on the spot.

    Action Games 

  • In Contra:
    • In Hard Corps, choosing to join Colonel Bahamut before a boss battle in one of the game's alternate routes will show an ending in which Bahamut conquers the world with the player character as his lackey. However, the player will be then taken to the Game Over screen and be asked to continue (if he has any credits left).
    • In Shattered Soldier, completing Stage 5 with your rank below a certain threshold results in the archipelago being destroyed via Kill Sat, taking the heroes with it. Part Downer Ending, part Game Over, indeed.
  • In the NES game Cowboy Kid, if the player accepts the bosses' deal to join the Mad Brothers, they will say that Sam became one of the villains who then did bad things and ended up getting hanged by the new sheriff of the town. After this, it shows the words "GAME OVER".
  • In North America's release of Custom Robo, the protagonist is freely given the option to not go on the final mission near the end of the game. If you decide not to go, the protagonist's partner, Harry, will beseech him — repeatedly — to reconsider. By steadfastly refusing to go, the rest of the team will go without him. The next day, the Big Bad arrives in the city, having killed off the others, and proceeds to destroy everything. And Harry chastises you for letting him die. After an ellipse, the game will return the player to the previous day where Harry insists that they all go.
  • In Dante's Inferno, failing the Quick Time Event with Cleopatra when she starts fondling Dante results in him being seduced and a game over. Which is only natural, seeing as he's in Hell trying to save Beatrice.
  • In Enter the Matrix, in some missions, if either Ghost or Niobe fail to save their allies, the mission fails and it will say "YOU FAILED TO PROTECT *insert ally’s name*". In two missions for Ghost, the missions will also fail if he doesn't shoot the plane's front tire to save his ally Axel, "YOU FAILED TO SHOOT THE TIRE OF THE PLANE", flee the control tower after destroying the Agent Helicopter "YOU FAILED TO LEAVE THE TOWER IN TIME" or losing the plane Niobe and Axel's in, in a different mission. "YOU LOST THE PLANE".
  • In Furi, staying with The Song for long enough will prompt The Stranger to sit down and accept her offer to spend his life in the garden with neodownloader 4 crack - Free Activators.
  • Once you're introduced to the Jackals in Let It Die, they can show up at any time when you spend too long on a floor. Getting killed by one of them results in your character instantly becoming a Hater, instead of you getting the option to revive by talking to Kiwako.
  • In NOD32 AntiVirus 11.2 Crack - Crack Key For U arcade game Magic Sword, choosing to accept the orb which drops when you defeat the final boss makes you the new final boss, with a caption asking who's going to save the world now.
  • Mafia:
    • A mission in the later parts of Mafia II has you in a house trying to hide somewhere while hoping not to be seen by a hitman. If you decide to hide in the shower, you will be treated to an extra cutscene of the hitman shooting you through the curtains, and then you get your "You got killed"-screen. Another one will take place if you drive too recklessly while transporting a bomb, resulting in a massive fireball.
    • If you fail a main mission objective in Mafia III (just dying doesn't count), you're treated to a short cutscene of the FBI agent presenting the documentary in the present day. He either goes through his notes, exclaiming that "can't be how it happened," or he'll explain how Lincoln's failure brought about the end of his plans for revenge against Sal Marcarno.
  • Having the Sinister 7 launch the World War III protocol in the 1990 video game adaptation of Mission: Impossible will result in The End of the World as We Know It. You are immediately sent back to the title screen, and have to play the sixth mission from the very beginning.
  • In Paperboy, if you lose all your customers, the game over screen says "Paperboy Fired" instead of the usual "Paperboy Calls It Quits".
  • In the Sega Genesis and Game Gear adaptations of Predator 2, allowing the Predator to kill too many hostages (two in a single stage, or three across an entire playthrough) will end the game immediately.
  • If you beat the final boss but fail to rescue all the animals in Rolo to the Rescue, the game tells you that it will "remain on your conscience" and "you will never truly be happy Secret Disk Pro 2021.01 Free Download with Crack. This is followed by the words "GAME OVER".
  • In the Sega CD version of Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin, losing to the Kingpin (the final boss) results in a sad ending sequence in which the Kingpin triumphs over the defeated Spider-Man. He then lowers both Spider-Man and Mary Jane into the vat of deadly ooze, after which they are never seen again. In the Genesis smith micro moho pro 13 crack of the game, the bad ending consists of Mary Jane being lowered into a vat of acid, Spidey falling to his knees in despair, and "GAME OVER".
  • In Zombies Z3box crack - Free Activators My Neighbors, you start with ten victims to save and the number decreases each time you let one die. If all of them die, the game immediately ends regardless of how many lives you have.
  • Zone of the Enders has one that doubles as a bad ending: fail all SOS missions by getting an E rank (all buildings destroyed and no survivors), and Thunderheart will be abruptly and suddenly killed by an explosion shortly after he's introduced. ADA will confirm that Jehuty severing some of the colony's lifelines is what caused the explosion, and berate Leo for letting it happen. This is almost impossible to achieve unless one goes out of their way to do so, however.

    Adventure Games 

  • The Interactive Fiction Game, Anchorhead, has a large number of grisly ways to die, but the character can go insane in true Call of Cthulhu fashion by either fully reading the black tome in the church or by attacking and killing your husband during the game's finale. The character can also suffer "EndlessTorment" by being sucked into the womb at any point.
  • All of the endings in the Atlantis series are non-standard, and depend entirely on what wrong choice you made to bring them about.
  • At the end of Beneath a Steel Sky, you can get one either by having Rob voluntarily plug himself into LINC, or waiting until LINC itself grabs him. Rob struggles for a while, then has his mind wiped and replaced with that of LINC.
  • In The Black Cauldron, if you fail to get Hen Wen before she reveals the location of the Black Cauldron to the Horned King, the game ends immediately.
  • In The Dead Case, shortly before the very last part of the game, the killer runs into the house of the protagonist's fiancé, pursued by the ghost of his wife. The dead wife goes to set the house on fire, and tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators player is given the choice between stopping her and letting her go ahead. The correct option is to stop her (which will lead to the two going inside the house, stopping the killer, and saving the fiance), but letting the ghost burn the house down will result in a game over, informing the player that the fiancé died and the killer escaped.
  • Death Palette has every death be a Non Standard Game Over, with an artistic representation of how the artist was killed and a short snippet of the news report about their death.
  • In the computer game version of Frederick Forsyth's The Fourth Protocol (in 1984), you have to uncover a Soviet plot to explode a nuclear bomb near a US Air Force base in Britain, to influence the upcoming British elections and lead to the election of an anti-NATO, anti-American, anti-nuclear, pro-Soviet government. Usually, if you take too long or don't get anywhere with the plot, you get a memo telling you 4k video downloader crack file free download - Activators Patch being reassigned toThe Falkland Islands, until you get far enough. When you find the bomb, you have to defuse it, and if you mess it, up you are told the plan succeeded: Britain fell to the Soviets, and they started working on Europe from two fronts. But sometimes a different ending appears: the bomb leads to a limited nuclear war, destroying both sides and making the northern hemisphere uninhabitable. This comes "From the annals of the Australio-Indonesian Empire."
  • Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist quits to DOS if you shoot yourself.
  • Normal game overs in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective are caused by being unable to save your subject's life before time runs out. However, there are two instances where you can actively cause the subject's death.
    • If you recline the seat while the van-driver is driving, he will lose control of the vehicle and crash anyway.
    • In Chapter 15, if you replace the bullet with the hard-hat, rather than the soft knit hat, it will still crash into the victim's face and crush his skull (even more brutally than the bullet would have). His ghost isn't very pleased, but it's hilarious to watch.
    • In Chapter 15, if you try manipulating any object in view of the killer, he will notice you because he's also a ghost and knows of ghost tricks, and will immediately shoot the victim.
  • The PC game Hell Cab, despite having a three-strikes-and-you're-out life system, has a few instant-death consequences depending on your morals. Early examples include telling Nero you want to throw the ladies to the lions, and choosing to kill your opponent during the gladiator match.
  • In one of Homestuck's flash "walkarounds" (Past Karkat: Wake Up), Karkat specifically tells you not to fall asleep — that doing so would be fatal, given the dream worlds' annihilation. Later on, Nepeta shows you to an Easter Egg room with a bed and lots of treasure chests. Guess what you can do.
  • King's Quest:
    • King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow: The normal Game Over sequence is a very short cutscene in Hades. There are three Non-Standard Game Overs: a Deader Than DeadGame Over (Alexander's skeleton in tattered clothing collapses on a black background), a Baleful PolymorphGame Over ("Was that the beast you could do?"), and another non-deadly Game Over where Alexander gets captured and locked in the castle dungeon right before the wedding ("'Tis a noble thing to have a means of escape, and 'tis a far, far better thing to never get caught at all!")
    • King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella had a couple. Rosella could, in theory, complete all the victory conditions.except getting the magic fruit she came to get for the ailing Graham. What plays is most of the happy ending, but when she gets to Daventry, she has to admit failure and watch her father die. Another one was either failing to escape the tower cell or getting caught by Lolotte's guards, which ended with her forced to marry Edgar. note Mind you, Rosella does marry Edgar several games later, but it prevents her from killing Lolotte, rescuing Graham and Genesta, restoring Edgar to his true form, and reuniting him with his real parents.
  • Leisure Suit Larry:
    • In Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators of the Lounge Lizards, anything that resulted in a "normal" dead body would trigger a cut-scene of Larry's corpse being lowered into a laboratory, which then creates a new Larry to be raised to the opening scene for the soon-to-be-restarted game. (Interestingly enough, getting killed in an alley would result in one of the techs saying Larry screwed up again, but this never happened anywhere else.) More obscurely, if the player took too long to reach the end game, Larry sees the sun rising, and then shoots himself in the head in despair over still being (technically) a virgin.
    • In Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) and Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals, you can type cheat. This automatically quits the game, with no warning.
    • Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!: If you hook up with Gary the towel attendant or get a peek at Cavaricchi's chest, the game plays a different song at the game over screen. Yes, that's right. You can get a game over for being gay or looking at a woman's breasts.
  • In the video game version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you play most of the game as King Arthur, but the "Knights in Kombat" mini-game allows you to play as Arthur or the Black Knight. If you play as the Black Knight and win, the game immediately cuts to the Game Over screen.
  • In Myst, if you try to enter either the red book or the blue book, the brother inside will keep you trapped inside the book by tearing out all the pages. If you enter the green book without the final page, you're also trapped. In the nice ending, you put the white pages into the green book with Atrus in it. Then you get to wander the entire game world as a reward. Other entries in the series also offer multiple endings.
  • In the bonus chapter of Nevertales The Beauty Within, failing the test of character results in the main character's husband being crushed to death while she waits fruitlessly forever for his return.
  • Failure during the finale of any Quest for Glory installment from Trial by Fire through Dragon Fire will lead not only to the hero's death, but a scene of the resident Sealed Evil WinUtilities Professional Edition Download - Crack Key For U a Can breaking free to lay waste to the world.
    • This can happen several times in the second game, Trial by Fire. The main city is beset by four elementals over the course of the story, and three days after they individually show up, if they haven't been defeated, then you get a cutscene of them destroying the city. In addition, the final portion of the game, after the Big Bad gets the sealed evil but before it is released, any failure or waste of time will result in the above mentioned non-standard game over.
    • In the third game, the Fighter must become initiated into the Simbani tribe as part of the plot, and this means competing against your new friend and the chief's son Yesufu at the Initiation Ceremony. The competition includes a number of events, including running, which Yesufu will always automatically beat you at until a pre-scripted moment where he is injured. If you leave him there, the Simbani, who rely on complete trust and cooperation within the tribe to survive in a harsh environment, will be horrified by your selfishness and refuse to initiate you, leading to a game over.
    • In Dragon Fire, you can sacrifice yourself to weaken the Dragon of Doom so your companions can slay it and save Silmaria. This gives you a Game Over screen that tells you how TeamViewer 14.2 Product Key - Crack Key For U sacrifice won't be forgotten. Another way, if you're a mage, is to cast the Thermonuclear Blast spell. This will kill you, your companions, and the dragon, and probably blow away a chunk of Silmaria in the process, but the game over screen says you did save Silmaria from destruction from the Dragon of Doom.
  • Return to Zork: In most deaths, a three-note song plays (the notes are from the game's opening theme), an evil guy laughs at you, and a temple screen is shown. However:
    • In the very first death of the game (getting attacked by a vulture), a longer song plays.
    • In any death relating to water, a different three-note song plays.
    • In any death relating to explosions, there is no song and no evil laugh.
    • In one death (walking over a pile of leaves and getting sprung in a trap that also turns you upside-down), the temple screen is also upside-down.
    • Two final special game overs, related to the Copyright Protection quizzes. One just exits out to DOS normally if you get the questions wrong, but in the other one, later on in the game, you are "blown" back to IMyFone Fixppo 7.9.7 Crack + Registration Code Free Download 2021 by a double barrel hunting shotgun.
  • In Shadow of Destiny, when you die, you are generally given a couple of hints, and automatically continue; without the option to game over. However, it is possible in at least the first chapter to meet yourself — by coming into contact with yourself, you create a time paradox which erases you from existence. It also fails back to the title screen. You also unlock one of the Multiple Endings by inducing someone else to do it.
  • Shadowgate: All the myriad deaths cut to a glowing-eyed Reaper against a sunset with the caption, "It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!!", except (at least) jumping into a massive chasm, which brings, "The Reaper Man stands below, waiting to catch you" instead.
  • Space Quest: Multiple:
  • Trying to enable cheat codes in The Stanley Parable results in Stanley being trapped in "the serious room", leaving the player no choice but to restore or restart.
  • In Super Adventure Rockman, the default Game Over screen is Roll dying. However, there are some battles that can cause a special Game Over for you.
    • Losing to Shadow Man will cause Shadow Man to kill Mega Man off-screen, and give out a Evil Laugh.
    • Losing to Gemini Man will cause Gemini Man to comment on Mega Man's loss before finishing off Mega Man with his Gemini Laser and giving out a Evil Laugh. The screen fades to black with no option of continuing.
    • Losing to the final boss will cause a Game Over where Ra-Moon kills everyone and takes over the world. There is a option to retry the final boss, luckily.
  • In Sword Of Shannara, if you attack the Warlock Lord instead of the book controlling him, you get a text-only ending where the main character is the new Warlock Lord.
  • Touhou Kenbun Roku: During Chapter 3, you meet a king and his daughter. You can opt to touch the daughter, and if you do, the game abruptly ends.
  • the white chamber has a full eight endings. Four are standard Have a Nice Death you get by getting killed before completing the story (end up in outer space, get electrocuted, die from toxic air, or decide to stay in a quarantine bay until you expire). Completing the story nets you an ending depending on how many points you've gained by certain deeds until then: five points nets you the Redemption ending, in which you leave the station. Less, you get the Damned ending in which you have to do everything all over again since you didn't learn. Zero points nets you the Tormented ending, in which you're essentially Dragged Off to Hell. Oh, and scoring six points (difficult unless you go out of your way to do everything right) lands you the Comedy ending, which is weird.
  • Typing "click heels" in the old The Wonderful Wizard of Oz text adventure would lead to a black screen and state that while it did get Dorothy home safely, it leaves her friends fending for themselves, and that Dorothy will spend the rest of her life wondering about the adventures she missed out on.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories has a game over scene for every lost duel where the opponent mocks Yugi & Yami for their defeat. A game over still occurs when they're friendly dueling with their allies without any risks in the duel.
  • Bug Hunt for Macintosh, in addition to the normal Game Over by Player Character death, has at least five non-standard failure situations; escaping on the shuttle but leaving the alien alive aboard the space station and being sentenced to prison for it; having the station self-destruct with you still onboard; using the frag grenade onboard the station and suffering Explosive Decompression; launching the alien on the shuttle without first rigging it to explode with the aforementioned grenade; or taking off on the shuttle yourself with it rigged.

    Augmented Reality Games 

    Beat'em Up 

  • In Anarchy Reigns, during the boss fight against the Blacker Baron, once you weaken him to about 25% of his life, you'll be warned of an impending plane crash on your position. After weakening him further, you'll then have about 20 seconds to finish the fight, or else the plane will crash, killing you both and causing a Mission Failure.
  • In The Bouncer, if you run out of time trying to find the keycard to unlock the cargo to stop the train from crashing with rocket fuel, the collision into the building is more destructive and causes sea water to rush through the explosion, which then causes the whole next level to have water chasing you at certain points which causes emergency doors to close. If you don't make it through the doors fast enough, then a cutscene plays where your character of choice is trapped by the doors and the water reaches them. It then cuts to the normal game over screen over a black background.
  • Fable Heroes normally does not allow the player to lose; even if all Player Characters in the party are killed, they can complete the level as ghosts, receiving fewer resources. The normal end screen shows the party members standing on a championship platform. However, if the game is set to the highest difficulty level and all the PCs die, the game cuts to the same platform but with all of the top 3 spaces occupied by monsters, with the heading "The Creatures Win!"
  • In SNES version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, beating the game on Easy or Normal Mode can be result in alternate ending merely consists of Splinter telling you to hone your skills more, and then the mockery part before the Game Over screen.
  • In Undercover Cops, failing to stop Dr. Crayborn from dropping the atomic bomb on the city will result in a bad ending in which the city is destroyed by the bomb and the three city sweepers are forced to quit their jobs, followed by the Game Over screen.

    Fighting Games 

  • In the Arcana Heart series, should you time out during the final boss battles, the bad endings show either the Elemental World and human world merging in the first game or Japan getting destroyed by Ragnarok in the third.
  • In Bushido Blade, you must fight your opponents honorably in Story mode. Use dishonorable tactics and the game abruptly ends after a certain point, with a usually random message berating you, such as "None are more contemptible than those who defile the way of the Bushido."
  • Normally, losing a fight in the first Fatal Fury leads to a taunting quote from your opponent and a "Continue?" screen Adobe Photoshop CC Crack v22.4.2.242 + Key Download 2021 [Latest] your fighter's battered picture. Losing to Geese, the last boss, however, gives you a cutscene where he kicks you off of Geese Tower. The "Continue?" screen likewise shows your character plummeting to his death.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, you can watch a unique ending sequence if you lose to the final boss and opt not to continue. In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, said ending became unlockable by beating the newly added Galactus Mode.
  • In most fights in Mortal Kombat 11, losing a fight gives you a simple continue menu. Kronika, on the other hand, prefers to add insult to injury if you lose to her.
    • Lost in the Tower? She always performs her Fatality, which shows her killing your character and rewinding time to bring them back to life. only to do it again and again, ad infinitum, until you do something in the menu.
    • Lost in Story Mode? She will form a blade on her wrist, much like Raiden did at the start of the story, and decapitate Fire God Liu Kang as soon as possible.
  • Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge has a time limit to reach Amakusa. If you go over the time limit, you can still continue playing, but after defeating your chosen character's rival in Amakusa's Castle, they will abruptly die when the castle explodes. The game then provides an epilogue that states that even though Amakusa is dead, the death toll from his reign of terror is immense.
  • In the arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, losing the final CPU match against M. Bison does not allow you to continue. Instead, you'll get an alternate ending in which M. Bison uses your character's body as an energy source for his Psycho Drive. And if you lose to Ryu playing as M. Bison, it will play Ryu's ending instead.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The adventure mode, World of Light, has two bad endings which double as non-standard Game Overs, since they just kick you out of the mode without triggering the credits: during the final stretch of the game, if you defeat either Galeem or Dharkon alone, the other will finish off his nemesis and destroy the world with light or darkness, respectively.
  • In Tekken 5, if you lose to Jinpachi and let the "Continue" timer run out, you'll get an extended Game Over. Instead of just a plain "Game Over" appearing, a cutscene plays first. Jinpachi laments that no one was able to stop him, cries Tears of Blood, and goes One-Winged Angel one last time before rocketing himself into the sky. The screen fades to black, and a message comes up saying "Jinpachi's mind is consumed by the devil as he reaches his final transformation. The world will never be the same."
  • In the Virtual Boy game Teleroboxer, there is a "Title Defense" mode which can only be played if you defeat all of your robot opponents, including the "Legendary Champ". If you lose even one match in the "Title Defense" mode, it will say that you are no longer the champion and you must now retire. Depending on which save file that you played on, it will say "CHAMPION RETIRED" on it, which means you cannot play on that same save file ever again.
  • In the original Virtual-ON and the sequel Oratorio Tangram, attempting to defeat the final boss by time over will result in a bad ending (due to a Wave-Motion Gun on the moon powering up in the first game, or a Reality Warper super-computer activating in the sequel).

    First-Person Shooter 

  • America's Army:
    • If you shoot an instructor, the screen goes black and then transports your character to a prison cell in Leavenworth.
    • If you shoot people on your own team too many times in online play, the game will kick you out of the server and give you the Leavenworth scene as well.
  • Batman Doom: During the final fight with Bane, if you try to switch to a different weapon instead of fighting him in melee, you become unable to attack at all. A taunting message ("You failed to fight Bane with your fists") is prominently displayed on the screen. You can still run around, so it's not precisely a game over, but the fight becomes Unwinnable.
  • Call of Duty:
    • Call of Duty: "You are a traitor to the motherland!" if you kill a Commissar in the Russian campaign, "Friendly fire will not be tolerated", if you shoot a friendly elsewhere, or "You were killed by a grenade, exploding vehicle, lethal pocket of radiation, etc."
    • In Call of Duty 2, there are two instances, one in "Red Army Training", and one (appropriately enough) in "Prisoners of War", where the game will display the message "Killing prisoners of war will not be tolerated" if the player attacks captured German soldiers.
    • If you fail the helicopter jump in Modern Warfare, you get "Nobody makes their first Jump.". If you miss your shot in the flashback level "One Shot, One Kill", "Zakhaev escaped unharmed".
    • In Modern Warfare 2, in the early mission "Team Player", if the player chooses to run in on foot rather than go into the convoy, you are promptly taken down by sniper fire with the notice "It would probably be safer to ride in the convoy."
    • Failing to move past certain events in recent installments will replace the quotes with whatever you are supposed to do. One is reminded to "Hold on for dear life" after falling to death while ice climbing.
    • Dying to an attack dog in Modern Warfare or a Banzai charger in World at War has the game tell you when to press the melee button/key to save yourself.
  • Far Cry:
    • Far Cry 4 has one right at the start of the game. If you do what the horrifying, Affably Evil psychopath Pagan Min says and simply wait around until he comes back, he returns and starts up a pleasant conversation about Ajay's mother, revealing several key plot points in the process, then puts Ajay on a helicopter and takes him to Lakshmana so he can honour his mother's dying wish, then rounds tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators by asking Ajay if he wants to go do something fun before the credits roll. Probably one of the most egregious, anti-climatic, and mcafee free trial - Crack Key For U examples of "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot in modern fiction.
    • Far Cry 5 also has one by doing nothing in the beginning: If you don't arrest Joseph Seed when the game tells you to, Sheriff Whitehorse calls everything off and orders you and the other deputies to walk away (likely with the intention of getting more men).
  • Half-Life:
    • Half-Life 1 has several of these, usually taking the form of a black screen with white text:
      • When using the teleporter "gun" in Opposing Force, there are places where you can translocate into nothingness, giving you an unusual Game Over screen.
      • And if you try to chase Freeman to Xen, you will lose due to creating a Temporal Paradox.
      • And similar to the America's Army example above, you can attack/kill an instructor during the tutorial and get yourself court-martialed.
      • In the Opposing Force Chapter "Friendly Fire", you can damage the rocket the nuke that will eventually blow up Black Mesa came in, to the point where it explodes!
      • Similar to the Opposing Force tutorial example mentioned above, this can also occur at the start of Blue Shift before you officially report for duty. You're given a pistol at the practice-firing range, loads of comrade security guards are around, no need to guess what happens if you decide to shoot someone.
      • Refusing the G-Man's offer at the end of Half-Life 1 might be a case of this, or a case of Multiple Endings. He expresses his regrets, and then it's not pretty.
      • There's also a much earlier Half-Life non-standard game over during the Questionable Ethics level where you need to bring one of the three hiding scientists to the eye scanner to unlock the front door of the building. If you decide to kill all three of the scientists, get them killed by the malfunctioning surgery saws, or otherwise let them die before the door is unlocked, you end up trapping yourself. The game will then fade out like the G-Man endings after the last remaining scientist dies.
    • In Half-Life 2, crashing a vehicle into a location that the player will not be able to recover will result in you getting terminated for "failure to preserve mission-critical resources". This also happens if a key ally like Alyx Vance dies (which is rare since they have Regenerating Health and are Friendly Fireproof).
      • Jumping off the cliffs on Highway 17 will fade to black with the note that you "demonstrated exceedingly poor judgement".
      • In Episode Two, the G-Man's endgame reports have been replaced with Vortessent messages, the most amusing of which comments that "the Magnusson's misgivings about the Freeman were completely justified" if the player fails to protect the base.
    • Dying in the final segment of Hunt Down the Freeman will trigger one of two hallucinations from Mitchell: One where he sees his brother Adrian Shephard, and one where he's on a train with several Gordon Freeman clones who motion at him to sit with them.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved:
    • If Captain Keyes dies in the mission "Truth and Reconciliation", where you have to rescue him, the camera cuts to him falling, and Cortana says "No! Without the Captain, the Covenant have already won".
    • If you run out of time during the Escape Sequence on the final level, the game displays a cutscene of the Pillar of Autumn exploding with you still onboard.
    • Typically, one can friendly fire your fellow marines and still complete the level even if they turn on you and try to kill you. The ONE exception to this is if you kill one of the bridge crew on the first level, "The Pillar of Autumn". Doing this causes the room exit to be locked and invincible marines to attack you. You can't complete the level and you will die eventually.
  • If you die in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, you will usually just watch Kyle die in a slow motion sequence. However on one level, you are required to be stealthy. If an enemy raises the alarm, you will see a cutscene of Kyle in prison just before being tortured.
  • Left 4 Dead has a non-standard game over in the finale of The Sacrifice. There has to be a minimum of 2 survivors alive to perform the sacrifice; one survivor has to jump off the bridge and restart the generator to get the bridge up and the other survivor has to be on the bridge to get away from the zombies once it is raised. If 3 survivors are killed or are incapacitated on the bridge and the survivor sacrificing themselves is off the bridge, it counts as a failure and you will have to redo the finale. This is coming from a game where the only way to lose is everyone dying.
  • In the Marathongame modGemini Station, if you kill Jack Melville in the penultimate level, you are charged with his murder and sent to an Oubliette, where the only way out is suicide by crushing trap.
  • Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi: If you get killed by the Count or Malachi, you get a special cutscene saying that you were the last sacrifice needed to restore Malachi's powers, and now you will be absorbed into him as he is released to destroy the world.
  • Operation Wolf: Aside from "sustaining a lethal injury", the game will also end if you run out of bullets and grenades ("Since you have no ammunition left, you must join the hostages."). Strangely enough, you still have to run out of health before that happens.
  • Quake IV has a Nonstandard Game Over that can be activated at two distinct points, both of those points happening when an ally you're supposed to protect is killed.
  • In Red Faction, if Griffin dies, you will get a special message saying "Your failure to protect Griffin doomed the rebellion, etc'', followed by just "Game Over" instead of "You Have Died". A similar thing happens if Capek kills Eos during his boss battle.
    • In Red Faction: Guerilla. if you kill your brother during the tutorial, the Game Over screen will appear, saying "WTF, you killed your Brother!!!". Yes, with that wording.
  • In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, in the Rocket Base mission, there is a German operator counting down the time left before the rocket you have to destroy will take off. If you fail to destroy the rocket in time, the game will fade to black as the rocket takes off and you will have to start again.
  • In Rise of the Triad, failing to catch all of El Oscuro's (the final boss and villain of the series) spawn will give you a seemingly standard ending. but twenty years later, one of his spawn rises to power and explodes the Earth. But nice work, anyway. You then get a voice telling you that "Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Secret Service, shooting the President results in a game over. and unlocks a zero gamerscoreachievemententitled 'The Exact Opposite Of Your Job'.
  • The first OpenShot Video Editor 2.5.1 Crack + Torrent Download 2021 of Fortune has a number of these for failed mission objectives, such as running out of time to stop the missile launch in Siberia.
    • In the first Stealth-Based Mission of Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, if a guard spots you, the mission is immediately failed with the message "Dr. Ivanovich has been captured". In the level where you are escorting a team of soldiers, disobeying orders or accidentally shooting one of them results in them executing you on the spot.
  • In the "virtual Voyager" mode of Star Trek: Elite Force attacking any crew member will send ship's security after you, either sending you to the brig or getting you killed. You can also sit in the captain's chair and activate the ship's self destruct. The first mission also plays with this as your attempt to free a fellow crew member from the Borg by shooting a console appears to blow up the ship- but it was just a holodeck training simulation.
  • Strife:
  • Usually in SWAT 3 and SWAT 4, failing objectives does not end the entire mission in failure, with Mission Control instead asking if you want to continue and try to salvage what you can of the mission. A few missions, however, have objectives that, if failed, result in an immediate game over (i.e., letting the plane take off in SWAT 3's "Rapid Deployment, Airport" mission), complete with an FMV showing what happens afterwards.
  • System Shock's normal game over is you serving SHODAN well, as a cyborg. You get a non-standard game over when you fire the mining laser into Earth. Otherwise, the game ends with a frantic Cyberspace battle where the player crashes an AI who in turn hacks the player's mind. The latter is represented by a storm of pixels slowly filling the screen. If the AI wins, the pixels fill the screen to form a picture of her empty, emotionless, Gigeresque face.
  • In the final mission of Target Terror, if you directly shoot the final terrorist instead of the Dead Man's Switch he's holding, the plane blows up. If you run out of lives after the Point of No Continues, the plane is shown crashing into the White House.
  • In TimeShift, if you block or otherwise interfere with certain movable objects while using your Time Reversal power, you get a non-standard Game Over due to Time Paradox.
  • Normally, failing any objective in TimeSplitters as a whole will result in the standard game over screen appearing. For some odd reason; killing the scientist that you rescue near the start of "Mansion of Madness" in the third installment will not cause this; instead, a message appears repeatedly telling you that you must restart the level(it's not lying, the level is now unbeatable). No other area in the game will cause such an outcome, and when combined with the creepy atmosphere, the blank stares of your comrades and the knowledge you're trapped makes this outcome incredibly unsettling.
  • In TRON 2.0, if you kill any non-hostile and/or "Civilian" Programs (like Ma3a, Byte, or any character that you can talk to), you hear a voice say "Illegal program termination." Five seconds later, you get a screen with the same message.
    • If Ma3a is killed during her Protection Missions or a stray shot takes out Alan when you're running your Escort Mission with him in the latter part of the game, the message is "You failed to protect Ma3a / your father." Ma3a proves difficult to defend; Alan (being possibly the most rational character in that universe) eset internet security crack - Crack Key For U the good sense to duck when the discs start flying.
  • In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, there's a chance for you to kill a senile Adolf Hitler by stomping his skull in in one level. It gets B.J. killed by Nazi guards immediately, but it's regarded by fans as immensely satisfying.

    Light Gun Games 

  • Space Gun has a mechanic where you have to rescue survivors as you play through the game. Failing to save enough by the end of the fourth level will land you with a screen showing dead survivors and how the mission was a failure due to the casualty count, leading to an automatic game over.
  • Time Crisis:
    • In the original Time Crisis and Project Titan, running out of time caused an instant game over, unlike the sequels.
    • In two sniper missions of Rescue Mission in 3, missing a shot or let the timer run out will cause an instant game over and ask you to continue.
  • Zorton Brothers has an example of this; besides the undertaker burying you if you lose all of your lives, the fight against the Zorton Brothers is this; you only have two bullets to kill the Zorton Brothers. If you miss a single bullet, you will be shot, and you will be treated to a scene with the undertaker commenting on your loss against the Zorton Brothers. Afterwards, your remaining lives are ignored, and you do not get to continue, meaning that it's back to the beginning of the game for you.


  • In The Elder Scrolls Online, during the mission The Parley, Queen Arzhela has tasked you with protecting her, during her meeting with Septima Tharn. It is however, an ambush, and by attacking her illusion, she will call out the Seventh Legion to aid in killing the queen. It then becomes an ambush, and you're then asked from the top of a cliff to provide assistance and protect the queen. If her health drops to zero at any point during this mission, the screen will fade to black while Septima Tharn relishes in her victory. Despite the fact that it just reloads the mission from the point of the ambush if you fail, a Nonstandard Game Over doesn't usually happen in an MMORPG. But this is one of few instances where failure to protect an important ally will result in one.
  • Final Fantasy XIV
    • The Steps of Faith tasks players with stopping a dragon from storming the gates of Ishgard across a long bridge. If the dragon manages to make it to the end of the bridge and destroy the last ward, you are shown a cutscene of your character watching powerlessly as the dragon breaks through, leaving Ishgard to their mercy.
    • The fight against Bismarckoccurs on a floating island being pulled along by an airship. Periodically, Bismarck will ram the island and weaken its integrity, which Xilisoft iPod Rip Crack represented by a special bar. Should this bar reach 0%, you are treated to a lovely cutscene in which Bismarck rises up and swallows what's left of the island whole. With your character still on it.
  • In World of Warcraft, the game is never "over"; players who die just respawn as a ghost, walk back to their corpse, and typically restart the quest, fight, or encounter they failed on. But sometimes something else happens.
    • The corpse run back Blackrock Depths (or Molten Core) in Blackrock Mountain leads you past another ghost NPC, Franclorn Forgewright, whereas normally the ghost world is completely empty, even of other dead players. When you stop to talk to him, Forgewright's ghost gives you a quest that's unobtainable in the living world.
    • The fight against the Lich King ends with a scripted Total Party Kill after which you cannot respawn as a ghost since "your soul belongs to the Lich King". Naturally, a third party resurrects you shortly thereafter to bring about his final defeat.
    • A Total Party Kill during the Madness of Deathwing encounter will result in him activating the titular ability "Cataclysm". Doing so causes the entire screen to temporarily go black as he just destroyed the planet.
    • The same thing used to happen if the countdown ran out for Algalon the Raid Destroyer, for the same reason.

    Party Games 

  • In Getter Love!!, the game normally ends when you or one of your opponents declares your love to one of the girls. If someone other than you wins the game, you're treated to a word from everyone involved, and that's it. If two game-weeks pass by and no one wins, you'll be treated to a scene where Reika fucking MARRIES YOU, as her equally butt-ugly family attends her wedding ceremony.
  • The Jackbox Party Pack has a few scenarios where a game can end without a winner being declared.
    • In general, if nobody writes/draws anything for a round, the host says something snarky and the game quits back to the title screen.
    • In Trivia Murder Party, if all the players are dead before round 5, the game immediately ends. Sometimes, a man talking about how 'heaven got (number of players) bad trivia partners' replaces the 'List of the Dead' song before the credits theme.
    • In Monster Seeking Monster, games below a minimum number of players will gain an additional NPC player in the form of a Robot. The Robot gains hearts more easily than other players (gaining bonus hearts if a player even tries to message or date it), but also loses a heart every night. If the Robot comes in last place, it fails to understand human emotions and destroys humanity, meaning everyone loses. To make this clear, the End Game Results Screen states that the Robot regrets what it did.


  • Many older pinball machines had a mechanism to detect dishonest players trying to cheat the machine's coin mechanism into thinking a coin had been inserted when it actually hadn't, or trying to steal the coin box outright. If triggered, the machine displays "SLAM TILT" (not to be confused with the regular TILT) and all players get a Non-Standard Game Over, plus any credits left in the machine are voided (newer games 80's and on don't void credits). However, modern pinball machines usually don't even have Slam Tilt switches, since modern coin mechanisms aren't vulnerable to the old exploits that Slam Tilt guards against. That said, Creature from the Black Lagoon at least has a unique quote (from the player character's girlfriend) if it happens:

    "That's it! Take me home right now!"

  • Many older electromechanical pinballs (usually ones that only support a single player) would immediately end the game rather than just the current ball on a (non-slam) tilt. Games made shortly after the penalty was reduced to the modern convention of ending the current ball would sometimes note this change.
  • Operation: Thunder is infamous for abruptly ending the game if the player successfully completes all eleven missions and completes the Final Assault. Fortunately, this is an operator-adjustable setting, and most home collectors simply turn it off for longer playtimes.
  • In the latter half of The New '10s, a trend emerged where completing the final Wizard Mode or otherwise finishing the main objective led to the game ending entirely. Examples include destroying the 9th reactor in Total Nuclear Annihilation, playing "Billion Dollar Babies" in Alice Coopers Nightmare Castle, and playing "Escape Nublar" in Jurassic Park (Stern).

    Platform Games 

  • ALF for the Master System has a nasty prank in store for those who buy the Alf Book item. First, it tells the basic story of ALF with a nice nod to Sega, but then it sends you back to the title screen with a mocking message. Pretty funny if you bought it too early on to lose much progress, but pretty irritating if you decided to hold it off until later.


  • In the first two Banjo-Kazooie games, as well as Donkey Kong 64, just quitting the game triggers a Game Over banner, as if the developers of the games (Rare) wanted the player to beat the whole campaigns in one session. In both DK64 and the first BK, the Game Over includes a scene showing the potential outcome that would result if the protagonists failed to twart the plans of the villains; once the player gets past the foil of the evil plans, and all that remains is the final battle, no scene is shown, as the game just puts the Game Over banner before returning to the title screen (this is also true for the entirety of Banjo-Tooie, which doesn't have any Game Over cutscenes whatsoever).
  • Castlevania:
    • In Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, normally Richter dies in a Rain of Blood (being the first Castlevania protagonist to suffer this), but getting ambushed by a living portrait ends up with Richter being trapped in a picture within the picture — which the figure in the portrait proceeds to tear up. It's the only unique death animation in the game. That said, this isn't really a Game Over (unless you were on your last life).
    • Losing to the True Final Boss in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow results in Soma being taken over by Dracula completely, and you get a short scene where Julius Belmont is implied to make good on the I Cannot Self-Terminate promise he made with Soma earlier. The DS sequel one-ups this even more: getting the Non-Standard Game Over unlocks a new game mode where the other characters team up to take down the now Face Heel Turned protagonist.
    • A number of bad endings are effectively this, since many games that offer them don't have "routes"; getting the bad ending is often a matter of performing a certain action and then having the consequences play out immediately (or at least with one boss fight beforehand) in the form of said ending before showing the Game Over screen:
      • Killing Stella and Loretta in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin allows the Big Bador so he seems; he's actually the Disc-One Final Boss to get away. You have to use the Sanctuary spell to cure them of their vampirism and continue the game.
      • Engaging and then killing Albus without rescuing all captive villagers in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia results in an ending where Shanoa sacrifices herself to a vessel said to be able to destroy Dracula. Rescuing said villagers results in Albus revealing the true nature of the sacrificial ritual, a boss fight with Barlowe, and the second half of the game.
  • Cave Story:
    • After the standard Critical Existence Failure, the gameover screen reads "You have died. Would you like to try again?" If your Oxygen Meter runs out underwater, the screen changes to "You have drowned." If you fall into either of the two Bottomless Pits in the game, it reads "You were never seen again."
    • The worst of the game's Multiple Endings borders on a non-standard game over. Notably, the music that plays ("Hero's End") is different from that in the better endings ("The Way Back Home"), and this is the only ending that lacks the ending credits.
  • In the second episode (game) of Commander Keen, there are Tantalus Ray Cannons you must destroy in order to save Earth. There are eight of them, but if you press a switch on the side of any of them, a Tantalus Ray shot will destroy the planet and your game is over instantly.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day involves a fabled Panther King seeking a red squirrel with which to replace his broken table leg, so as to prevent him from spilling his milk on said table. The standard game over has Conker, the protagonist, tied and gagged to the king's table leg. Depending on the circumstances of the player's death, the game's nonstandard endings include the Panther King's minions turning Conker in as either a bag of soggy squirrel (drowning or otherwise dying underwater), bloodied chunks (gibbed), or black char (burned or electrocuted), or just a shot of Conker's Face on a Milk Carton (falling down a bottomless pit). In the final stage of the game, they do away with the cutscene entirely, only showing you "GAME OVER" on a black screen.
  • Donkey Kong Country: In the extremely unlikely event that you allow the platform to get too far away from you in Tanked Up Trouble, the game will automatically play Diddy or Donkey's Bonus failure animation, a life will be docked from you, and you'll go back to the level select screen as if you'd otherwise died normally.
  • In Drawn to Life, you can choose not to help the Raposas. Mari, the only one hearing from "you" at that point, loses hope, and the game ends.
  • Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck has two different Game Over scenes. The first is that Daffy Duck is beaten up by his superiors and kicked out of the office as he's told to look for another job. The second shows Cadet Porky Pig given the job to defeat Marvin while Daffy is given the duty of being a janitor. Both of these end with Daffy walking down the street as "Game Over" pops on the screen.
  • In the arcade game Elevator Action II (Elevator Action Returns in Japan), if you run out of time near the end of the final stage (the nuclear missile silo), the missile will be launched and a picture of an erupting mushroom cloud is shown, followed by a message on the computer screen that says "YOUR MISSION IS OVER".
  • Plenty of 'em in I Wanna Be the Guy.
  • The indie PC game Iji includes a specific death sequence for being slain through overkill. Ordinary deaths in the game, no matter what the cause (small-arms fire, electric shocks, miniature nuclear explosions), result in the protagonist being Blown Across the Room while shrieking before bleeding out as the game over music plays. However, getting killed by the final boss's superweapon, the Phantom Hammer, a laser designed to burrow through miles of earth and destroy Alpha Strike-preventing shield generators, instead results in Iji being vaporized instantly and wiping her stats to zero, with nothing but silence left where she once stood. Then the game over music kicks in and the boss says his standard victory line.
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards has a Boss Rush mini-game. When you lose all your lives, you fall down one last time as if there's a hole. And instead of "Try Again" and "Quit", you get "Accept Defeat".
  • In Kya: Dark Lineage, standard Game Overs show a screen saying "Game Over". However, near the game's end, if you're hit by traitor Aton's Wolfen Gun, you can see a sequence where Kya slowly transforms into a scary, female Wolfen. And that's The End.
  • In Mario's Time Machine, if you either lose all of your lives or run out of time rescuing all of the artifacts from Bowser, then the game will show a cutscene where Bowser successfully activates his time machine and escapes to a tropical island. If you rescue all of the artifacts but get them back in the wrong time period, then Bowser's time machine will overload, and as a result he is sent back to the Cretaceous period all dazed and confused-looking. If you get everything right, then Bowser's time machine will still overload, and as a result he is sent back to the Cretaceous again, only to be crushed to death by a giant dinosaur foot.
  • In Mega Man Legends 2, if you mess up during the time you're defending Nino island from the Birdbots and they blow through the gate, the scene switches to the Guildmaster going nuts and hitting the self-destruct button, blowing up the island and everything in it.
  • In Mystery Quest, losing all of your Hit Points gave you a normal Game Over screen with Hao standing in place and crying. However, if he should die by jumping into deep water without an SOS raft, the Game Over screen will show Hao crying against a watery background while displaying the words "Hao Can Not Swim; Game Over".
  • Inverted in The New Zealand Story. If, after clearing World 1, you lose your last life by getting hit by an arrow (or similar) attack, instead of the standard game over screen, you instead go to "heaven", and have a chance to escape in order to continue the game. If you make it to the end of this "hidden" stage, however, the game ends for real. You have to find a hidden exit in order to get out of this "nonstandard" game over. Escape and you have one last chance.
  • In the Oddworld series, there are horrible consequences if you fail to complete the in-game tasks to a high enough standard. In Abe's Oddysee, if you fail to save over 50 Mudokons, Abe will be sliced and diced through a meat saw in Rupture Farms. In Abe's Exoddus, again, failing to save enough Mudokons, will leave Abe in the hands of the Brewmaster, who will strap him down and pass electricity through his body to extract his tears. Eventually, the electricity gets turned up too high and he will be electrocuted. In Munch's Oddysee, failing to obtain a certain level of Quarma will leave both Munch and Abe to be mauled by Fuzzles, who also alert the Vykkers as to their whereabouts. Abe will be killed and his head hung on a wall which Munch has an even worse fate: He is strapped down, while his lungs are forcibly removed while he is still fully conscious so that they can be given to the ailing Glukkon queen.
  • Prince of Persia has a rather delayed one. When you start the game the princess is cursed to die in one hour (two in the longer SNES version), and you have to get to the top of the castle and save her before time runs out. You can continue even after the hour time limit is up, however when you reach the final stage you'll be greeted with the princess's corpse since she of course died when the timer expired. In the SNES version, you don't get to fight Jaffar either.
  • Ratchet & Clank:
  • Rayman 2: The Great Escape has exactly one of these. There's a quest in which you have to locate a healing elixir in the Cave of Bad Dreams. After completing the cave's obstacle course, you are offered massive sums of cash. If you accept this, you will find yourself sitting on a luxury yacht with a pile of cash the size of a small building. The implication is that Rayman lets his greed get the best of him and decides to simply let the tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators enslave everybody while he lies around enjoying his money. The game snaps you back immediately instead of ending the game though, and will cycle through until you pick the right option. In some ports of the game, Rayman just takes the potion automatically, though.
  • In The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, losing your last life in the final level rewards you with a look at the aliens' ultimate weapon: an army of Homer Simpson robot duplicates.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has a versus mode where two players can compete against each other as Sonic and Tails. If one player loses every life in either act of Emerald Hill, Casino Night or Mystic Cave, it's an instant glasswire elite key - Free Activators for that act.
    • In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, waiting idle for 3 minutes will cause Sonic to lose his patience with you, and with an "I'm outta here!", leave the game, giving you a Game Over.
    • In SegaSonic the Hedgehog, failing to escape from Eggman's Tower in time will cause a Game Over with no option to continue.
    • In Sonic the Fighters, after defeating Metal Sonic, the Death Egg II you're both fighting on will begin a self-destruct sequence. Dr. Eggman comes out to challenge you, and you have 15 seconds to defeat him lest the Death Egg II explodes with you on it.
    • In the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), at one point Sonic has to jump onto a whale's dorsal fin and hang on while Tails takes control briefly. If you take too long as Tails to find the switch for the sea gate, the whale will swim out to sea with Sonic still hanging on.
    • The classic fan gameSonic Robo Blast (predecessor to Sonic Robo Blast 2) had a stage set in a volcano that would erupt in five minutes, real time. The eruption was an instant Game Over, ignoring lives.
  • Running out of time on the Damlevel in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles causes the bombs to detonate. This causes a game over, no matter how many turtles you had remaining.
  • The Sega game adaptation of Tom & Jerry: The Movie has one where, if Tom is idle for too long, Jerry simply runs off the screen, taking you to the Game Over/Continue screen.
  • Wario Land 3 has a strange inversion, where the Game Over is non-standard because there is only one way to die. Normally enemies can only inflict Amusing Injuries on Wario (like getting Squashed Flat or set on fire), and some of these even allow him to reach new areas, but during the Final Boss fight Rudy the clown will Ant Download Manager Pro Registration key try to grab Wario. Let this attack connect and you receive the onlyGame Over in the whole game.

    Puzzle Games 

  • Antichamber: Killing yourself in-game (namely by crushing yourself with blocks) will crash the game engine.
  • Catherine: Losing all retry attempts and returning to the title screen will show a scene in which Vincent died in his sleep as police take photographs of his corpse.
  • One question in The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "Click Yes to exit." Clicking "Yes" will take you back to the title screen, without the Game Over screen. This also returns in a question in The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 and 2. Falling for reverse psychology and pressing "Please don't press this." and "Shut down" on their respective questions will also have the same effect as above.
  • LIT (2009) gives you a unique punishment if you use too much electricity at one time; the generator breaks and the screen undergoes a Fade to White, leaving Jake and Rachael at the mercy of the creatures in the darkness.
  • In the computer version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?:
    • If, on the Fastest Finger portion of the game, no one gets it right after several attempts, Regis Philbin comes on, mocks you for being stupid, and says "That's it, I'm out of here." Then the game quits.
    • This also happens as early as the select mode screen. note  It gives you the option of either going straight to the game or playing Fastest Finger first. If you do nothing, Regis will make a comment once every few seconds, growing increasingly impatient each time, before he finally throws in the towel and quits the game for you, kicking you back to your desktop.
  • In almost all You Don't Know Jack games, the following will happen when the contestants respond with "fuck you" on Gibberish Questions three times in a single game: the first time, you lose a very large sum of money, and depending on the mood, the host will take even more and possibly even rename you into something insulting. The second time, nothing happens to the score because he doesn't find it funny or creative enough to warrant the punishment a second time. The third time, he just gives up and closes the game, and he'll make it known you can't pause or press a key to get out of this if you tried.

    Racing Games 

  • In Beetle Adventure Racing, you can't fall too far behind without the game automatically disqualifying you. If the game estimates that it would take you 60 seconds to catch up with the car in the lead, it's game over for you.
  • In Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, if you download a patch so the computer could move, and it wins, the game will crash because there is no code for when you lose a race.
  • In the original Test Drive, if take too long to reach a gas station, you are told that you are "driving too slow to have a sports car", and the game ends there, regardless of the number of lives remaining. If you rear-end a police car, you also get an instant Game Over.
  • In Vette!, if you don't answer the Copy Protection question correctly, after a few minutes, the game displays the message "You are driving a stolen Vette" and quits.
  • Wangan Midnight:
    • Maximum Tune series lets you have this by driving the cars into wrong tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators, but it is possible only if you aren't playing Multiplayer Battle, and you have the Retire Option turned on on your game save in your card.
    • Starting from 4, retiring a Story Mode race by pulling this gives you an instant Game Over, but it doesn't count as a loss for your records. You have to insert coins to restart it again.

    Real-Time Strategy 

  • Battle Zone 1998 includes several missions that avert Take Your Time despite the absence of a mission timer. On Mars, General Collins orders you to scan Cthonian ruins for a flight data log; continue to ignore his orders, and he will transfer Grizzly One's command to Lieutenant Corbin before ordering Grizzly One to be court-martialed.
  • Failing the storyline stage battles in Brütal Legend leads to a Type A cutscene where they gloat over you.
  • The old MS-DOS Real-Time Strategy game Command HQ features a nonstandard game over by nuclear winter. Normally, allowing your capital to be overrun results in the status bar stating "We captured the enemy's capital!" or "The enemy captured our capital!", along with a catchy tune and a bit of flashing. However, if you use too many nuclear strikes in a scenario, it exits straight to DOS with the message "SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI" (Latin for "Thus passes the glory of the world.")
  • Rise of Nations:
    • The game has two kinds of Game Over: the normal defeat, when your opponent simply wins, and the Armageddon defeat, which happens if you drop too many nukes, and basically means everybody loses. Similarly, the Cold War campaign has two Game Overs: the normal defeat, where the opposing side wins, and the Nuclear Holocaust ending, where everybody fires Mnogo Nukes.
    • Theatre Europe. Notably, you can't win as Warsaw Pact under the hardest difficulty, as NATO will, as a desperate measure, launch a major nuclear attack against you, leading to an End of the World as We Know It.note Oddly, this tracks actual historical NATO and Soviet doctrine: the US and NATO merely had a no-offensive-use policy—that is, we'll use nukes first, but only if they attacked conventionally first—but not a no-first-use policy. The US and NATO several times considered and rejected proposals to move to no-first-use (most recently in 1999 on a motion by Germany). In contrast, the USSR actually did have a no-first-use policy from time to time (although they never announced it). This shows in their respective Format Factory Keygen - Crack Key For U US missiles were targeted counterforce (aimed at known Soviet missile sites) while Soviet missiles were targeted countervalue (aimed at US and other NATO cities and sites of economic value). (Conversely, when playing as NATO, your goal is to defend yourself for a requisite number of turns; if you ever enter the Warsaw Pact territory, the enemy will start a global nuclear war. You can also trigger it deliberately, or by provoking the enemy by launching one too many nuclear missiles against them.)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom has several special game overs depending on the campaign objectives and storyline.
    • After brainwashing Tea, Scott Irvine makes her attempt a forbidden spell that will destroy the world, with herself as the tribute for it. If you wait until the mission timer runs out, she succeeds.
    • If you win the second brainwashed Joey fight with anyone but Mai, he fails to break free of the mind control. Scott sets him up to sacrifice himself via a hypnotic suggestion, and Yugi and friends can't even take revenge on Scott since he appears as a hologram.
    • Your second encounter with Yami Bakura has him threatening to burn Jakhud to the ground. If you fail to stop him from reaching the city, he does burn it down, and you get a special cutscene of Fizdis crying out for her parents.

    Rhythm Games 

  • Arcaea:
    • If you fail an Anomaly track and your progress towards unlocking it for regular play hasn't reached 100%, "Anomaly Lost" will appear on the results screen along with your current progress.
    • If you fail "Ether Strike" with Anomaly mode active, the screen, which has already been gradually fading to white, will turn white completely, the music will fade out, and the shutters will close without the usual "TRACK LOST" text.
  • Normally, a Game Over in beatmania IIDX results from finishing a song with less than 80% Groove Gauge. However, if you miss 50 notes in a row, or have one of several different "survival" gauges and that gauge hits 0%, the "STAGE FAILED" shutters—which tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators pop up on a "finish with <80%" fail—will pop up and the song will immediately end.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution A, failing the Extra Stage track "ENDYMION" will still take you to the results screen and end-of-credit routine as usual, but instead of the menus' usual blue sky background, the red sky that's been there since you unlocked the track will persist until your credit ends.
  • In the Groove:
    • The first game has a slightly different Game Over screen for its hardest song, "Pandemonium." After the usual "LIFE DEPLETED/ROUND FAILED" screens, a skull appears afterwards.
    • In the Groove 2 features something similar if you fail "Vertex^2," you get the usual "LIFE DEPLETED/ROUND FAILED" screens, and then a power of two pops up next to "FAILED," turning it into "ROUND FAILED^2."
  • Reflec Beat typically lets the current song run to the end, unless you are playing the iOS port, in which you can pause the game and quit or restart the current song. However, in Reflec Beat colette -All Seasons-, the Pastel Wonder Traveler event puts you on a Life Meter, which decreases whenever you get a Good or a Miss. If your HP hits zero, the song ends immediately in failure.
  • Rhythm Heaven (GBA/AC) and Rhythm Heaven Fever offer two ways to fail "Night Walk": Either fail to hit enough notes, which is the "standard" way, or fall into a Bottomless Pit.

    You fell in a hole.


  • 868-Hack will give you a special death cause if you manage to make yourself stuck with no possible move.
  • While dying in weird ways is pretty standard in ADOM, there's also the non-dying way to end the game by having your character just walk off the game map by the same path they took to get in, never to return. It's definitely the easiest way to avoid actually dying, aside from the fact that the backstory implies the forces of Chaos will then probably consume the world. (Unless, of course, you already stopped them, because you also leave that way to win in the normal ending.)
  • In The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, if you choose to have Shin not try to save Eri after she is kidnapped by devils, he receives a package containing her severed head. This causes him to go full monster, killing everyone around him, destroying Celestia and then the devils that come to investigate the carnage. You are then dumped to the game's title screen.
  • In Darkest Dungeon, if the rest of the party should die when against a boss that has captured one of your heroes (the Hag, the Siren, the Fanatic, etc.), the mission is lost resulting in a Total Party Kill, likely because the boss finishes with whatever they had in store for the captured unit.
  • FTL: Faster Than Light:
    • There is a special Game Over message for allowing the RebelFlagship to destroy the Federation base:

      The Rebel Flagship is within range of the Federation Base. All is lost, they've won.

    • Another unique Game Over occurs if you die during Reflector 4.0.1 Crack + Serial Key 2021 - Activators Patch training mission:

      Somehow you've died during the introduction training exercise. Feel free to try again but this doesn't bode well for your mission.

    • A rare situation can occur in Advanced Edition if your ship has a clone bay: If you have the back up DNA bank augment which prevents you from losing crews in the clone bay when it's disabled, and all your crew members are dead and the clone bay is destroyed, then you are stuck since you will not see the game over screen as your crews are still in the clone bay but there is no way to repair it (unless you have a repair bomb) and you can only manually restart the game.
  • Nethack lets you do this as early as the first turn. You start on the highest floor of a dungeon, right on top of a staircase. You're supposed to bring an amulet from the bottom floor all the way up to that staircase so you can enter the final phase of the game. But you can also climb out of the dungeon without the amulet. This ends the game immediately, with your final stats page saying you "escaped." Some players do this to start scum for a good set of initial items, though it can also happen if you confused the real amulet with one of the "cheap plastic imitations."
  • In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, you can actually refuse to come back to the Pokémon world after your partner makes it possible with a wish. This results in being sent back to the main menu after a brief narration that you never returned and were missed terribly by your friends, and upon loading your save, the game will treat it as though you had been defeated in the dungeon prior to the event.
  • Rogue: "R.I.P.: Software Pirate. Killed by Copy Protection Mafia.", if you die while playing an illegal copy.

    Role-Playing Games 

  • Akalabeth: World of Doom starts by simply asking you "Ready?" If you answer no, it boots you back to the DOS prompt.
  • In Arx Fatalis, it is possible for the player to, by killing the friendly and plot-critical king, and stealing a key from his body, to open the doors leading to the surface. On opening the door, you are instantly frozen solid and die.
  • In Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, if at any time you allow Meruru's popularity to drop to zero, then Rufus comes to the workshop, chastises her, and then sends her before her father Dessier, who is so mad at her that he reneges on his promise and ends her alchemy studies immediately, followed by a Game Over without even getting the Bad Ending (and thus no "Castle Life" Trophy.)
  • Baldur's Gate:
    • Make Gorion hostile towards you in the prologue (it's not necessary to attack him, you might try to pickpocket him, or cause someone else in his field of sight to go hostile) and he will cast a lightning towards you, ending your journey before it even starts.
    • In Baldur's Gate II if you attack anyone in the Shadow Thieves secret complex while being allied to them, Arkanis Gath will spawn and instantly kill you. The same in the vampires' guild if you sided with them.
    • During the Unseeing Eye quest, you are tasked to retrieve the pieces of a magical rod to restore it and kill your opponent, but warned that you must not bring it to the surface for any reason at all. If you do, the magical rod will kill you.
  • Amusingly played in Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. If the final boss's We Can Rule Together offer is accepted, Barkley is immediately hypnotized and his very first course of action is to kill his son Hoopz, who, up to that point, was the main reason he was adventuring in the first place. Besides that dialog choice, it's also possible to die outside of combat during a Quick Time Event or while navigating the sugar cave.
  • In Biomotor Unitron, losing a battle usually has few repercussions: you leave the Arena or Dungeon and return to the main screen. However, losing to the first Dark Unitron causes the game to cut to a Game Over screen, which the game never normally displays.
  • Several of the Boktai games have non-standard bad endings if the player ever abuses the vampiric side his character is cursed with in later parts of the series.
  • Boxxy Quest:
    • BoxxyQuest: The Shifted Spires: In Skype, speaking to Bracketsy after he says he'll kill the party if it's done, leads to an immediate death by him. No fight scene, just a rapid death tekken 7 noctis dlc download crack/ - Free Activators the usual Game Over screen.
    • BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm: Multiple:
      • If you lose in battle to either the Fetish Dolls or the nameless inn wraith, then they won't just kill you straight away. Instead, you’ll get a small scene showing Catie’s Fate Worse than Death.
      • There’s a very dark one near the end, after the final duel with Boxxyfan. His breathing apparatus gets knocked off, and the game tells you to destroy it. However, if you're paying close attention to the menu, then you may notice that you’re suddenly given the option to "Flee" at this point, tempting you into thinking there may be a pacifist solution. No such luck — Boxxyfan thanks Catie for giving him a second chance. and then he coldly stabs her in the chest and taunts her while she bleeds to death.
  • Breath of Fire:
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